15 of Star Wars’ Strangest Moments

11 Strange Moments in the Star Wars Films

Star Wars has always been able to take itself not too seriously.

Case in point, the conversations the characters have with each other are intended to be ‘hokey' like the classic shows of the Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers television era.

If C3PO and R2 aren't arguing like an old married couple, Leia was sassing Luke for being a little bit short even though she was held captive on the Death Star and had just seen her homeworld Alderaan blown up. 
concept design rogue one Senna & Lunka wwww.starwars.com
So here are a few of the strange, odd and wonderful quirks of Star Wars:
  1. Han Solo grabs Princess Leia’s breasts in the middle of the Battle of Endor. He was perhaps checking she was still wearing this. Harrison Ford also pulled a similar movie on the Falcon in The Empire Strikes Back. The scruffy scoundrel… and let's not forget the infamous nipple slip Lucas left in in Jedi. 
  2. When Jango Fett gets into his ship after his fight with Obi-Wan Kenobi in Attack of the Clones, he bangs his head on the open door. This was intentional and is a reference to a famous goof from the original movie where a cloned Stormtrooper accidentally bangs his head on a door (the clone being the descendant of Jango Fett and having inherited this character trait).
  3. The Holiday Special. What about that Space Porn Simulation eh? Oddly, things from the Special have influenced films such as Solo and The Mandalorian show! In Solo, Chewbacca's father's name is Attichitcuk, as it was in the Special. 
  4. Why in The Empire Strikes  does Old Ben say, that boy is our last hope when he already knows that Leia is his brother and then Yoda has to spell it out to him? Did he have no faith in Leia? 
  5. When E.T. characters turns up in The Phantom Menace!
  6. When we learned that R2D2 could fly in Revenge of the Sith. What the heck?? That little trick could have been handy many times in the original trilogy!
  7. When during the Battle of Hoth, the Rebels decided to flee the planet by flying directly into the path of the Imperial Fleet and Vader. Why do this when they could have gone off in any direction and they could have all split up? Weird battle strategy! Extra fun fact: The line ‘the first transport is away!” was spoken by Mark Hamill. Nipple cannons indeed
  8. Speaking of nipple slips in Star Wars…
  9. Darth Vader's black suit was actually inspired by Nazi uniforms.
  10. This strange thing nearly happened. The original Rogue squad unit had a giant green alien called Senna and a Lunka. They were paired as a duo but ultimately dropped – they did get as far as being designed – see the above concept art!
  11. In A New Hope, Leia was kept captive on the Death Star in prison cell number 2187. This was a deliberate choice as 2187 is the year that the George Lucas directed cult film THX 1138, was set.
  12. Yoda’s species has never been mentioned. In official records, he is simply an ‘unknown species’. He'll always be Kermit's ugly cousin to us.
  13. The Last Jedi – Luke decides he needs to kill his nephew in a moment of weakness. Say what? Darth Vader had spent nearly 20 years killing people left and right and he still saw the good in him, yet Ben Solo has ‘some feelings' that Luke sense and decided to kill him in his sleep? Strange Indeed.
  14. There's a robot in Return of the Jedi in Jabba's Sail Barge that gets it's feet blasted with red hit metal – and it feels pain? Since when do robots in Star Wars feel pain?
  15. Baby Yoda eating all those eggs. 
sandpeople tuskenraider concept
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