Can Small Businesses Really Have a 1-Page Marketing Plan?

Do you have a small business? If so, what's your marketing strategy. Are you trying to follow the same patterns as the mega-corporations? When that's the case, you might be doing something wrong. In fact, you might only need a 1-page marketing plan.

I was asked to review Allan Dib's book 1-Page Marketing Plan.

I'll be honest, my wife and I don't really do a lot of marketing with our businesses. We primarily rely on word-of-mouth recommendations and a little bit of social media advertising.

The little bit of marketing we has definitely been a laboratory of trial and error. This is for our local endeavors and also for my wife's self-published ebook. Creating the content is one task. And, marketing and securing customers is an entirely different beast.

What The 1-Page Marketing Plan Isn't

Ok, so here's what you won't see going on in the 1-Page Marketing Plan:

  • It's not a get rich quick strategy
  • It's not about social media marketing (most of it isn't at least)

Also, this book is a great read once you already launch your business. It's still worth reading if you haven't started your business idea yet. But, I recommend Pat Flynn's “Will It Fly?” for thinking about which business field you want to enter.

How The 1-Page Marketing Plan Works

In the book, you will see a template for the 1-Page Marketing Plan. It covers nine different topics. And, these nine topics are divided into three different phases:

  • Before (Prospect)
  • During (Lead)
  • After (Customer)

I'm not going to give away many secrets of the book (the Kindle edition costs $2.99 after all), but I'll cover some of the highlights.

One Reason Why So Many Business Fail

Do you know what separates the wealthy from the non-wealthy? Besides having a moat of cash, it's the power of leverage.

Leverage means something different to everybody. But, basically you need to focus on your strengths and maximize them. Find the ideal customer that can benefit the most from them and pursue them.

As a blogger friend of mine likes to say, find your “unfair advantage.”

Many times, we want to try every marketing tactic there is. To some extent, this works and you have to do it to find out what's the best way to reach your potential audience. But, where businesses fail is that they stay too broad for too long. Marketing gets expensive in a hurry. If you don't have the optimal results in sufficient time, you either get flustered and quit. Or, you run out of money because you didn't leverage correctly.

Make Your Product Look Sexy

I'll be honest, I'm a subpar copywriter. You'll never see me working for a marketing agency, it's just not in my blood. But, it doesn't mean I can improve my skills.

When you market, you need to make your advertising look flashy. Be personable and emotional.

As Allan writes, you can't but help to look at a car wreck even though you don't want to. So, make your marketing as “attractive” as a car wreck. This doesn't mean it needs to be annoying or obnoxious. Keep it real, but don't sell yourself short.

There are several examples in the book you can learn from. One of them is using visual examples.

For this post, I'm strategically intentionally placing this image here to prove a point…

1-Page Marketing Plan
1-Page Marketing Plan ranks #1 in Global Marketing on Amazon…kudos

Even if you do direct mail campaigns (which Allan also covers), use videos and images to drive your point home.

Do You Have a Business or Are You the Business?

This is the last point I'll drive home in this article. I'll ask this question: Who's running who?

Are you running the business? Or, is the business running you?

This is the ultimate dilemma for most small business owners. My wife and I aren't at the point where we can hire somebody to do the hard work for us. Yes, we can leave to go on an epic fall vacation for a week, but we couldn't take a month hiatus.

Allan talks about this too. It can be hard to fully exploit your leverage if you also have to keep the business humming.


1-Page Marketing Plan is a great read to help clarify how small business owners should market. I like this book because it applies to any good ol' business selling a regular product or service. Social media isn't the only way to market, and this book proves it.

While marketing is still a process of trial and error. Following the advice in this book can help improve your the results from your hard efforts.

Buy 1-Page Marketing Plan

You can buy 1-Page Marketing Plan at Amazon. It's available in audiobook, Kindle, and paperback.

1-Page Marketing Plan

Have you read 1-Page Marketing Plan before? If so, what are your thoughts?

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