25 Overlooked Limited Series That Will Hook You

It’s exhausting getting into long series that Netflix or Hulu cancel on a whim before the story can give you closure. My solution to this modern-day struggle is to fall in love with as many limited series as possible! Limited series like Tiger King, Big Little Lies, Band of Brothers, and WandaVision were widely adored, but there are plenty more short series that didn’t get enough love.

Check out 24 spectacular limited series that more people need to watch.

1. Sharp Objects (2018)

Sharp Objects (2018)
Image Credit: HBO Entertainment.

Sharp Objects is one of my favorite limited series of all time, but it did not get nearly enough attention. It came out around the same time as Big Little Lies, which seemed to wrongfully overshadow it. Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson are fabulous in this gripping mystery that leaves you with a feeling of unease and dread.

2. Beef (2023)

Beef (2023)
Image Credit: A24.

It seemed like Netflix was heavy-handedly promoting Beef for a few weeks and then stopped, so the show didn’t get as much love as it deserved. It stars Ali Wong and Steven Yeun as two people experiencing complexity and frustration in their lives. There are rumors of another season, but most fans think and hope it ends after season 1, which was near perfect.

3. Maniac (2018)

Jonah Hill in Maniac (2018)
Image Credit: Paramount Television.

Another one of my favorite limited series that was neglected by fans and Netflix, Maniac stars Jonah Hill and Emma Stone as participants in a futuristic drug trial for a cure for mental illness. The show is trippy and has an appealing vaporwave vibe that delivers a complex and fascinating story. It can be a little confusing, but the heart in this series is moving and relatable.

4. Inventing Anna (2022)

Inventing Anna (2022)
Image Credit: Shondaland.

Inventing Anna tells the mostly true story of Anna Delvey, a clever young woman who fooled New York’s high society into thinking she was one of them. It’s a Shonda Rhimes series that has everything, from fashion to romance to deceit and more.

5. Chernobyl (2019)

chernobyl 2019 e1694629318768
Image Credit: Home Box Office (HBO).

Chernobyl* received a decent amount of attention and praise from critics and the industry, but it was somewhat overlooked by viewers. The series is quite dark and depressing, which turned some people off, but it’s a must-watch drama that will stay with you for life.

6. The Haunting of Bly Manor (2020)

The Haunting of Bly Manor (2020)
Image Credit: Paramount Television Studios.

The Haunting of Hill House got a lot more attention and praise than The Haunting of Bly Manor, which may have even been better. The Netflix horror series stars Victoria Pedretti, who is electric in it, and her costars are just as sensational and captivating.

7. The Watcher (2022)

The Watcher (2022)
Image Credit: Ryan Murphy Productions.

The Watcher is a mystery series that is loosely based on a true series of events. People in a nice neighborhood begin receiving ominous and threatening letters from someone who has dubbed themselves “The Watcher.” It’s a complex and creepy mystery that reels you in slowly.

8. The Dropout (2022)

The Dropout (2022)
Image Credit: Searchlight Television.

This true crime drama tells the insane story of Elizabeth Holmes, a woman who tricked the entire medical and scientific community with her fake invention. The Dropout offers an interesting look at how she became one of the world’s biggest frauds, and Amanda Seyfried delivers a gripping performance.

9. The Patient (2022)

english patientresize
Image Credit: Miramax Films.

The Patient is a fascinating story about a therapist held hostage by his homicidal patient, who won’t let him go until he cures him of his murderous ways. The show didn’t get the best ratings, but it was a gripping and unique tale that deserves more attention.

10. Maid (2021)

Maid (2021)
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television.

Maid is not a wild tale like some of the shows mentioned above, but it is a more somber and emotional story that will put you in your feels. A young single mother becomes a maid to escape an abusive relationship. Watching her perseverance and grit is truly inspiring.

11. Tiny Beautiful Things (2023)

Tiny Beautiful Things (2023)
Image Credit: ABC Signature.

Tiny Beautiful Things is a lovely show about a woman whose life is falling apart, but she begins writing for an advice column, helping others despite not being able to help herself. Kathryn Hahn is amazing in the show and beautifully delivers a kaleidoscope of raw and real emotions.

12. The Act (2019)

The Act (2019)
Image Credit: Eat the Cat.

If you want to be disturbed, The Act is the perfect show for you. I watched it in one day because I simply could not look away. It’s about a mother who is keeping her child ill and dependent on her, but their complex relationship is even more convoluted and unsettling than that.

