27 TV Shows To Watch After Finishing The Fall of the House of Usher

Vince Vaughn in True Detective Season Two

Finishing a great television show brings in a lot of mixed feelings. If the show has a great ending, everyone enjoys the sendoff it received. If the finale fails to deliver, fans feel disappointed. Regardless of the outcome, it can also be depressing since there won't be any more new episodes to enjoy. We looked at a popular forum to find out the next show to watch after completing the current craze, The Fall of the House of Usher.

1. Lupin (2021)

Lupin Omar Sy, Antoine Gouy
Image Credit: Gaumont Television.

Lupin is the tale of a master thief whose trauma spurs him to take the dangerous path of revenge. It's a mystery crime drama that with all the creativity and tension to keep you locked in. 

2. True Detective Season 1 (2014)

Image Credit: HBO Entertainment.

True Detective Season 1 is more or less a masterpiece, with Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey delivering stellar performances as two estranged cops circling back to make right on a long-unsolved tragedy. It's intense, but brief enough to finish in just a day. 

3. The Haunting of Hill House (2018)

The Haunting of Hill House
Image Credit: Paramount Television.

A story that deals with both the past and the present, this show features siblings who grew up in the most famous haunted house in the United States. A horrific event has taken place, forcing them to return to the house as adults. This opens up some old wounds and forces the family to confront memories buried long ago.

4. Midnight Mass (2021)

Midnight Mass Hamish Linklater
Image Credit: Intrepid Pictures.

A small community begins to experience mysterious events after the arrival of a priest. Some of these events help everyday life, while others become disastrous. Due to these events, people in the community question the religious implications and what it could mean.

5. The Midnight Club (2022)

The Midnight Club (2022)
Image Credit: Intrepid Pictures.

A group of young adults don't have long to live. As a result, a secret club called the “Midnight Club” arrives at Brightcliffe Hospice. No one outside of the group knows about it. These young adults meet there and tell each other scary stories. While together, the group promises that whoever leaves the Earth first will return and visit the remaining members.

6. Dark (2017-2020)

Dark (2017) Oliver Masucci
Image Credit: Wiedemann & Berg Television.

Taking place in a small German town, two children have disappeared. While searching for the kids, the secrets of four families are revealed, ranging from double lives to deteriorating relationships. All of the characters involved have a connection to the town, which has its own troubled history.

7. The Devil's Hour (2022)

The Devil's Hour (2022) Peter Capaldi
Image Credit: Amazon Studios.

For some strange reason, Lucy wakes up every night at 3:33 AM. This causes some deja vu and allows her to see events that haven't happened. At the same time, the authorities begin investigating murders that seem to have a tenuous link to Lucy and her son.

8. Interview with the Vampire (2022)

Interview with the Vampire (2022) Sam Reid
Image Credit: AMC Studios.

Louis de Pointe du Lac, a modern day vampire, lives in Dubai. His mission revolves around telling a journalist the tale of his own life. Starting in the early parts of the 20th century, Louis recalls a relationship with another vampire. The journalist discovers the facts behind the tale.

9. Hannibal (2013-2015)

Hannibal Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen
Image Credit: Gaumont International Television.

This show investigates the relationship between Hannibal Lecter and a young FBI criminal profiler. Hannibal uses his access as a psychiatrist to play games with the FBI while chipping away at Will's reality. Hannibal uses Will's ability to empathize with criminals to torment him.

10. Stay Close (2021)

Stay Close (2021) Richard Armitage
Image Credit: Red Production Company.

This tale follows Megan, Ray, and Broome, three people with dark secrets. An old friend enters the picture with startling news that will impact everyone. As a result, these dark secrets might see the light of day and threaten the lives of all involved.

11. Safe (2018)

Safe (2018) Audrey Fleurot
Image Credit: Red Production Company.

Tom Delaney, a pediatric surgeon and single father, has problems with his teenage daughters. He can't seem to connect with his daughters since his wife (their mom) passed away. One day his 16-year-old daughter turns up missing. Tom unravels a web of secrets as he searches for his daughter to bring her home.

12. American Crime Story (2016-Present)

American Crime Story (2016) Darren Criss
Image Credit: Ryan Murphy Television.

American Crime Story showcases some infamous American crimes/cases that caught the public's eye. From the O.J. Simpson trial to what happened with Monica Lewinsky, the show follows events that captured the nation's attention from the beginning to the end of each story.

13. Mindhunter (2017-2019)

Mindhunter Holt McCallany, Jonathan Groff
Image Credit: Denver and Delilah Productions.

Based on a book from the 90s, Mindhunter goes inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime unit. The show features two FBI agents trying to develop new and more efficient methods to reveal motives for a crime. The traditional methods no longer seem to work as time goes on. The theory says that utilizing psychological evaluation more will lead to more arrests.

