24 Exams ChatGPT-4 Can Pass With Flying Colors

You would have to be living under the world’s most dense rock if you haven’t already heard about ChatGPT. It’s a tool primarily infamous for completing student assignments, much to the chagrin of educators worldwide. Well, what if I told you it now can also ace competitive national exams? GPT-4, OpenAI’s latest model, launched in March of 2023, has awed its users by acing the most nerve-racking exams you can think of. Here are 24 Exams ChatGPT-4 can pass with flying colors. 

1. AP Statistics

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High school students take AP tests (Advance Placement Tests) upon completing a specific AP course. They determine how well one has learned the content. Statistics isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but for this AI model, there are no boundaries as it scored a perfect 5/5, attaining the 85th-100th percentile.

2. Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program

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This multiple-choice questions-based exam by the American College of Physicians (ACP) is regarded as highly valuable. It can help physicians to get insight into their knowledge of internal medicine. ChatGPT earned 75% on it, just what the doctor ordered. 

3. LSAT 

Law Student
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The LSAT (Law School Admission Test) is one of the toughest standardized tests. It’s a test students begin preparing months and, often, years in advance for. According to OpenAI, this AI language model got a whopping 163, attaining the 88th percentile, the envy of every aspiring law student

4. GRE Quantitative

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The Graduate Record Examination is taken by multiple people from around the globe in pursuit of their graduate-level studies. The test comprises three components: quantitative, writing, and verbal. ChatGPT-4 scored 163/170 on the quantitative section, falling again in the 88th percentile. If you scored in the 99th percentile, you have nothing to worry about but anything lower than that, and your scholarship belongs to AI when humanity succumbs to the 88th percentile scoring androids. 

5. USABO Semifinal Exam 2020

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The USA Bio Olympiad (USABO) is a national competition funded by the Center for Excellence in Education. Any high school student can take part in the test to be selected for the prestigious International Biology Olympiad. Well, you can count ChatGPT as one of the representing members since it scored in the 99th to 100th percentile with a score of 87/150. 

6. Uniform Bar Exam 

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The Uniform Bar Exam is the ultimate challenge for aspiring lawyers. Not only did this AI model pass it, but it attained a shockingly incredible score of 298 out of 400. This means it beats 90% of humans who take this exam. We can count on Will Smith questioning robots about passing bar exams instead of creating symphonies in the next I, Robot film. 

7. SAT Evidence-Based Reading & Writing

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The high school students preparing arduously for the SATs (Standard Assessment Tests) might not like hearing this one: The artificial mastermind achieved the 93rd percentile with a score of 710/800 in the Reading & Writing component of the test. I bet some of us wonder if Elon Musk can speed up the Neuralink development for an AI test-taking chip variant. 

8. SAT Math 

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It’s not just ahead in language but is also pretty killer when it comes to mathematical problems. ChatGPT, according to OpenAI, scored a 700/800 on the Math component of the SATs, earning it an 80th percentile. Maybe these are the droids you were looking for? 

9. GRE Verbal

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Many test takers consider the verbal section significantly more difficult than the quantitative one. This section consists of text completion, which requires a superior vocabulary understanding, reading comprehension, and sentence equivalence. This leading model got 169/170, falling in the 99th percentile, effectively upping its game! 

10. USNCO Local Section Exam 2022

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You might want to keep an ion this one. The US National Chemistry Olympiad (UNSCO) is a prestigious chemistry competition for high school students in the United States. It is organized by the American Chemical Society (ACS) and is among the largest and most competitive competitions. According to OpenAI, ChatGPT scored 36/60 on it.

11. Stanford Medical School Clinical Reasoning Final

Stanford Medical School
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Stanford Medical School is among the top medical schools across the globe. According to Eric Strong, a Stanford clinical associate professor, ChatGPT-4 passed this challenging exam with a score of 72%. But the real question is, could GPT write us an ending to Grey’s Anatomy

12. AP Biology 

Biology Class
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Has humanity finally evolved to make something more intelligent than itself? This exam tests the students' knowledge of various biological topics, from cellular biology to genetics to ecology. A score of 5, attained by this AI tool, is the highest possible score and indicates a strong understanding of the subject. 

13. Wharton MBA Exam

University of Pennsylvania
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Wharton is a leading business school of the University of Pennsylvania. Professor Christian Terwiesh tested the tool with the final exam he had created for the operations management course. Well, turns out ChatGPT-4 did an “amazing job” with the basic operations questions, which were based on case studies. 

14. Microbiology Quiz 

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Alex Berezow, an executive editor of Big Think and a science journalist, tested the quintessential model with a microbiology quiz. It was created by him and contained ten college-level questions. The result? “Blew it away,” says Berezow

15. AP Psychology

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AP Psychology exam measures knowledge of various aspects of psychology, including research methods, human development, and psychological disorders. The tool fell in the 83rd to 100th percentile. Imagine your future robot therapist wondering if you’ve tried switching yourself off and on again. 

 16. AP Physics 

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This exam is not just one test; it’s the King Ghidorah of physics tests: AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2, and AP Physics C (Mechanics and Electricity & Magnetism). ChatGPT-4 didn’t just stop at mastering one of these; it conquered them all with a full five like the overachiever it is.   

17. Chartered Financial Analyst Exams 

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This is arguably one of the toughest exams to exist. It’s a three-level exam with only a passing rate of 37%. This domain is respected worldwide, and millions take the exam each year. While not with flying colors, GPT-4 has a “decent chance” of getting through the first two levels of the exam. Maybe some things are of no interest to robots. 

18. AP World History

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A score of 4 attained by Chat-GPT4 on this test shows the tool demonstrates a good understanding of the history of the world from ancient civilizations to the modern era. Are you thinking of getting it to write your next history term paper? The good news is that the newer versions incorporate knowledge up to 2023, so you don’t have to keep writing about the Indus Valley civilization.

19. AP Macroeconomics 

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Maybe AI could finally explain trickle-down economics to bored freshmen. The AP Macroeconomics exam measures everything from national income to the rise and fall of prices and economic growth. It turns out that ChatGPT-4 doesn’t just break limits; it shatters them! This digital marvel scored a perfect five.  

20. AP Environmental Science 

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This exam measures knowledge of environmental issues, ecosystems, and human environmental impact. Surprise, surprise, ChatGPT-4 managed to score a perfect five on it as well!

21. AP Art History 

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AP Art History is a course that explores the history of art from pre-historic to the present time. The exam assesses an individual’s knowledge of artistic traditions, movements, and critical works of art. While most of us couldn’t decipher abstract art to save a life (or pass an exam), ChatGPT-4 scored a full five. 

22. Intro Sommelier (Theory Knowledge) 

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The Sommelier exams determine an individual’s ability to show excellence in deductive tasting, wine & beverage theory. Once passed, one can achieve the title of “Certified Sommelier.” I guess this AI tool can now give us some killer wine recommendations, as it passed the intro level exam with a staggering 92% without any liquid courage. 

23. Certified Sommelier (Theory Knowledge)

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The next test level was aced with an impressive 86% by ChatGPT-4, proving that even artificial intelligence has a taste for the finer things in life. Among all the exam-takers, a mere 66% successfully conquered this challenge. 

24. Advanced Sommelier (Theory Knowledge)

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As expected, the miraculous tool also managed to pass the advanced-level Sommelier test with 77%. Only about 25% of the applicants tend to pass the advanced level. We hope this information doesn’t send any aspirants down a bender. 

Source: (OpenAI)