15 Biggest Things Modern Society Takes for Granted

We live in a world where we have access to a wide range of amenities that improve the comfort and ease of our lives. Yet how frequently do we pause to recognize their value? How often do we take them for granted and forget how lucky we are? According to a forum, here are 15 things that modern society is solution driven about but that we should be more grateful for.

1. Internet

The internet has changed how we live, learn, and do business, among other things. We can have conversations with anyone at any moment. A life devoid of it is dull. The rate of communication will slow down, rendering us nearly helpless.

2. Electricity

Everything from our homes to our cars requires electricity. It allows us to see in the dark, warm in the cold, cool in the heat, and go from place to place. We rely on electricity so heavily in our modern lives, but we rarely stop to think about it.

3. Antibiotics

The mortality rates from treatable diseases like pneumonia, TB, and sepsis could rise without antibiotics because bacterial infections would be far more difficult to cure. While it is true that some bacteria have developed resistance to antibiotics, we still need them despite the fact that their usefulness is diminishing.

4. Cars

Without automobiles, people would have to rely more on strolling and cycling for transportation, which could result in healthier, more active lifestyles. However, traveling and visiting distant locations will continue to be challenging. We will mourn the mobility, independence, and convenience that cars provide.

5. Accessible Education

Nowadays, getting a real degree still requires paying a fee many can’t afford. Yet, there are a ton of helpful internet resources available for almost any subject you wish to learn about, along with digital libraries that are accessible to certain people right away. Numerous public libraries have made investments in more computers so that people can use them even without internet connectivity. Not to add that many of the regional public libraries offer GED courses.

6. Clean Water

We probably don't give the process of easy access to clean water from a faucet much thought.“Most of us don't know that water treatment processes are a fine blend of science and tech that may kill you if one millionth of the particles goes wrong in the mix,” someone writes in the forum. Something worthwhile to keep in mind the next time we turn on the water tap.

7. Vaccination

Arguably, one of the greatest inventions of all time. According to one user, “for probably 99% of human existence, more than half the children born never made it past 5 years old. And that's not even factoring in how many never even survived 9 months in the womb. (and how many women died in childbirth)”

8. Deodorant


Deodorant helps us stay fresh and confident throughout the day. Ultimately, It prevents us from offending others with our body odor. No one wants to be that person who stinks up the room.

9. Indoor Plumbing

Picture yourself needing to use the restroom or get a drink of water and being forced to do it in the open air. That would be a major hassle to have to deal with that. With indoor plumbing, we can use the bathroom whenever we like with our privacy and dignity intact.

10. Shipping

Shipping has contributed to a positive purchasing experience. We can order virtually anything online and have it delivered to our home with a single click. It doesn’t matter how far off. How incredible is that?

11. Glasses and Contacts

Personally, I do not take this for granted. As a recent recipient, I cannot believe how much my eyesight has become. Glasses and contacts enable us to rectify our vision problems and appreciate the world's splendor.

12. Air Conditioning

For people like myself who live in warm climates, Air conditioners are a blessing. They are always an oasis of comfort from the scorching sun. In warm weathers they provide immediate and significant change in physical comfort.

13. Artificial Intelligence

Today's AI is rapidly evolving and progressing. AI is currently being utilized in numerous industries and disciplines, including healthcare, finance, transportation, and manufacturing. Back in the day, who would have imagined that artificial intelligence could assist us with transportation, gaming, shopping, and even chatting?

14. Google

This is a tool that is indispensable in our daily lives. When it comes to online searches, Google is by far the winner. It facilitates the discovery of data, solutions, media, and geographic locations. Google is like having an all-knowing, patient best friend who can answer any question you throw at it.

15. Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels have played a significant role in powering our modern society and enabling many of the technological advancements and improvements in living standards that we enjoy today. Without fossil fuels, we would still be horse riding, be without electricity and not enjoy the medical advancement we do today.

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