Love It or Loathe It: 24 Things Splitting The Population

We often find ourselves surrounded by things that bring people joy and make their hearts sing. However, for some mysterious reason, some of us can't help but cringe at the very thought of certain beloved things. Folks on an online community share universally loved things they hate, and we explore 24 peculiar dislikes.

1. Summer

Woman sweating, cool off, fan, heat
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The season of sun, beach trips, and ice cream cones is a delight for many. However, some despise heat and humidity, and they find summer a test of endurance.

2. Cats

Orange Cat
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The internet's darlings and the world's most mysterious creatures, but not everyone finds their aloof nature endearing.

Some people would tell you straight in your face to keep that cute animal out of sight and never get it close to them. “I don't seem to understand how people actually admire cats to the extent of caring for them like they are their child,” says a contributor.

3. Small Talk

Man bored of woman talking
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For those who value deep conversations and meaningful connections, the shallow waters of small talk can be incredibly exasperating.

Most people just want to keep talking and talking and talking, and when you are tired of listening, they feel you are probably too old-fashioned for their liking. Well, some hate small talk and don't see why anyone else should engage in it.

4. Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice Latte
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As the autumn leaves fall and the air gets crisp, some individuals simply cannot fathom the obsession with this ubiquitous flavor. For most, pumpkin spice is the best flavor for their meals, while for others, well, “better never bring that stuff close.”

5. Reality TV

Bored Millennial man watching TV, movies, changing channels
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Behold, the guilty pleasure of millions, yet despised by a select few who seek more substantial forms of entertainment. Some people have highlighted that reality TV shows are not real in any form — a fake representation of what the actors want the public to see of them.

Another person dislikes reality shows because, according to them, the actors expect employed people to waste their time watching them live their day-to-day lives with no rewards.

6. Selfies

Fitness man makes selfie in gym with weight
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Understandably, capturing the perfect angle, lighting, and pout may be an art form for some, but this self-indulgence is tiresome for others.

7. Avocado Toast

Avocado on toast
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While it may have become a cultural symbol of brunch, some can't fathom the appeal of mashing avocados onto a piece of bread. Someone says they have a friend who regularly advocates for avocados to be banned. Speaking with them about avocado toast is like lighting a fire in fuel.

8. Romantic Comedies

Sad woman watching movie
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Some love to press the play button and watch people fall in love in the most dramatic of ways, just as they imagine themselves in their situation, falling in love, too. This genre brings laughter and butterflies to many but leaves others rolling their eyes at predictable plot lines.

9. Self-Help Books

Woman reading book
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Some people swear by them, while others cringe at the idea of turning to a book for life advice. The point of those who cringe is that the authors should not expect that because a strategy worked for them in figuring out an aspect of their lives means that it will work for all the rest. Their point is to let people find themselves in their situations.

10. Cold Weather

Four Warm Getaways To Keep You Out of the Cold
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While snow and cozy sweaters bring joy to some, others shudder at the thought of icy winds and frostbite. Freezing weather is a total no for me, and what's so romantic or loveable about it anyway?

11. Celebrity Gossip

Man telling a secret, telling someone something
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Some people find this utterly vapid and uninteresting. Others find it unnecessary and consider it a complete waste of time. But we still cannot deny that the drama of the rich and famous may captivate the masses. It, in fact, does. Else, why else does celebrity gossip fly like a whirlwind?

12. Instagram Influencers

Social Media
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“Someone should tell those guys to stop wasting their time because no matter what they do, I'll never like them,” someone says. The epitome of the digital age, these social media mavens can inspire admiration or evoke strong aversion.

13. Sushi

Sushi burrito
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Everyone talks about sushi restaurants. Everyone talks about which of the sushi restaurants sells the best sushi. The delicate artistry of raw fish and rice rolls is an acquired taste, to be honest, and not everyone can stomach it.

14. Sports

Friends watching sports
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Preach all you may about the benefits of engaging in sports, still, it's not everyone's cup of tea. The thrill of competition and camaraderie for sports fans is always evident, but others find it perplexing to invest so much emotion into a game.

15. Karaoke

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While some embrace the opportunity to belt out their favorite tunes, others prefer to spare innocent eardrums from their less-than-harmonious voices. So don't take your date out on a date to karaoke and expect they'd like to try belting out their favorite tunes because it is one of those things you do for fun.

16. Twerking

Gen Z Makes TikTok the Most Engaging Social Media Platform
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Here's a dance move that made waves in popular culture. It may be shocking, but some prefer more refined forms of dance and therefore find twerking an awkward spectacle.

17. Selfies With Animals

Family taking selfie with dog, happy family
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“I mean, what is that?!” cries a commenter. Their irritation is that someone would think of taking a selfie with a goat even if the goat doesn't understand what you are trying to do. For animal and selfie lovers, this is one way to kill two birds, yet some find it inconsiderate to disturb our furry friends for a quick photo op.

18. Social Media

Social Media Manager & Marketing
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While everyone is busy showing themselves off on either social media platforms or creating new connections and reconnecting with old friends, others hate it the most. These haters don't care whatever benefits they say social media presents in today's world. They think it does more harm than good.

19. Online Shopping

Happy woman doing online shopping at home
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You probably are thinking that the people who hate online shopping are those who were born in the 20th century or something. It might surprise you that some people born in the 2000s hate online shopping even more.

The convenience and endless options draw many in, but for others, nothing can replace the tactile experience of traditional shopping, where you “get to see the quality of what you're purchasing.”

20. Video Game Streaming

Video game
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These are the days of Call to Duty and other addictive video games. People are saving a lot of money to buy gamepads, game apps, or game boxes.

The rise of eSports and game streaming has created a dedicated fan base worldwide, as we all can see, but for non-gamers, it can be perplexing to watch others play. Someone opines they cannot date a gamer because it seems that you never matter anymore once they get into it.

21. Romantic Proposals

Man holding box with ring making propose to his girlfriend.
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Many people love an elaborate romantic proposal, where there are decors, flowers, gift boxes, a few friends and well-wishers present, and yes (of course), a musical artist to play. But can you blame those who hate this with everything within them? These people cringe at the thought of such grandiosity. They prefer a proposal without creating a scene.

22. Being Surrounded by People

BANGKOK, THAILAND - MAR 2020 : Crowd of unrecognizable business people wearing surgical mask for prevent coronavirus Outbreak in rush hour working day on March 18, 2020 at Bangkok transportation
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While some cannot do without a lot of people around them, others hate to have even a single person around them. I do have a friend who constantly reminds me that they hate people for no reason. For such a person, being in a gathering of people would be the most uncomfortable thing for them to do.

23. High Heels

Bow Legs
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For some, high heels are the epitome of elegance and femininity. They even start desiring these heels that make them touch the skies as children, and even as adults, they still cannot do without them. However, for others, the discomfort outweighs any aesthetic appeal.

24. Pineapple on Pizza

Hawaiian Pizza, Pineapple Pizza
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The infamous debate. While many revel in the sweet and tangy combination, some believe it's a crime against humanity, an utterly disgusting thing to do. To each their own, eh?

Source: Reddit.

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