15 Mind-Boggling Habits All New Travelers Have


Hear ye, hear ye, all new travelers who want to make the best out of your journey. There are some rookie habits that should be abandoned before your next trip. For the sake of making things smooth for everyone around and enhancing the overall travel experience, take note of how things should work when fulfilling your wanderlust.

1. Not Bringing Snacks When Traveling

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Many newbie travelers neglect to bring snacks with them when traveling. They may plan to grab something at the airport, get something when they land, etc. In reality, you should always keep a snack on hand. 

You never know when your flight will get delayed, or those restaurants and shops will be closed. It's best to keep crackers, nuts, dried fruit, or something you can whip out to hold you over. Don't forget water!

2. Closing the Overhead Bin When It's Half-Empty

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It's hilarious how many people seem allergic to having someone else's stuff near theirs when traveling. I've seen people put a bag and a jacket in the overhead bin and close it so no one else adds anything, just for the flight attendant to come by and reopen it and tell them to move their stuff over. Everyone has to be considerate of the next person. There's limited space, and efficiently organizing things is best for all passengers.

3. Listening to Music and Videos Out Loud

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I don't think this trend of listening to media out loud is relegated to unseasoned travelers, but it's definitely annoying when you're on a train, bus, or plane for extended hours. It's not hard to put on headphones so as to not disturb those around you. That goes for kids, too! No one wants to listen to Peppa Pig for six hours straight!

4. Overstaying Your Visa 

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Many travelers think they can overstay their visa for a few days, and it's not a big deal, but the consequences can be severe. You may have luck in certain countries that aren't so strict, but why risk it? It's entirely possible to end up in a place where they take those matters very seriously and you'll end up detained. It's not worth it. Just stick to the rules when traveling, especially when you're far away from home.

5. Complaining About the Unfamiliarity of Foreign Locations 

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You buy a ticket to a foreign country, get there, and you're annoyed that everything is so different. That's ludicrous. Of course, the culture, food, language, and other aspects of living that you're used to will be different. Wasn't that the point of choosing a foreign country in the first place? If you wanted everything to be familiar, why not travel within the borders of your own country? The amazement on the faces of unseasoned travelers is priceless.

6. Blocking the Aisle To Put Your Things Up/Unload Them 

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This particular habit should be a public service announcement that goes out daily. It's frustrating when boarding or exiting a plane or train and the person in front of you is in the middle of the aisle holding everyone up. Unless you're grabbing your bag and sitting down or exiting the vehicle, etiquette dictates that you step inside by your seat, allow those behind you to pass, and then pack or unload your bags.

7. Talking Too Much and Too Loudly During the Trip

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Ah, yes, the person who wants to loudly tell their entire life story for the duration of the trip. Having a conversation or making small talk is one thing, but sometimes, it's just time to be quiet. It adds insult to injury when the person is clueless and doesn't realize just how loud they are. Add in late-night travels where people are yapping at all hours of the night and early morning, and it just becomes unbearable.

8. Ticket and ID Not Ready for TSA or Check-In

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When you're about to board a plane, it seems like everyone should know to have their ticket and ID handy for the security check. Unfortunately, common sense isn't as common as you'd think. You'll see people rummaging through their luggage, purses, pockets, jackets, etc., as though they didn't know they'd have to present their tickets. Heavy sigh.

9. Being Ill-Prepared for Unexpected Occurrences 

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While no one wants to experience flight delays or other common problems that can occur while traveling, it is what it is. Some travel enthusiasts in a popular online forum said they've witnessed people throwing temper tantrums when the flight gets delayed, giving airport personnel a hard time. Unfortunately, it's just one thing you must be ready for. Having snacks, water, extra money in case you have to book a hotel on the fly, or whatever essentials you may need handy is crucial.

10. Overpacking 

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Pack accordingly. It's that simple. There's no need to pack two to three heavy suitcases for a weekend trip when a basic carry-on or small bag will suffice. You're only making it hard on yourself (specifically your back) when loading and unloading all that unnecessary stuff that you won't even get to wear. 

People probably think it's prudent to bring extras, but it should be the essentials. You don't need your whole makeup kit, ten extra outfits, all the shoes you can stuff for “variety/options,” and so on. After a while, it becomes about convenience. Pack what you need!

11. Not Having Their Passport Easily Accessible

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When traveling to foreign destinations, it's crucial to have your passport in a secure and easily accessible location. You should keep it near for check-in at the airport, but you also never know when an official such as law enforcement will stop you and request to see your ID while you're out and about. Tourists face this type of situation all the time, and you don't want to have to rummage through your belongings or explain that you left it at your hotel.

12. Asking To Switch Seats

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It's annoying when someone asks you to switch seats for an arbitrary reason. No, I don't want to give you the window seat, especially if I paid for this particular seat. That's not to say that there aren't any reasons that people should give up their seats. Maybe someone elderly needs a little more space, or perhaps a pregnant woman is struggling and needs the aisle seat so she can rush to the bathroom frequently, but a lot of times, that's not the case.

13. Trying To Visit Too Many Cities in a Short Period

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A huge newbie mistake is over-planning when visiting a specific destination. For example, trying to see four to five major European cities in a week just isn't feasible. It doesn't allow you to appreciate each location fully, and it's also physically and mentally draining to travel that much. You won't get to see London, Paris, Rome, or wherever else in one week. You'll feel rushed and won't get the most out of your trip. Try three cities in two weeks when starting out.

14. Touching Each Person's Headrest When Walking By

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I can't tell you how often my head has bobbled when people are getting to their seats while traveling. They touch every person's headrest when walking by, sometimes pulling it, hitting you in the head, touching your hair, etc., along the way. It's like a force of habit that needs to stop immediately. You don't have to touch the headrest to brace yourself; use the overhead rails instead.

15. Not Knowing Basic Phrases of a Different Language When Traveling 

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If you go to a different country and don't speak the language, you can't get mad when no one understands what you're saying. Knowing how to say basic phrases like “Please,” “Thank you,” “Where is…,” “Can you help me?” and other specific requests are critical to navigating your way around a foreign location. 

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