14. The Haunting of Bly Manor (2020)

The Haunting of Bly Manor (2020) Tahirah Sharif, Amelie Bea Smith
Image Credit: Paramount Television Studios.

A young woman gets hired to look after some children after a tragic event. It doesn't take long before strange occurrences start taking place. As events transpire, the dark history of the manor begins to take shape.

15. Red Rose (2022-Present)

Red Rose (2022)
Image Credit: Eleven Film.

Cell phones and apps have become ubiquitous in today's society. The Red Rose app finds its way onto the phones of a teenage group of friends. Once the friends start using the app, it threatens them with severe consequences if the group doesn't comply with its demands.

16. Bodies (2023)

Bodies (2023) Tom Mothersdale
Image Credit: Moonage Pictures.

A murder has taken place in the city of Whitechapel. The twist for the series revolves around four different detectives trying to find the criminal in four time periods. The periods include a detective from 2050, one from the 2020s, another from the 1940s, and finally, a detective in the 1890s.

17. Childhood's End (2015)

Childhood's End (2015) Charles Dance
Image Credit: Universal Cable Productions.

An alien invasion leads to living in the perfect environment many people have dreamed about. This comes at a cost, however, and after a while, the presence of these aliens might be far more dangerous than anyone thought.

18. V (2009-2011)

V (2009-2011) Laura Vandervoort
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television.

A race of reptilian-like aliens arrives on Earth. The aliens disguise themselves as humans to not arouse suspicion. Unfortunately, their ultimate plan involves destroying the human race.

19. Mr. Robot (2015-2019)

Mr. Robot Rami Malek, Dusty
Image Credit: Universal Content Productions.

A cyber-security engineer by day and hacker by night, Elliott leads a double life. Elliott makes a name for himself and gets offered the opportunity to be a part of a collective attempt to take down Elliott's bosses. Chaos ensues as their actions have unintended consequences, and now the group has to figure out what kind of world will exist. 

20. Black Mirror (2011-2019)

Black Mirror White Christmas (2014)
Image Credit: House of Tomorrow.

Black Mirror showcases the potential downfalls of relying on technology. The technology we have become reliant on can be a wonderful thing. However, it can also turn against us. Black Mirror goes into scary scenarios showcasing the downside of that screen that has your attention all day.

21. Ozark (2017-2022)

Ozark Julia Garner
Image Credit: MRC Television.

The Byrdes appear to be your stereotypical family. When someone looks closer, it becomes evident that this isn't the case. Marty, a financial advisor in Chicago, becomes the top money launderer for a Mexican drug cartel. Once certain events occur, Marty must move his family out of the windy city and down to the Missouri Ozarks. 

22. Breaking Bad (2008-2013)

Breaking Bad Bryan Cranston
Image Credit: Sony Pictures Television.

A chemistry teacher in New Mexico has his life turned upside down when doctors diagnose him with a terminal disease. To help secure his family's future, Walter uses his chemistry background to distribute methamphetamine. Walter finds immediate success, but his new business attracts the attention of the Drug Enforcement Administration.

23. Better Call Saul (2015-2022)

Better Call Saul
Image Credit: Sony Pictures Television Studios.

Set before the events of Breaking Bad, Saul Goodman (aka Jimmy McGill) was a lawyer. This origin story explores how Jimmy transformed into Saul. It showcases his attempts to survive in a world where everyone tries to take him down.

24. Peaky Blinders (2013-2022)

Peaky Blinders
Image Credit: Caryn Mandabach Productions.

Set in 1900s England, this story centers around Thomas Shelby and his gang. The Peaky Blinders control Birmingham. However, that isn't enough for Thomas. Thomas wants to expand his empire, and he isn't afraid to eliminate anyone that gets in the way.

25. The Queen's Gambit (2020)

The Queen's Gambit Anya Taylor-Joy
Image Credit: Wonderful Films.

Beth Harmon keeps to herself and doesn't get noticed by anyone. That all changes when she plays her first game of chess. All of a sudden, everything starts to click for her. Within a few years, she competes for the U.S. Open Championship. Her newfound fame comes at a price as she struggles to adapt and thinks about getting away from it all.

26. Servant (2019-2023)

Servant (2019) Lauren Ambrose
Image Credit: Blinding Edge Pictures.

A married couple has trouble bouncing back after a horrific tragedy takes place. Instead of telling others the truth, the couple plans to make it seem like nothing has changed. After the family hires someone to help out around the house, mysterious events begin happening, including something that defies explanation.

27. Severance (2022-Present)

Severance - intro
Image Credit: Fifth Season.

A group of office workers have a clear distinction between their personal life and work life after experiencing a medical procedure. Called “severance,” it separates the consciousness of the employee's two lives: at work and at home. One employee discovers the conspiracy and the project that involves everyone.

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