24 Divisive Cultural Trends That Sparked Heated Debates Across The Internet

We all have traditions within our cultures that we may disagree with, yet we still feel pressured to conform. Based on popular opinions within a well-known online forum, here are the top societal norms and cultural traditions that people actually hate in real life.

1. Arranged Marriage

Arranged Marriage
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Many users who expressed their opinion mentioned that it's kind of creepy to decide that two people will get married without first consulting the two people involved. Does love not matter anymore? What if they're incompatible? This is one of those traditions that seems antiquated and should probably be done away with.

2. Tipping

Waitress takes the tip. The waiter female receives a tip from the client at the hotel bar. The concept of service
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Tipping is also a huge pet peeve that I always go along with but often challenges in my mind. For what reason are the customers being forced to supplement the workers' income instead of the company paying fair wages? According to many forum members, it's ridiculous at face value and should be a choice.

3. Hustle Culture

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The idea that you have to get up and work your fingers to the bone for 40-60 hours a week in order to really enjoy life is getting out of hand. Glorifying the “workaholic” identity has multiple online commenters frustrated. “Why is there so much pressure to work as much as you possibly can, and then you can't even enjoy it?!” asks one person.

4. Hugging

woman hugging child
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Your family and friends may take offense to this one, but you'd be surprised how many people don't like being forced to hug and kiss others when they greet. One user states that some people have issues with touching and would prefer not to be labeled as rude just because they refuse an embrace.

5. Pressure To Have Children

Angry old people
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For women, in particular, there is SO much emphasis on having children, especially when you get married. While many women attest to being happy when they become a wife or mom, that's not the goal for every woman, and people should respect that.

6. Social Media

Social Media Manager & Marketing
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At the present moment, we can all pretty much agree that social media is taking over. Becoming an influencer has risen in popularity dramatically in the past few years, and a lot of users in the forum think it's stupid to record everything you do, what you eat, where you travel, and so on. I can't say that I disagree.

7. Family Reunions

Family gathering, reunion, party
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Some of us have huge families, and being made to get together once a year to see dozens of people you don't know and be expected to love the experience because you're all family is weird. What about those of us who don't prefer large (or small) gatherings? In concept, it's a nice idea, but for anyone with social anxiety, not so much.

8. Sports

Crowd of sports fans cheering during a match in stadium. Excited people standing with their arms raised, clapping and yelling to encourage their team.
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Ouch! I love basketball, so I was surprised to see how many people commented that they hate that you're supposed to love sports or you're viewed as strange. I had always thought of sports as a unifying agent, but for people genuinely not interested, one contributor says it stinks to be an outcast because you don't like to watch them. To each his own!

9. Celebrity Obsession

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I couldn't agree more with the online community that it's bizarre to be so obsessed with celebrities and what they do in their everyday lives. To be a talented actor, actress, athlete, dancer, or whatever the case may be, doesn't mean we should idolize everything about these people. They're cool, that's it. So are some of us!

10. Guns

Gun Legislation
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Without getting into the tragedy that multiple individuals on the comment thread highlighted, guns have become a popular aspect of culture.

However, many note that the extreme events resulting in loss of life point to the need for better regulation outside of controlled activities like hunting. It just can't be so easy to get and wave around a gun in America.

11. Organized Religion

Praying Woman
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Everyone doesn't have the same religious ideologies, and some people don't ascribe to any religion at all. There's a pervasive belief that religion makes up a large part of one's identity, and a few people think it's absurd to expect that everyone believes in one (or a few) higher being.

12. Wearing Makeup

Eye Makeup
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No, women don't want to feel forced to wear makeup to hide all their imperfections 24/7. We don't want to be perceived as beautiful only because our skin looks porcelain and has no wrinkles or dark spots. It's tiring and quite degrading! Give me sweatpants, a messy bun, and the ability to decide whether I want to get all made up. Otherwise, let me be.

13. McDonald's

McDonald’s Happy Meal
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Everyone loves McDonald's, right? Wrong! People are starting to decide that it's an unhealthy choice that only gets accepted as tasty because it's become a cultural staple. I can't say for sure; I love the fries, so I'm on the fence about this one.

14. Capitalism

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Online users contend that capitalism is linked to an inequitable apportionment of riches and influence. They say it upholds a bias towards market dominance or oligopoly, imperialism, counter-revolutionary conflicts, and diverse economic and cultural exploitation manifestations.

15. Reality TV

Bored Millennial man watching TV, movies, changing channels
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The authenticity of reality TV shows is a subject of debate. While some reality TV programs claim to be unscripted and present events as they unfold, evidence suggests otherwise. Outside of this, why are we tuning in to watch people walk around and live life? I'll never get it! It does make for food entertainment sometimes, though, I'll admit.

16. Funerals

Death, funeral
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A few folks from the forum felt like embalming and burying the dead in a casket is a strange practice. So, what did they propose? Let the bodies decompose and return to the earth naturally, or give the cremated remains to a family member. I'll say the latter seems like an equally eerie tradition, but whatever works for you!

17. Passing Names Down

advice father son
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I've never really understood why there's pressure to give a boy his father's name. And then he has to get his son his name, and so on. Aren't we overdoing it once we get to Bob the fourth and fifth? Just a tad?

18. Respecting Elders

Old smug woman
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I totally get a healthy level of respect for older adults, but at the same time, can we acknowledge that rudeness is possible at all ages? The value placed on wisdom and having lived a long life seems to supersede the fact that many people feel that respect is earned, not given, at least not purely because you're old.

19. Gender Roles

Gender Inequality
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Gender roles are a concept that has come under a lot of heat lately. Women being expected to cook, clean, and care for the children is a no-go for many. And, men being required to pay for everything just because they're a man is equally ill-received amongst true younger generations. The shift toward equal responsibility based on capabilities and preferences is emerging at this point.

20. Asking for The Father's Permission To Marry

boomer millennial
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Respondents ran wild with possible scenarios that could also be plausible if the man had to ask the woman's father for permission to marry. Should they also ask for permission to have relations? Kids? To purchase a home together? The possibilities are endless!

21. Finishing Your Plate

Refusing food, not hungry, food allergy
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Outside of the fact that forcing kids or pressuring adults to finish all the food on their plates is just asking for issues down the line, what if someone just isn't hungry anymore? Why is it rude not to finish all of the food if I enjoyed what I did consume? Unless your kids are overly picky, allow them to eat until they feel full- that was the general consensus. And if you're an adult, explain that you're full but appreciate the meal.

22. Gentle Parenting

Father offering advice or an apology to son
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Gentle parenting is a controversial topic amongst old-schoolers who think a good old-fashioned spanking is necessary sometimes and Millennials/Gen Z who think it's traumatic and outdated. Some say it depends on the type of child you have, where physical punishment used sparingly is beneficial. Others say if adults don't like to be hit when they do something wrong, why would a kid?

23. Small Talk

Man bored of woman talking
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I absolutely hate the idea of small talk, and I always have. If we're not friends or family, cut to the chase! I don't want to talk about the weather, what's happening around the office, or minutiae that neither of us really cares about. It's so frustrating to feel like you have to strike up a casual conversation before you can ask or say what you truly want.

24. Singing The National Anthem Before a Sports Game

National anthem
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I had never thought about it being odd to sing the national anthem before a sporting event, probably because it has always been that way. One individual commented on how it makes sense to do that when the teams are from different countries, like the Olympics, which is on an international stage. However, they said it doesn't add up when the opposing teams are from the same country.

Source: Reddit.