Cringe-Worthy Classics: 10 Films That Suck, But Keep Getting Praised

Regardless of how much some movies are loved, they are still bad. This brings us to a recent online movie forum. What is a movie that sucks but everyone loves? See what film critics think with their votes and comments.

1. The Jurassic World Movie

One critic thinks they are so poorly written that it's hard to believe they exist. “Those scripts never should have made it past being used for a children's cartoon,” they concluded.

E_Pluribus_Omnom related their recent viewing experience and described it as a disappointing one yet again. “Just watched Dominion a few hours ago since it's on Amazon Prime, and I'm disappointed.”

They continued to explain, “There was absolutely no substance to be found in the film. I had no reason to care about the new characters. All the characters have hollow relationships. They just used scenes from JP1 and implemented the scenes like amateur filmmakers. The whole film rides purely on the nostalgia, the original JP cast was misused and didn't appear to put a lot of effort into their roles.”

2. Most Marvel Movies

Long_Problem3591 said, “I'm so marvel burnt out. I loved the superhero movies when they started, but it's been so beyond milked at this point it's just exhausting trying to keep up with who/what/everything is.”

Joji_princessn believes that all franchises need to have an end. They say, “I'm not a marvel fan even before Endgame, but I'll admit that Endgame was a great conclusion both culturally and narratively. Ideally, the MCU should have ended there. But it kept going. That's the biggest issue. Now there're dozens of stories, and even if I followed all of them and cared about the characters, how can I care about the overarching story when I know it's never going to end?”

3. Transformers, Fast and Furious

Redditors commented that people basically like them for the action despite the fact that the story sucks. Michael Bay has even said something to that effect which is why he makes movies like Transformers. He doesn't care about the story. He has a bunch of fight/chase/explosions and calls it a day. They still make him money, so he sticks to this format.

Another said, “The technical advisor for the 1st and 2nd films explains that people are enjoying them for the explosions and gun play, not the racing. So even though street racing is how it started, it's not how it's going to end.”

4. Sleepless in Seattle

One user said about the movie, “Yes! People wouldn't stop about that movie, so I watched it and was not impressed. Meg Ryan was somehow not likable at all, and we're supposed to all be okay with it because the child is the one doing the pimping.

Plus, they keep comparing themselves to An Affair to Remember, which made me avoid that for years, and when I finally watched it, I was insulted on its behalf for Sleepless in Seattle riding its coattails. I will say it's not the worst movie I've had recommended to me a thousand times, but I definitely found it lacking.

5. Twilight

Everyone seems to agree that it's a bearable movie that keeps you coming back but suckkss! Delanium said, “We all love it, and we all know that it sucks. I'm guilty of pulling at least 3 friends into the trap.”

Someone else said, “Nobody who likes Twilight thinks it's good. Most of us like it for sheer nostalgia and the added bonus of Dilf supreme billy burke.”

“PokeBattle_Fan admits, “I wouldn't say I love it, but I honestly did enjoy all five films. They aren't the greatest, but they are nowhere near as bad as people claim. And yes, there are love stories that are worse than Twilight.”

1. 50 Shades of Gray

“Horribly written story about a psychological stalker and absolute psycho, but it's okay cuz mild BDSM, and he's good-looking. Oh, and don't forget he's rich, Swaggynator387 said.

Another added, “I saw this meme. 50 Shades of Gray is only romantic because the guy is a billionaire. If he lived in a trailer park, it would be an episode of Criminal Minds.”

Arturius1 said, “I'm going to somewhat defend the first movie – it's almost a good movie. Sadly it's actually two half-movies awkwardly stitched together. One is about a somewhat functional BDSM couple, and the other about a relationship with a psychopath that disguises his abuse as BDSM – which means to enjoy the movie at all, you have to actively ignore half of it. I'm convinced if the director had free rein it could have been a good movie. Unfortunately, the author retained creative control, and saying that she's detached from reality of anything she writes about is an understatement.”

7. Breakfast at Tiffany's

One film critic defended their choice by citing the film's unappealing plot. “NO, I'm not saying that just because of the racist landlord,” they say. “Even if you ignored that completely, the movie is about a woman who apparently gets sugar daddies to pay for her stuff. And then another guy who also has a sugar mama comes along, and they bond because they both have no careers and sleep with people for money.”

8. Avatar

“Avatar is a weird one,” one movie fan said. “It's space Pocahontas, but the cinematography is so beautiful I just can't get myself to care that the plot is this simple.”

Another disagreed, “I was never really wowed by the visuals. I just saw: animated floating islands and didn't feel immersed.”

9. The Shape of Water

A film enthusiast said about the movie,“I thought The Shape of Water was exactly mediocre. I was shocked when it won best picture.”

Another said, “I'm a loving, passionate, romantic person, and I straight up hate this movie (and most rom-coms). I guess it's the true love and devotion = manipulation, stalking, emotional abuse, lack of boundaries, lack of self-esteem, and lots of other toxic behavior. Not to mention how the underlying message of “hot woman owes her nerdy guy friend a chance because he's nice” is straight-up incel behavior.”

10. A Quiet Place

Someone commented that the movie had so many plot holes, but everyone seemed to really like it.

Another replied, revealing an evident absurdity in the film “Can hear you make a tiny noise miles away but can't hear you breathing or better yet your heartbeat from a few feet.”

One more person in the audience replied, “Or think about how much noise pollution exists in cities, especially in industrial quarters. A creature that's hypersensitive to sound would be overwhelmed in any modern cityscape.”

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