11 Ways to Tell Your Friends About Your New Frugal Lifestyle

11 ways to tell your friends about your new frugal lifestyle

One hot summer evening in Auburn, Alabama, stuck to the laminate booth of a crowded restaurant, I cried over a bowl of linguini as I let my best friend know that I would be transferring colleges; and when Anna broke the news to her husband, Aaron, about her decision to go on the Spending Fast he simply responded, “This is gonna suck.”

Making a big decision, especially one that changes your lifestyle, welcomes scrutiny. Drastic resolutions tend to conjure up mixed reviews; purely because most people feel uncomfortable with change. Here at And Then We Saved, we understand that sometimes the hardest part about change is sharing it.

Here are 11 ways to tell your friends you’re going to have a new frugal lifestyle…

1. “I'm going rogue.”

You are breaking society's rule that says great fun = great expenditures.  Go ‘head.

2. “Frugality is in.”

Where did all these hipsters come from?  Oh right, the recession.

3. “Swede power.”

This is my twist on the trusty Spice-Girls-era's “girl power”.  A good friend of mine comes from forested utopia of Sweden and by god, does that girl know how to save a buck.  If you're a “sharer” experiencing socialist tendencies, then focus your attention on the pros; and share this motto, adding a peace sign.

4. “Please excuse me while I kick this debt's a**.”

The polite nature of asking to be excused voids the impoliteness behind the notion.

5. “I've got a new mantra:  Financial autonomy.”

Who could argue that?

6. “I'm on the tortilla diet.”

My friend rode from Denver to Nashville with two buddies and all they ate were tortillas covered in peanut butter. Withdrawing from spending is a diet. Name your cheap simple carbohydrate of choice and run with it.

7. “It hurts so good.”

John Mellencamp's lyrics apply to all your relationship woes, including the one with your credit score.  It's painful, yes, but how about that release?

8. “It's time for a change.”

The revelation approach doesn't necessitate any fluff. Once you realize your passport hasn't been stamped since puberty things start to take perspective.

9. “Honey Badger Don't Give A Sh*t”

Some manage their debt defiantly.  Maybe you just don't care if your friend is wearing her Tory Burch sandals at the pool.  Hanging out barefoot seems to work just fine.

10. “I need a bank account that won't drive me crazy.”

It's understandable.

11. “Debt hurts.” 

Break the pain chain. Your friends will be on board.


For those of you who have already had this discussion with your friends and family how did you break the news, and how did your family and friends respond?

Pro-chance and fancy free, lifestyle blogger Lauren Mikus lives gratefully in the burgeoning city of Denver. Soon her website, The Serendipper will launch!