15 Foods That Left a Trail of Regret in Their Wake

Foodies enjoy the best culinary delights in the world, and they possess a daring ability to try almost any food despite its texture or reputation. Though foodies don't shy away from tastes and textures, we all run into instances where we accidentally drink rotten milk or consume moldy food.

Here are 15 cases of foodies undergoing immediate rue.

1. Moldy Blueberry Cake

Moldy Blueberry Muffin after expire date.
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Have you ever bitten into something, expecting it to be something else? This poor soul tells the tale of their ill-fated blueberry muffin. 

“I once took a nice healthy bite of blueberry coffee cake. Turns out it was regular coffee cake covered in mold. I couldn't get the smell and taste out of my sinuses for hours,” they recoil.

2. Colonoscopy Concoction

Close up of legs of senior caucasian adult sitting on toilet preparing for colonoscopy with medication
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The solution you chug prior to a colonoscopy is the worst thing I've ever tasted. The concept clears you out, but the difficult part is getting it down your throat. The orange-flavored seawater comes in giant jugs, and most individuals struggle not to vomit after imbibing the liquid. The worst part is if you don't consume all of it, the nurse will administer warm salt water in your syringe.  

3. Oyster Flavored Ice Cream 

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Different flavors of ice cream have become a popular addition to creameries. If blue cheese and pear ice cream found its fans, why wouldn't oyster ice cream have a chance? One person says the marine-life-tinged ice cream tops the list for the worst thing they've consumed. Another user states that oysters and ice cream should never cross paths. 

4. Nintendo Switch Cartridge 

Nintendo Switch Cartridge
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Nintendo had wonderful intentions behind this idea, but those unlucky gamers who lick the switch cartridges are in for a bitter awakening. The company coats the Switch game cartridges with a non-toxic, bitter chemical to prevent children from swallowing and choking on the games. Those who braved the lick state curiosity got the best of them, and the cartridge resembles a bitter apple dog spray.

5. Persimmons

woman Hands cutting harvest Ripe Persimmons fruit hanging on Persimmon tree
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According to this first-time persimmon taster, consuming fruit the wrong way leads to losing friends, breakups, and generational trauma.

“I bit into a persimmon like it was an apple. My mouth immediately went dry like, if you've ever tasted a banana skin. Terrible. Lasted for most of an hour. My lips couldn't even close bc they were stuck to my teeth. I guess it completely changed the pH of my saliva or something. I guess persimmons are good if you cook them. I don't know. I don't actually care. That was too rough of an intro for me.”

6. Hawthorn Berry

Red fruit of the hawthorn (Crataegus), close-up. Crataegus, commonly called hawthorn, quickthorn, thornapple, May-tree, whitethorn, hawberry.
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One person shares their experience with tasting this fruit: 

“You know that feeling when you throw up so much that there is nothing left but bile and that you can feel all your teeth when that happens? That's what hawthorn berries taste like.” 

7. Tobacco Dip

Can of long cut wintergreen tobacco with the lid open
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A surprising amount of commenters have tasted tobacco dip residue. Numerous entries mention the instant regret felt after mistaking a water bottle or cup full of tobacco dip spit for their drink. Everyone admits this traumatic encounter caused them to run to the bathroom and empty their guts. 

8. Durian

Durian fruit on wooden table with blur durian plantation background.
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Someone jokes that the first person to eat durian had to be dying of hunger. Another person chimes in and says they tried durian at a camp event before chuckling it off the nearest cliff. According to a respondent, durian smells like custard and tastes like a rotting corpse. They gulped down two spoonfuls of the fruit before feeling the urge to vomit. 

9. Pills

Pills, Medicine, Medication, Vitamins
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Few tastes rival that of a dissolving pill ripe with saliva. When you don't swig enough water, or when a pill begins to melt on your tongue, it emits a vile residue that lingers on your tongue long after you brush your teeth, get out your tongue scraper, and pray for the taste to subside. 

10. Sea Urchin

Fresh opened sea urchins on ice over dark concrete background. Overhead view, copy space
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Sea urchins, or uni, are served at fancy sushi restaurants with a cult following and a designated hate group. The edible part of the creature is its reproductive organ, a firm, briny, yellow-bodied sea creature that melts in your mouth and tastes like baby excrement, based on a reply.

11. Gasoline

Hand of attendant holding refueling car and pumping at a gas petrol Station
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When this foodie was a child, they helped their dad with his car, which included siphoning gas from the truck into a jar. The child didn't have a grip on siphoning, so he kept his mouth on the tube just long enough for a mouthful of gasoline. He claims it's as bad as it seems. 

12. Sour Milk

Milk in a glass
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One unfortunate soul shared they drank a few gulps of spoiled milk because they were thirsty. Then the flavor hit them. They then started to cough and spit the drink out, only to get a sore throat later in the day. Fortunately, they did stop buying milk from the corner store where they purchased the expired gallon. 

13. Stink Bug

Stink Bug
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I can't help but laugh at this commenter's stink bug story: while watching a movie in a theatre, they felt something drop on their shirt, and assumed it was popcorn since they were eating it at the time. They scooped it up and popped it into their mouth, and that's when they noticed it was a stink bug. It immediately gave off its signature stink, and for the rest of the movie, the commenter had the taste of burning stink bug spray in their mouth.

14. Soft Shell Crab

Softshell Crab
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Soft Shell crabs' whole bodies are edible. The chefs harvest the blue crabs before they regrow their shells, meaning each part of the animal has a soft texture, and the texture is the difficult part to swallow. After chewing through the leathery shell, the crabs' insides gush out. One person refers to the crab as a nasty, fishy fruit gusher.

15. Slug

Large Red Slug ( Arion rufus ) attack leaf of a flowers. Cause of the most damage in garden. Agricultural pest.
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Sometimes, taste isn't the worst part of eating, but the events that occur while tasting the food.

An adventurous foodie shared that the slug sprayed some “horrible yellow slime” into his mouth. He had to scrub it out of his teeth and off of his tongue. Yuck! 

Source: (Reddit).