11 Reasons to Spring Clean

reasons to spring clean

We're steadily cruising through the April showers and are on our way to May flowers. Tulips are popping up and our windows are sliding open. What does this mean for us? It's quite simple really: Spring Cleaning. This list will motivate you to tidy things up. Save a buck, make a buck, and appreciate the Spring-Clean shine.

11 Reasons to Spring Clean. . .

1. A peace of mind

Did you really lose that locket from your grandmother? Well if you’ve cleaned scrupulously and still can’t find it, the answer is probably yes. As much of a bummer as that is, the stress of uncertainty is worse than a resolve. Replace that token of remembrance with another. Why not frame a picture of the two of you for your desk?

If you're like me, you find cleaning incredibly daunting. Anna Johnson, author of Savvy Chic The Art of More For Less, has a surefire method for attacking the mess. She visually divides a room into four sections and works in a clockwise direction. She claims an “insane” deadline helps one stay on task and get the job done, say 15 minutes per section. My distraction-prone brain needed this.

2.  A renewed focus on your 2013 resolutions

While sorting through life's accumulations did you find a pack of cigarettes in your dresser drawer or maybe a candy bar in the cupboard? What did you say come January about that habit? Almost four months into the new year and you've hit stagnation? That just won’t do! Creating change is hard, and it takes daily commitment. Stop investing your precious dollars in a habit that doesn’t yield a healthy pay off. It’s time to remind yourself of why you made these goals in the first place.

3.  A revamped boudoir

Makeover your bed, bi-annually. Keep a hold of two duvet covers and two sets of bedding so that you can alternate based on the seasons. I use one for fall and winter months that I found on clearance at West Elm, it's a golden yellow trellis. For spring and summer months I always stick with solid white. I picked a duvet up at Target years ago for around twenty bucks. Voila! Newness without the pocket pinch.

4.  A prompt for thoughtfulness

Straightening up will help you find those cards you never sent, or possibly hostess gifts you forgot to tote along. Even if they don’t apply to the original recipient at this point, I’m sure you know someone who’ll be touched by the thought.

5.  A reason to entertain

With all the dust bunnies banished and the weird fridge aromas erased, you’re more likely to play hostess. Have a potluck meal and ask your friends to bring over a complementary side to your main dish of choice. Staying at home tends to cost a lot less than a night on the town. Parties can last longer without the risk of continual spending as the night goes on. To keep things cost-effective, I stick to homemade pizzas, casseroles, or pasta dishes:  few ingredients, large portions.

Also, why not try playing hostess with your own roommates? Four of my friends here in Denver live in a house together and have enacted the glorious “Crock Pot Tuesday”. On a rotation basis, each girl is responsible for prep, cook, and cleanup of a crock pot meal (low-cost, low maintenance) so that the other three roommates can enjoy a homemade dinner at the beginning of their hectic work weeks. Genius.

6.  A way to mix up your playlists at zero cost

That's right, pull out that old school mix cd that your best friend made you in high school. I've felt like reminiscing lately, no shame in my game. Pop them into your computer disk drive  and burn the songs to the computer, then share files with friends via Skype (best kept secret ever – hit the “Conversations” tab and hit “Send Files”) or make someone a brand new, retro mix for their morning commute. We all could use a good laugh today.

7.  A burst of productivity

A huge part of making additional money is mastering the art of focus. Do everything in your power to promote productivity in your daily routine, starting with your desk. No one can focus with a messy workspace. Once you've cleared it off and hung up the clothes that were living on your desk chair, you'll find that you can sit at your computer for an hour scanning the “gigs” on Craigslist.

8.  A found fashion statement worth making 

Black and white silhouettes are in, and you didn't hear it from me – you heard it from the experts at Glamour. I'll be pairing my H&M black mini skirt with a fitted white tee that just resurfaced from the basement “Spring/Summer” clothing bin. How about you?

9.  A way to collect cash 

We've all got change. Scour every nook and cranny and take those coins to the bank! They'll be wrapped free of charge unlike at those fun yet sneaky coin machines you've used before at the grocery store.

10.  A kickstart to inspiration 

I live inside magazines. I love delving into the colorful print imagery by thumbing through each and every page. The sentiment persists as I let them sit around and collect dust. If this is you too, think again! Rip out pages for some new framed artwork, impromptu wallpaper, or to craft some fun and unconventional envelopes. If you just can't mess with a good thing – then adorn your coffee table like this one I found on Houzz.

And last but not least:

11. A reminder to be grateful  

De-cluttering allows you to enjoy the things you own and appreciate the notion that we do indeed have enough. We'll never be happy if we continue to sprint for the front door every morning without taking a few moments to glance at a photograph of our loved ones or the hand-knit pillow case from a friend. Your environment is filled with happy memories and is a testament to your virtues and priorities. Wiping the slate clean will help you remember that.

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What's your biggest motivator when it comes to spring cleaning? 

Pro-chance and fancy free, lifestyle blogger Lauren Mikus lives gratefully in the burgeoning city of Denver.  Soon, her website, The Serendipper will launch!

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