14 of The Dumbest Ways You Are Spending Your Time

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We're all for doing whatever floats your boat; it's nobody's business how you spend your time if you're not causing harm. We get that. But some internet users have a few opinions on what makes up a total waste of time. We'll be sharing 14 of those opinions with you right away!

1. Thinking About People's Opinions

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Why waste your time and energy worrying about the opinions of others? People are usually too caught up in their own lives to notice what you're doing. They're preoccupied with mundane stuff, not analyzing your every move. You'd be surprised how infrequently people care about you. Yes, some people track how they compare to others. But would you enjoy spending time with individuals like that? As a commenter says, “It's kind of the one time ‘nobody cares about you' is a good thing.”

2. Doom Scrolling

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Some of us are masters of scrolling through a never-ending parade of gloomy news. It's crazy because why would you want to attend the world's most depressing party with no chance of escape? If you're going to be an expert in something, it shouldn't be the history of depressing headlines, right? If you love browsing the net, watching cute animal videos to restore your faith in humanity is better.

3. With the Wrong Partner

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Imagine spending time with someone who makes you question your sanity regularly. That's like a never-ending game of emotional roulette; the only prize is that it makes for excellent storytelling material later. Just imagine the epic memoir you'll write, filled with tales of wild escapades and narrow escapes from relationship disasters. But believe it or not, some people enjoy toxic relationships. Who needs a boring love life when you can have material for a best-selling novel?

4. Arguing on the Internet

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Who hasn't engaged in a heated online debate, armed with facts and a burning desire to prove everyone wrong? We've all been there, passionately typing away while our blood pressure rises. Deep down, we know it's an exercise in futility. One person admits, “I do it sometimes and feel dumb afterward even though I know I'm right.” It's time to save energy for something more productive, like teaching our cats to high-five or perfecting our air guitar skills.

5. Working off the Clock

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Step up and donate your precious time to your capitalist boss for free. It's like being a secret superhero, saving the company from impending doom while your cape goes unnoticed. We're not saying you can't work at a charity or community center for the homeless. But if you're going to be a workaholic at a corporation, make it interesting. Wear a disguise to the office and pretend to be a mild-mannered employee by day and a crime-fighting hero by night. Just make sure not to mix the office memos with your superhero manifestos.

6. Worrying

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Why spend time looking for solutions when you can just worry? Does it feel good to stress about things that are beyond our control? Being a professional fretter preoccupies you with all the “what ifs” of life. And maybe it counts as a unique talent because some people are so good at it. Become a worry influencer and create a blog or vlog dedicated to all the outrageous things you worry about. You may gain a massive following and become the world's most renowned worrier. And all you'll have is endless gray hair to fuel your worries.

7. Getting Blackout Drunk

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Remember those legendary nights when memories are optional and dignity takes a backseat? Sometimes you make your future self into a detective, piecing together the puzzle of the lost night. And there's a silver lining. Whoever is the designated documentarian of the group captures the hilarity of you all's antics on camera. That's rich blackmail material for years to come right there. “Back in my teens, my mates used to brag about not remembering the night; I always remembered the night… I was bored of nightclubs after two weeks,” one commenter shares. He agrees that it's a waste of time.

8. Window Shopping

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Incredibly, some people enjoy torturing themselves by gazing at things they can't afford. These professional window-lusters develop a keen eye for luxurious items they may never own. Some work hard to turn their wishes into reality. Most don't. We have an idea to turn this into a valuable skill. Become a window shopping consultant and charge people for your impeccable taste and ability to spot the best products on display. You might start a new trend in the world of window shopping appreciation.

9. Feeding a Slot Machine

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There's something about the enchanting world of flashing lights and the symphony of jingling coins. Many people enjoy one-sided conversations with machines that couldn't care less about their financial woes. Some think they don't need luck; they only need the power of sleight of hand. The good news: it's not all for nothing. Some people are making money off it all.

10. Compulsive Social Media Scrolling

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Too many of us have been trapped in the vortex of endlessly scrolling through posts and updates. This digital black hole where time loses all meaning has captured many souls, and it's becoming worrisome. If we're not stalking obscure accounts, we're scrolling through hundreds of memes, desperately searching for our daily dopamine fix. A few likes here, some comments there, and we can now breathe fine. But it's often a waste of time that usually eats into productive time. A guilty commenter admits, “I know this because I'm addicted to social media and spend approximately three-plus hours every single day.” Aren't those rookie numbers by today's standards?

11. Keeping Up With Celebrities

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We've all met someone who can't resist following the glamorous lives of celebrities. They're typically obsessed over their fashion choices, relationships, and scandals like a full-time job. But think about it; isn't it a complete waste of time? We should focus on more important things instead of getting caught up in celebrity gossip. Some think that idolizing famous people is super cringe. Sure, it's entertaining and gives us a break from our boring lives, but too much of it can make us lose touch with reality.

12. Watching Streamers

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Guess what's the latest trend in entertainment? Watching other people play video games or show off their talents in real time on streaming platforms. We're training professional spectators! Instead of actively participating and improving their skills, they stay glued to the screen, watching others have all the fun. Time slips away with no personal growth or achievement. If you spend hours and hours watching streamers, it's time to find some balance. Why not make your own mark if you're into gaming or creating content?

13. Procrastinating

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We've all postponed important tasks until the very last minute at least once. The truth is we're just putting off a task for a later time; it won't disappear after a while. Some people even take delight in balancing on the edge of deadlines. But if you embrace it, you'll become a professional procrastinator. However, procrastination is the mother of invention, right? It might get your creative juices flowing.

14. Praying

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Okay, the religious and spiritual folks aren't happy with this opinion. But let's think about it first. Yes, it's great to have faith and seek spiritual guidance. But billions have prayed for centuries, and things haven't changed much. Could we humans be the problem, and is praying a waste of time? Folks are not so sure anymore.

Source: Reddit.

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