2020 Is the Year of Pedro Pascal (A Look Back at Everything He’s Done This Year)

If you’re a denizen of the social media sphere then you likely know that 2019 was hailed as the “Year of Adam Driver.” But what about 2020? Sure, there were plenty of people in the entertainment industry who made 2020 a little more bearable, but it’s safe to say that this year was the Year of Pedro Pascal. 

2020 Is the Year of Pedro Pascal



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With the shutdown shuttering film sets, performers around the world looked for new ways to harness their creativity, and table reads, digital performances, and reunions cropped up throughout the year. In April, he participated in The Public Theater’s Brave New Shakespeare Challenge, performing a monologue from Pablo Neruda's Spanish translation of Romeo and Juliet

While Pedro Pascal wasn’t originally in the NBC series Community, he did participate in their table read back in May. If you haven’t watched it, cancel your New Year’s Eve plans (which should just be bingeing a new TV series anyways) and watch it on YouTube. 

Pedro Pascal in The Public Theater’s Shakespeare Challenge, The Community Table Read, and Quibi's The Princess Bride

For eight weeks from May to June, fans of The Mandalorian were treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the first season of the series with Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian. Every episode fans were treated to new commentary and roundtables with the creators, directors, writers, performers, and of course The Mandalorian himself — Pedro Pascal. 

During its short-lived existence, Quibi brought us joy as celebrities came together to re-enact The Princess Bride in June. In a pair of brightly colored palm frawn shorts and a flowing wig, Pascal took on the role of Inigo Montoya in a performance of pure unmitigated hilarity. 

The Cape Cod Theater Project hosted a digital staging of Kevin Artigue’s I, My Ruination in July, with Pedro Pascal in the role of Tennessee Williams, opposite Paul Giamatti as Elia Kazan. It was a remarkable performance, which is unfortunately not available to watch online. 

At the height of the Black Lives Matter protests this year, Pascal used his social media platform to uplift marginalized voices. He attended protests, spoke out, and made it clear to his followers which side of history he stood on. He has never shied away from politics and voicing his opinions, even if that means going toe-to-toe in the comment section of his Instagram. He gets a free pass on his involvement in the Imagine video at the start of the pandemic. 

October brought with it a dizzying array of set photos of Pedro Pascal, opposite Nicholas Cage, in the Lionsgate film The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent slated to premiere next year. In November, Netflix released the 2018 sci-fi film Prospect, which starred Pedro Pascal. While many fans had already watched the film during its tenure on Hulu, Netflix provided a new window into the Prospect-universe for sci-fi lovers around the world. 

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Pedro Pascal at Mando Monday Global Event Launch (Credit: Lucasfilm/Tumblr)

With the advent of “Mando Mondays,” Star Wars' global digital event launch also provided some adorable moments of Pedro Pascal reacting to an animatronic version of The Child.

The Mandalorian also returned in October, bringing with it some of Pascal’s best performances yet throughout the season. In December, he pulled out the triple-threat of fatherly roles. After crushing the hearts of fans in the season finale of The Mandalorian as he tearfully watched Luke Skywalker walk away with Grogu, Pascal was an unexpected Christmas present with two polar opposite approaches to fatherhood.

Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord, Din Djarin, and Marcus Moreno (Credit: Warner Bros. Disney/Lucasfilm, and Netflix)

As Marcus Moreno in We Can Be Heroes he fulfilled the role of devoted superhero dad who just wanted to see his daughter succeed. In Wonder Woman: 1984, he played Maxwell Lord, a morally bankrupt man of chaos who also happened to have a son. I’m not spoiling the movie, but his arc is a truly satisfying experience. Pascal masterfully dedicates himself to every role he appears in, bringing audiences through a full range of emotions as they watch. 

Pedro Pascal in The Mandalorian
Pedro Pascal and Misty Rosas on the set of The Mandalorian (Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm)

December also harkened the return of the Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian special, featuring so many endearing moments of Pedro Pascal on the set of The Mandalorian, having the time of his life with the cast and crew. His smile seems to be an infectious thing.

It also feels like Pedro Pascal was on every magazine this year, which brought with it humorous quotes about bird watching and so many photoshoots. He was on the cover of Variety, the cover of GQ Germany, he was named an Entertainer of the Year at Entertainment Weekly, he was on the cover of La Vanguardia. This man was everywhere and apparently, that’s pretty poggers

While 2020 was a dark year for a lot of people, Pedro Pascal was certainly a bright spot for a lot of people. From making the best of quarantine to protesting in the streets, to The Mandalorian and a superhero-filled Christmas, Pedro Pascal has been everywhere making this year a little bit better.

Let's pour one out for 2020 and hope that 2021 is just as spectacularly successful for Pedro Pascal as it is for all of us too. 

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