16 Significant Things That TikTok Has Completely Ruined

Some people are obsessed with TikTok, while others detest this app that offers endless scrolling and content. As one online commenter said, “It taints everything it touches.” So, what has TikTok completely ruined? Check out 16 things that used to be fun or helpful that TikTok has destroyed.

1. Proper Medical Diagnosis

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While TikTok teaches us a lot, a huge problem it has created is misdiagnosing yourself with various conditions just because you think they might apply. Several practitioners will no longer test for Autism, as so many TikTok viewers have come in believing they have it when they don't.

2. Legitimacy of Professionals 

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In the same vein, TikTok has decreased the value and legitimacy of professionals. As viewers believe widespread misinformation, they combat the professionals who have been educated on how to properly do their jobs. Someone had to say it!

3. YouTube

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TikTok has taken over YouTube as the go-to place to watch videos. Many YouTubers have switched to the app and abandoned their YouTube channels. In desperation to stay relevant, YouTube has implemented platform changes, such as “Shorts” which are quick videos meant to compete with TikTok's formula, but they're just cheapening YouTube.

4. Music

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One of the most common gripes about TikTok is how it's ruining music. TikTokers take classic songs and warp them with edits and remixes until they're nauseating. TikTok even ruins modern songs because they play the same 10-second clip so much that they become annoying earworms.

5. Respect in Public Places

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This one drives me nuts! So many TikTok trends and challengers involve people doing rude and inconsiderate things in public, such as dancing on an escalator or screaming in the middle of a busy restaurant. The number of TikToks that offend, inconvenience, or disrespect people minding their own business in public is troubling.

6. America's Youth

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This one ties into the issue above, as it's mostly young people who follow and execute these annoying trends and challenges. While every generation thinks young people are ruder than ever, it may be true for the kids growing up with TikTok, as they find disrespect toward people comical.

7. Instagram

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I'm not too broken up about this one, but many people think TikTok has been the downfall of Instagram. People don't want to look at cool photos anymore; they just want to watch short videos that fully entertain them for a few seconds or minutes before moving on to something else.

8. Psychology Discussions

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Mental health is important, and it makes my heart happy that it's becoming easier and easier for people to talk about. However, the mental health and psychology discussion on TikTok often spreads misinformation, and TikTokers will claim to be experts in professionals when they're not.

9. Peace and Quiet

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Many people can scroll on social media or forum apps without listening to music or watching videos. But TikTok is all about videos, so it can be loud and annoying, especially when folks play TikTok videos at full volume on the bus or in a public place. The constant stream of sounds is taxing.

10. The Scientific Method

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Along with mental health discussions, TikTok has also given people a warped idea of what the scientific method is and how it works. The issue is that many users take what people say at face value, even if there is no evidence to support someone's claims.

11. Everyone's Self-Esteem

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Many social media apps hurt people's self-esteem, but TikTok takes it to another level. Not only is there an abundance of TikTokers who look like models and post about their “perfect” lives, but there are TikTokers posting rants that make people feel bad about themselves.

12. “Wait Til the End”

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Some videos aren't interesting until the end, prompting people to post videos with a caption saying, “Wait til the end,” which used to be helpful. Now, TikTokers will use this caption even when nothing is exciting to look forward to, which means people end up wasting their time watching a lame clip.

13. Modern Humor

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As mentioned, TikTok is making people inconsiderate and disrespectful, especially in public. Unfortunately, it seems that much of modern humor on this app revolves around pranking people or making someone uncomfortable. I don't love the idea of a world where all humor is at someone else's expense.

14. Having Hobbies

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At this point, some people consider TikTok their top hobby. Instead of trying something new, people just scroll on their phones and watch others enjoy their hobbies. The idea that someone would set a fun and enriching hobby aside to stare at a screen that offers tiny bites of content is a bummer.

15. Food and Cooking Videos

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I used to love watching unique food and cooking videos on Instagram and other apps, but TikTok has destroyed this niche. Instead of interesting recipes, people post rage bait videos where they cook disgusting concoctions just to drive engagement and make people angry.

16. Attention Spans

Attention Span
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Several modern things contribute to the modern person's short attention span, but TikTok is only worsening the issue. Most TikToks are roughly 32 seconds long but can't be longer than three minutes. So, people only digest short-form, mostly meaningless content that turns their brains to mush.

Source: Reddit.