12 of The Most Dangerous Toys of All Time

Toys are supposed to make kids happy and have fun; however, over the years, certain toys have been hazardous for youngsters. Toys' history is rife with inadequately tested or regulated devices that cause significant injuries and even fatalities, from choking risks to toxic ingredients. Although the overall safety of toys has increased due to modern safety regulations, some toys on the market can be dangerous if not used properly. Let's look at some of the historically riskiest toys.

1. Slingshots

Sling Shot
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Undoubtedly a vintage toy, it was the subject of a CPSC proposal to banish it and a subsequent recall of more than 100,000 of them in 2006 following reports of tooth fractures and blindness. It was a slingshot with a few extremely sharp “missiles” inside.

2. Slip N' Slides

Happy child on water slide to cool off on hot day during spring or summer
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Adults who couldn't help the awesomeness of this toy stood the risk of permanent spinal cord injury. Hence, the CPSC warning. Yet, a vast number were recalled after eight people suffered paralysis.

3. Magnetix

Magnetix 2006
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A building set with which kids could build anything. However, the magnets that attracted the pieces together also attracted the kids' appetites. A death and several injuries from its swallow necessitated a recall of millions of its kits.

4. Lawn Darts

Lawn Darts
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Set a mark on the lawn or wall, and a skilled kid could hit the bullseye with a single throw of these weighted spikes (also called Javelin Darts or J Darts). Fun. But this is also the playing field for any malicious fellow who wants to stick it on someone. Three fatalities marked the end of this toy in 1988.

5. Sky Dancers

Sky dancer toys
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Their spins in the air are graceful after the launcher is pulled. These dolly fairies do not possess magical powers to grant your modest wish. They just twirl uncontrolled wherever they wish. And anywhere on your face seems apt for varying degrees of facial injuries. They were grounded in 2000.

6. Mini Hammocks

Mini Toy Hammock
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Entanglement in these nets was always going to be fatal. Its lack of a cross beam made it easy for the net to entwine, strangulating its victim. The results of 12 deaths pulled this off the market in 1996.

7. Trampolines

Girl on trampoline
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An episode of Science of the Stupid tells you the physical science involved in using this toy eludes even adults. Homeowner's insurance may deter you from getting one. The news ices this trampoline cake with its tales of about 90,000 hospital visitations yearly. Verdict? Pretty dangerous.

8. Atomic Laboratory

Atomic Laboratory Toy
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The scientific slant of this toy was a trap for parents. Yet, the toxicity of the uranium ore (four types present) in the “lab” compromised all safety rules.

9. Aqua Dots

Aqua Dots Toy
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A well conceptualized fun thing. But It contained a substance that released GHB when ingested. This led to a coma and possible brain damage. It's been recalled ever since.

10. Snacktime Cabbage Patch Doll

Snack Time Cabbage Patch Doll

Tag this a hair-eating doll, and you are not far from the truth. The in-built mechanical jaws became a menace to anything close to its mouth, including toddler fingers or hair. About $ 20 million was spent on those who returned the “controversial toy.”

11. Toy Gun

Little boy with toy gun
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This toy launched balls using Calcium Carbide that risked exploding when in contact with water. Many ‘cowboys' have lost eyeballs to this.

12. Barbie

Rollerblade Barbie
Image Credit: Mattel

This '90s Barbie career and pastime was the most controversial of all her incarnations. When rolled on a level surface, the cigarette lighter-like device in her skates would release sparks. Using a blade, anything combustible can be disastrous.

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