13. Pam & Tommy (2022)

Pam Tommy Annapurna Pictures e1694630249496
Image Credit: Annapurna Pictures

Pam & Tommy may not have the mystery and darkness of many of the shows above, but it’s still an entertaining series that was overlooked by many. Sebastian Stan and Lily James are transformed into Pam and Tommy in this series, and their performances are wildly impressive.

14. The Girl From Plainville (2022)

The Girl from Plainville (2022)
Image Credit: Universal Content Productions.

I remember when this trial was all over TV, which only made the drama series more captivating. A young girl is tried for sending several texts to her boyfriend, encouraging him to take his own life. The story is strange and sad but wholly compelling, asking questions about what words mean and the weight they carry with others.

15. Candy (2022)

Candy (2022)
Image Credit: Universal Content Productions.

Another true crime series I highly recommend is Candy. This show is based on the true story of Candy Montgomery, a seemingly sweet suburban mother who murdered one of her neighbors. It’s about love, betrayal, family, and much more, making for an intense but stunning drama series.

16. Love & Death (2023)

Elizabeth Olsen, Aaron Jay Rome, and Bonnie Gayle Sparks in Love & Death (2023)
Image Credit: Lionsgate Television/HBOMAX.

Love & Death is another series based on the brutal story of Candy Montgomery. Amazingly, two different limited series were made about his insane story, and both were painfully overlooked by critics and viewers. This series offers a slightly different perspective but is equally as compelling as Candy.

17. The Woman in The House Across The Street From The Girl in The Window (2022)

The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window (2022)
Image Credit: Gloria Sanchez Productions.

For something funny and mysterious, look no further than The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window. Starring Kristen Bell, the series is a comedic twist on The Woman in the Window, a reimagining of the iconic film Rear Window.

18. The Sins of Our Mother (2022)

Sins of Our Mother
Image Credit: Netflix.

If you’ve ever heard of Lori Vallow, you likely have some idea of what a monster she is. The Sins of Our Mother is a limited true crime documentary series about her crimes and spiral into religious insanity. The show is disturbing, tragic, and almost unbelievable, except it all really happened.

19. Allen V. Farrow (2021)

Allen v. Farrow (2021)
Image Credit: The Lozen Foundation.

Considering people still pay money to see Woody Allen films, I think it’s safe to say not enough people know what a sick, twisted man he is. Well, you can find out how weird and gross this famous director is in Allen V. Farrow, a one-season docuseries that tells all.

20. Mrs. America (2020)

Mrs. America (2020)
Image Credit: FXP.

I was positively obsessed with this drama show when it appeared on Hulu, but it seemed to fly under the radar. It’s about the Equal Rights Amendment movement during the 1970s, telling the stories of both the women fighting for equal rights and those fighting against the movement. It’s a fascinating and complex story highlighting how difficult it can be to be a woman.

21. Stolen Youth: Inside The Cult at Sarah Lawrence (2023)

Stolen Youth: Inside the Cult at Sarah Lawrence (2023)
Image Credit: Story Syndicate.

Stolen Youth is another docuseries that will disturb and captivate you. A disgusting man, Larry Ray, brainwashed and took advantage of a group of young college students, starting a crazy cult that scarred these people forever. The worst part is that some are still under his spell to this day.

22. Catch-22 (2019)

Catch-22 (2019)
Image Credit: Paramount Television.

Catch-22 is a limited Hulu series based on the book by Joseph Heller. The show stays true to the novel’s strange and frustrating sense of humor, with all the quirky characters that you love to hate. Whether you read the iconic war novel or not, this show will give you a chuckle.

23. Alias Grace (2017)

Alias Grace (2017)
Image Credit: Sabrina Lantos/Netflix.

Alias Grace is based on a Margaret Atwood novel, so it has the same weight and intensity as The Handmaid’s Tale. A young Irish immigrant is accused and tried for murder, but the events that took place are not as simple as they seemed. It’s a show that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout.

24. Trial by Media (2020)

Trial by Media (2020)
Image Credit: Supper Club.

Trial by Media is an infuriating Netflix docuseries that tells several true crime stories, highlighting how the media can have a massive impact on cases. This show will change your understanding of how the public and media can taint and even destroy a serious case.

25. The Staircase (2022)

The Staircase (2022)
Image Credit: Annapurna Television.

Note that there is also a 2004 docuseries by the same name and about the same true crime case, but the 2022 show is a drama series. A beloved wife and mother are discovered dead at the bottom of a staircase in her home, seemingly to have fallen. However, investigators and her family members slowly realize the cause of her death is much more sinister than a misstep.

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