16 Shocking Ways People Realized They Married The Absolutely Wrong Person

Sometimes love is blind, and people wake up one day, realizing they may have walked into the wrong marriage with the wrong person. Folks on an online forum share shocking tales of discovering they made a mistake in choosing their life partners. Here are some of the most interesting stories.

1. The Dishes

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One member left her fiance (almost married) after he griped at her for not doing the dishes. However, this was after she had a stint in the hospital and was recovering from an invasive surgery. What a jerk!

2. On Their Wedding Day

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One member says on their wedding day, their ex-wife was intoxicated the entire time and had to sleep it off after. 5-years-later, she went to rehab and came out saying she no longer loved him and they got divorced. 

3. Ketchup Catastrophe

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We'll begin with the story of the ketchup catastrophe. A contributor shares how their partner committed the unforgivable act of putting ketchup on spaghetti. Yes, you read that right. It was a red flag they simply couldn't ignore, and they immediately decided that the marriage was probably the worst decision of their life. A marriage built on different pasta sauce preferences is bound to be a recipe for disaster.

4. Say Cheese – Oh, Wait

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Another unfortunate soul discovered their spouse was incapable of smiling genuinely. Every time they posed for a picture together, it was as if they were a member of a professional poker league. Smiles may not make a marriage, but this lack of pearly whites was a deal-breaker.

5. The Snorer

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Sleep is sacred, but for one individual, the sanctity is shattered every night. Their partner's snoring was akin to a chainsaw on full blast. How would you feel when you have someone close to you snoring as loud as a miller's engine? You might be able to ignore that, but not everyone can. No earplug could save this person's sanity, and that's when they realized their matrimonial mistake.

6. A Passion for Pickles

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It turned out that one person's affinity for pickles was more than just a passing craving. It became an obsession. Pickles in the morning, pickles in the afternoon, pickles at night, and pickles for every meal in between. Eventually, they broke, crying, “I've had them enough, pickles! No more!” It's safe to say that a marriage cannot be sustained on pickles alone.

7. Toothpaste Trauma

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Okay, my pops once told me how something as ordinary as toothpaste ended a marriage of seven years, and I thought it was mere speculation until this story. Some couples believe in sharing everything, including toothpaste. But when one partner realized their squeeze-from-the-middle toothpaste technique was sabotaged by their spouse's disastrous bottom-squeeze method, it signaled a fundamental incompatibility that couldn't be overlooked.

8. The Reality TV Revelation

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Reality television has a way of revealing people's true colors, as one contributor painfully discovered. Their spouse became so deeply immersed in reality shows that they started mimicking the behavior of their favorite contestants. It was a harsh dose of reality they weren't prepared for.

9. Guilt Traps

Hurtful Argument
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Within one month of their marriage, a contributor shares that their spouse started guilt-trapping them to leave their seventeen-year-old son's hospital bedside after the child's spinal fusion surgery. This spouse just wanted their partner to join them at a bar. When the contributor expressed what they felt for leaving their son for this, the spouse went on to explain to them how much of a horrible parent they were for having left their son in the hospital in the first place. Goodbye.

10. The Morning Grouch

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Waking up to a bright and cheerful morning routine can set the tone for the day. However, for one contributor, their spouse turned into a grumpy bear each morning, leaving no room for pleasant conversations or shared coffee moments. “How am I supposed to cope with that?” They ask. We don't have the answer, but we think mornings should be greeted with a smile, not a growl.

11. The Clutter Conundrum

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We all have our unique relationship with clutter. But the battle lines were drawn when one partner's affinity for tidiness collided head-on with their spouse's love for chaos. It became clear that their domestic compatibility had hit a dead end. “He refuses to put his socks in the dirty clothes basket and has gained about 80 lbs. It's not because I don't love him that I'm saying this, I love him immensely which is why I am trying to motivate him,” they share.

12. Spoiler Syndrome

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Isn't it surprising that something as unimportant as a spoiler can spoil a marriage? For avid book readers and movie enthusiasts, spoilers are an unforgivable crime. So, when one partner constantly revealed crucial plot points or surprise twists without remorse, it shattered the trust that held their marriage together. It's funny, but nobody likes a spoiler!

13. The Picky Eater Predicament

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I've been at a restaurant once and observed a partner growing upset that their partner was getting too picky with what meal to order. Meal time can be a great bonding time in a relationship. Still, it can be a source of sorrow and marriage breaker for one person whose spouse's limited palate left them feeling like a short-order cook, forever catering to their partner's picky eating habits.

14. Bathroom Battle

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Sharing a bathroom can be a true test of compatibility, honestly. For one unlucky soul, their spouse monopolized the bathroom, spending an excessive amount of time performing a multitude of grooming rituals. It was a daily struggle for bladder control and bathroom equity.

15. Playlist Puzzle

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We all have our tastes in life, which also applies to music. When your partner's musical taste is a jarring assault on your eardrums, I'm sure you'll see why this might jeopardize your marriage. Sharing their story, we learned that one individual's spouse's preference for overly aggressive death metal became an audible nightmare. Love should harmonize, not deafening.

16. Fashion Fiasco

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Fashion should be a medium through which we reflect our style and express ourselves, and that is why it's hard for a marriage to last when one partner begins to see problems in the other's fashion sense. “It's like forcing me to deny the person that I am,” says a contributor. They filed for a divorce a few years into their marriage because “[He] hated my clothing style, wouldn't let me dye my hair or pierce my nose or wear certain things, got mad at me for every little mistake I made.” That must have been tough.

Source: Reddit.

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