10 The Most Shocking Food Combinations That Will Leave You Wanting More

Everyone has their favorite foods to eat, and most aren't afraid to admit it. Pizza, pasta, and sandwiches are high on everyone's list. A quick glance at Reddit, however, reveals that many people have specific food combinations they swear by — even though they sound absolutely disgusting!

Click ahead to check out 10 disgusting food combinations that some people think are actually delicious.

1. Peanut Butter Spread on Tomato Slices

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Peanut butter and tomatoes do not seem like two foods that would go together, but the combination has its fans nonetheless. The most-upvoted comment on this Reddit threads says it all: “This thread has a lot of interesting combos that I want to try… then there's the absolute maniac who puts peanut butter on tomato slices.”

2. Cream Cheese & Jelly Waffle Sandwich

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Multiple users raved about this particular combination, with someone suggesting a slight modification: “Another thing to try is cream cheese and jelly between two waffles and then microwaved for 30 seconds,” they said. A fellow fan agreed: “It’s gooey heaven.”

3. A Glass of Warm Milk With Pepper & Cinnamon

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This bizarre combination had us doing a double-take, but there still seems to be plenty of people who have drank this concoction. “I love it,” boasts one Redditor, although the forum's enthusiasm didn't stop there. “It's like chai without the chai!” exclaimed another.

4. Peanut Butter Toast With Spicy Chili

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Some foods just don't seem like they'd mix in a pleasing manner, but this Redditor suggests otherwise: “My husband does this!” she said, referring to the spicy chili peanut butter sandwich. “He's the only person I ever met who does. He absolutely loves it,” she admitted, suggesting that her husband may be alone in this.

5. Tuna Fish Mixed With Macaroni & Cheese

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One user on Reddit warned everybody before he revealed his disgusting-yet-delicious food combination, saying “About to gross a lot of people out: drained tuna fish with Mac n cheese. Like mixed together. Started doing that like 17 years ago when I was weight lifting in high school. I dunno I love it.” Judging by the reactions in the comments, not many people had ever heard of this particular combination, but many were intrigued.

6. Cheerios & Orange Juice (Instead of Milk)

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Some combinations were just too disgusting for users. This food monstrosity, consisting of pouring orange juice instead of milk into a bowl of Cheerios cereal, easily crossed the line into bad taste for many on Reddit. In fact, one user went as far as writing a plea for justice. “Reddit Police please arrest this person,” the person wailed.

7. Peanut Butter & Pickle Sandwich

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One of the most unique food combinations was accompanied by a rather entertaining story from one Redditor: “My mom made me try one when she was really high. And I loved it. A few months later she sees me eating a peanut butter and pickle sandwich and goes ‘what on earth are you eating?' I tell her it's a peanut butter and pickle sandwich. And she goes ‘peanut butter and pickle? where'd you get that idea?'” Suffice to say, the user went on to reveal that they still enjoy this sandwich to this day.

8. Yogurt Mixed With Rice

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Some Redditors stood passionately behind their disgusting food pairings and went to great lengths to convince other users to try it. “Hear me out. Yogurt and rice. Plain yogurt to be exact, and can be Greek or regular. Slaps,” one user confidently wrote about this particular combo.

9. Hot Dog Topped With Cream Cheese

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Known as a “Seattle Dog” in the Pacific Northwest, this version of the classic American hot dog popped up multiple times across the Reddit thread. One user wrote, “Seattle dogs are my jam, hotdog with cream cheese and caramelized onions.” You could almost feel Reddit collectively lick their lips when thinking about this relatively unknown, yet possibly-delicious food creation.

10. Cheddar Cheese Melted Over Hot Apple Pie

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“Apparently it’s weird but it’s sooo damn great. I usually don’t even melt the cheese,” said the user who suggested this to the thread. Somewhat surprisingly, this bizarre food pairing got hundreds of upvotes across Reddit, proving that more and more people are jumping on board in support of cheddar cheese atop a homemade slice of apple pie. We never would've guessed.

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