15 Television Shows That Weren’t Worth a Second Episode

Ever get excited about a highly anticipated TV show that fell flat and seemed unworthy of more than one episode? Join the club! Here's a list of TV shows (in no particular order) that a group of Reddit users decided weren't worth a second chance.

1. Bridgerton (2020 – )

Bridgerton Phoebe Dynevor
Image Credit: Shondaland and CVD Productions.

The jury is still out on Bridgerton, but history buffs may take this personally. While it's supposed to be a historical drama, it feels closer to a poorly done historical fantasy show that is also wildly inaccurate. Not worth a second episode for me!

2. Yellowstone (2018 – 2023)

Yellowstone Kevin Costner, Wes Bentley, Kelly Reilly
Image Credit: MTV Entertainment Studios, 101 Studios, and Treehouse Films.

Considering I only attempted to watch the show because Kevin Costner was in it, there's absolutely no reason to watch even half an episode of Yellowstone. What genre does it even fall into?

Costner was as comfortable on the ranch as he was living in the city, and the plot was trashy and unbelievable. One commenter mentioned, “It doesn't help that the first episode is the length of a feature film and is mostly spent introducing characters.”

3. That 90s Show (2023 – )

That '90s Show Mace Coronel, Ashley Aufderheide, Reyn Doi, Sam Morelos
Image Credit: Netflix.

Numerous members from a popular online forum stated that the show was criminally bad. For those born in the 90s, nothing seemed to feel nostalgic, which was one of the main reasons they were looking forward to watching the sitcom.

What made matters worse? The slang, hairstyles, attire, and everything that should've pointed directly to the 90s was just……off.

4. Riverdale (2017-2023)

Riverdale Cole Sprouse, K.J. Apa
Image Credit: Netflix.

I remember the hype surrounding this show, and I wasn't sure whether it was worth trying based on some of the previews. One user mentioned that they actually has sympathy for the cast.

“I feel bad for the actors on the show who have to say horrible lines of dialogue every episode,” they commented. 

5. The 100 (2014-2020)

The 100 Eliza Taylor, Alycia Debnam-Carey
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television, CBS Television Studios, and Alloy Entertainment.

According to multiple people, The 100 was your standard CW soap opera with an over-the-top level of teenage drama and cheesiness. Many users agreed that the books were so much better than the show despite having the same premise.

6. Euphoria (2019 – )

Euphoria Alexa Demie
Image Credit: A24 and HBO Entertainment.

It seems like people either loved or hated Euphoria. While I've heard good reviews, many users thought the plot was too perverse for it to be a rendition of life in a typical American high school. Aside from that, the actors and actresses looked too old to be in high school, which added to how fake the whole show felt.

7. Snowpiercer (2020-2023)

Snowpiercer Jennifer Connelly, Daveed Diggs
Image Credit: CJ Entertainment, Dog Fish Films, Studio T, and Tomorrow Studios.

Snowpiercer is one of those shows that draws you in for the first few minutes and then quickly devolves into nothingness.

One forum member expressed my sentiments perfectly when they said, “I just couldn't suspend my disbelief. You're telling me humanity's best shot at surviving frozen dystopia is by riding a train across the world? Without any significant rail or train problems for nearly a decade? Was just a bit too ridiculous for me.”

8. Dahmer (2022)

Dahmer Evan Peters
Image Credit: Netflix, Prospect Films, and Ryan Murphy Productions.

I'm sure we're all familiar with the story of Jeffrey Dahmer, and more tragic than what happened to the victims and their families is the fact that Netflix turned it into a dramatized series. That was really in poor taste, and a lot of folks don't think it should have ever been given one episode, to begin with.

9. Velma (2023 – )

Velma Mindy Kaling, Constance Wu
Image Credit: HBO Max.

If you loved Scooby-Doo as a kid, you may not want to watch this spin-off that spun way off in an attempt to present an interesting origin story of the Mystery Inc. gang. The jokes were horrible, and it deviated so far from the characters you'd grown to know and love.

While it's good to explore fresh themes and add twists to old favorites, here's what a user has to say: “I can't explain to anyone who hasn't seen it how bad it actually is. It's like they tried to make it bad, but not “good-bad.”

10. How I Met Your Father (2022 – )

How I Met Your Father Cobie Smulders
Image Credit: Bays Thomas Productions, The Walk-Up Company, and 20th Television.

Many people weren't huge fans of the original storytelling sitcom, How I Met Your Mother. Apparently, the other side of the story was overall unfulfilling in the eyes of some viewers.

One of the most heavily criticized aspects of the show was the constant insertion of laugh tracks that were supposed to almost force you into believing what you were seeing was funny when it was, in fact, not.

11. Black Mirror (2011 – )

Black Mirror Samuel Blenkin, Myha'la Herrold
Image Credit: Netflix.

Okay, in all fairness to what some describe as an artistic genius on display in Black Mirror, you might want to skip the first episode and then try to watch the rest of the series. It's not uncommon that the initial episode is terrible and then picks up. But it's interesting that so many people seemed to be put off from even trying to watch further because it was THAT bad.

One member of a forum noted, “A friend of mine felt the same way. It really is a shame, too, because there are a lot of great episodes in the series if you make it past that one.” Maybe this is one of those in-between exceptions?

12. Shadowhunters (2016 – 2019)

Shadowhunters Katherine McNamara
Image Credit: Constantin Film, and Wonderland Sound and Vision.

You can think of Shadowhunters as a cross between Harry Potter and Vampire Diaries, but not nearly as intriguing. For those who love fantasy shows, you may be willing to try this series. However, one person warns you're getting into a total cringefest from episode number one.

13. The Good Doctor (2017 – )

The Good Doctor Freddie Highmore
Image Credit: ABC Signature and Sony Pictures Television Studios.

According to an individual on an online thread, “It's one of those shows where the writers clearly don't understand what autism is.” I'll say it's kind of hard to create a show with one character that's supposed to be the sum of a particular condition.

Autism is on a spectrum, to begin with, so the writers may have always had difficulty capturing the audience in the way they intended.

14. Glee (2009 – 2015)

Image Credit: Fox.

Glee is another show that's on one side or the other in terms of fans. You either walk around singing all the songs and think it was well done, or you hate it.

While the singing itself wasn't bad, a lot of forum members expressed the idea that the pilot episode wasn't bad per se, but it went downhill from there. The constant drama and poor acting made it a hard pass for some who don't love musicals in the first place.

15. This Is Us (2016 – 2022)

This Is Us Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia
Image Credit: Rhode Island Ave. Productions, Zaftig Films, and 20th Television.

Despite the hate that this show receives, This Is Us is a top-rated romantic drama that lasted for six seasons. The main criticism from several users was that the show relied too heavily on melodramatic and manipulative tactics to play on people's emotions. To this extent, it sacrificed logical and organic character development.

Source: Reddit