Sony Announces New 2024 Karate Kid Movie Based on Og Franchise

Are you a Karate Kid or Cobra Kai fan? Get ready for more! Sony has announced a new Karate Kid film, and Twitter is buzzing. Tweeter @ErikDavis shared, “JUST IN: Sony is bringing back the #KarateKid franchise, dating a new KARATE KID film for June 7, 2024.”

Exciting Announcements

Tweeter @BornInY2K stated, “I really hope the Karate Kid movie is either a Cobra Kai movie or a Mr. Miyagi prequel like Ralph Macchio talked about and not a reboot.”

Tweeter @aus_mich replied, “Cobra Kai finale film? I'm here for it.”

Tweeter @MarkZowie admitted, “I absolutely loved this slice of cheese. Season 5 is still perfectly nostalgic and leans respectfully on all three movies. Fans of the #KarateKid trilogy need to binge the five seasons asap. As a pal said, this is how you reboot a brand properly. #CobraKaiSeason5”

Tweeter @AlexOliveres reported, “Sony announces that it has given the green light to the fifth installment of #KarateKid with a view to being released on June 7, 2024. At the moment, it is unknown if it will be a continuation of the events of #CobraKai, but it is rumored that it may be the first part of a new trilogy.”

Tweeter @GabyMeza8 exclaimed, “KARATE KID IS BACK! Variety reports that we will have the fifth delivery of #KarateKid by #Sony. The story will follow the events of the latest installments of the saga and will feature the return of #RalphMacchio as #DanielLarusso. It hits theaters in 2024.”

Disgruntled Responses

Tweeter @DirtyJerz32 ordered, “Make NEW movies! Stop remaking old classics. When's the last time you heard anyone try to remake Gone With The WindCasablanca, or Citizen Kane?”

Tweeter @Hasilkilt1 said, “No thanks. Like Star Wars, the only good Karate Kid movies were the originals #KarateKid.”

Mixed Reviews

Tweeter @JakobFel stated, “If the writers behind Cobra Kai are involved, I have no issue with this. That said, if I'm being honest, I'd rather get a Miyagi prequel series that shows him leaving Okinawa, being a war hero, and losing his way, leading right up to the moment he meets Daniel.”

Tweeter @oshontheexp said, “I think Sony is misreading the room on the interest in these characters. It's fun for a Netflix show, but I don't know about a feature-length theatrical release. Thoughts?”

Tweeter @ishmael_king asked, “50 episodes at 30-45 minutes each for a tv show over the last five years is fine, but one movie running 1.5 to 2 hours??? That's a bit much. Do some of you hear yourselves before you tweet?”

Tweeter @HumzaNova joked…

Tweeter @gameboyknight stated, “It should be about Daniel and Johnny's kids as adults or show how Johnny had Robby in flashbacks cause that's never shown on the show cause he's already a teenager and a tribute to pat Morita at the end would also be nice I'm just guessing.”
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