15 Culinary Hills Cooks Will Die On

Is there an element to your cooking that is only accepted in your kitchen?

An online forum recently debated culinary hills that they would die on. The results make for exciting consumption, although the following won’t be to everybody’s taste.

1. Pineapple Is Great on Pizza

Hawaiian Pizza, Pineapple Pizza
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This is arguably the most contentious claim of the whole discussion. Does fruit belong on pizza? Many forum members were appalled at the comment, but others suggested trying pineapple and jalapenos with ham. This creates a better balance of sweet, savory, and spicy.

2. Boxed Pasta Is Perfectly OK

Dry Spaghetti Noodles, Pasta
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Some posters argue that boxed pasta isn’t just a time saver. It’s as good as its freshly-made counterpart. One person even claimed they’d dined around Italy, where dried pasta was used all the time.

3. Peas Don’t Belong in Fried Rice

Beef Fried Rice
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The original poster started the discussion with this argument, claiming that a chalky vegetable didn’t belong in their buttery rice. Replies suggested that if the peas were “chalky,” the individual must have cooked them wrong.

4. You Can Have Too Much Garlic

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Hating garlic doesn’t make you a vampire. Several commenters were annoyed at those who boasted that they could take much more garlic than the recipe called for. It’s not big, not clever, and can ruin the dish.

5. Cold Ketchup Is Wrong

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I agree with the forum on this, and if you keep ketchup in the fridge, we cannot be friends. People were uncomplimentary about the cold product, with one respondent claiming that restaurant ketchup tastes so good because it’s kept at room temperature.

6. Air Fryers Are For The Weak

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They may be the hottest thing in kitchen gadgets, but one forum member is adamant that they will never purchase an air fryer. As far as they are concerned, if you can’t crisp something using a conventional oven, that’s down to your poor cookery skills.

7. Macarons and Macaroons Are Different Cookies

French Macarons
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This shouldn’t be a hill to die on, as it’s a culinary fact. However, it’s worth including this point purely because of one response. The poster asks us to believe that one is a pastry while the other is The President of France.

8. You Can Have Breakfast for Dinner

Breakfast burritos
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A combination of bacon, eggs, and other breakfast ingredients is sometimes acceptable. One individual suggests that bacon and eggs for dinner is fine, and there are no arguments here.

9. Sesame Oil Is a Waste

Sesame Oil
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While few would argue that the smell of hot sesame oil isn’t divine, it’s suggested that the finished product can overpower the dish. Some replies to this thread suggest that sesame oil is too powerful, even in marinades.

10. Keep Hamburgers Small

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More than one poster likes a hamburger that you can fit into your mouth, unlike a giant stack. It’s almost as if chefs compete to reach the ceiling. A popular misconception is that snakes dislocate their jaw to consume their prey. Technically, a human jaw can dislocate, but it’s not recommended for eating hamburgers or for anything else.

11. French Fries Are Only Good for Ten Minutes

Idlewild & Soakzone - potato patch fries
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This is another suggestion that attracted a few arguments. Most respondents agreed that fries must be devoured and, if you have them delivered, you must be nuts.

12. Add More Vanilla Extract Than Necessary

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The forum contributor who suggested this claimed they had extra vanilla extract in all recipes. One responder indicated that they wouldn’t head over for steak night.

13. We Ask Too Much of Cauliflower

Boiled cauliflower in a saucepan with water
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It’s a humble vegetable, but are we expecting cauliflower to be more versatile than it has the potential for? One commenter asked chefs to stop referring to “cauliflower steaks.” Another hinted that having a cauliflower in mash and rice takes things too far.

14. Wash Your Mushrooms

Morel Mushrooms
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Yes, that suspicious black material clinging to the mushroom is what you think it is. As one cook contests on the forum, mushrooms are dirty and should be washed. They suggest that a bit of water helps them caramelize during cooking.

15. Peanut Butter Works With Yeast Extract

Natural peanut butter
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For years, I thought I was the only person who thought this was an acceptable combination. Friends instantly became nauseous when I told them I loved to spread peanut butter and yeast extract on toast. When a product combining the two was released, I realized I was not alone!

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