25 Ways to Conquer Your Fears and Do Things that Scare the Crap Out of You

25 ways to conquer your fears

Fears are a part of daily life. We have big fears and little fears of average and extraordinary things. While fear is a natural part of human existence, it can be the one blocker that stops you from success and achieving great things.

Here are 25 ways to conquer the fears that scare the crap out of you so you can keep moving onward and upward…

1. Recognize It

In order to deal with your fears you have to be willing to recognize what they are. Some people are afraid of insects while others have a great phobia about speaking in front of crowds. Whatever your fears are, it is important to recognize them so you can deal with them properly.

2. Own It

When you recognize your fears that are standing in your way to greater things, it can certainly help if you own those fears. Be willing to admit to yourself what your fears are.

3. Plan It Out

If you are going to make a conscious effort to deal with your fears in an effort to overcome them, it can help to have a plan. Take pen to paper and write out what your fears are and the different methods you could potentially use to move past them. Writing often helps to spark new ideas you hadn’t thought of in the past.

4. Take Little Steps

There are no rules for the amount of time it takes you to overcome your fears. Everyone has to work at their own pace to find success. Create a plan of little steps towards your ultimate goal so things will not be so overwhelming that you’ll be afraid to try.

5. Talk About It

As part of owning your fears, it can help you to talk about them. In some cases, simply putting your fears into words makes them seem less daunting. Let your support system know about your fears as well as the plans you have to overcome them.

6. Forgive Yourself

If you feel guilt or anxiety simply because you have fears, you may end up with a whole new set of fears. Learn how to forgive yourself so you can find the courage to battle the fears holding you back.

7. Learn Relaxation Techniques

The anxiety and fear you experience will have physical consequences so it can be highly beneficial for you to learn how to physically calm yourself when facing your fears. Deep breathing, meditation, and yoga practices are just a few of the available tools you can use to bring yourself into a more relaxed, more rational state of being.

8. Get Healthy

In some cases, your bad health and bad habits will exacerbate your fears. You feel jittery and anxious about the simply things in life because you are not taking care of yourself properly. Start incorporating healthier choices in your life as you work through the small steps of overcoming your fears.

9. Release Negativity

Negative energies can drain your self-confidence and hamper your progress towards overcoming your fears. Learn how to integrate more positivity into your life and your thought process. Push negative thoughts, comments, and even people aside so you can focus on what makes you feel good about yourself and your environment.

10. Find Your Happy

Anxieties and fears often come about because people are unhappy in general. Evaluate what makes you happy and be committed to staying in a happy place physically and mentally. Take time out of your day to do the things that make you smile and feel good about your life.

11. Seek Out a Mentor

Some fears can be helped by having someone with the expertise to help you see things from a different perspective. For instance, if you are scared of heights find a mentor who loves to jump out of planes. Let them explain the rush and excitement of being in the air so you can learn the positives of the things you fear most.

12. Challenge Yourself

Challenge yourself to do things that are new even if they are not related directly to your fears. You can boost your self-esteem by accomplishing things you haven’t tried before which can go a long way to helping you ultimately conquer your fears.

13. Find Inspiration

There are many sources to pull from for inspiration toward achieving your goals. Whether you seek out inspirational quotes, songs, or photographs, be sure to print them out and post them in places you’ll see often throughout the day. These inspirations can help keep you on track toward your goals.

14. Be Grateful

In order to gain a renewed perspective on your life, it is important to be grateful. By recognizing things in your life that are true blessings and being grateful for what you do have, you may start to change your mind-set about the things you fear. Be sure to offer your gratitude to those important in your life on a regular basis. You’ll gain a new perspective on your life and likely inherit a greater peace of mind.

15. Seek Professional Care

Sometimes fears and phobias are so drastic that you may consider seeking professional guidance. Professional counseling and therapy can be a great way to help put your fears into perspective and can provide a guideline to following through on conquering your fears.

16. Identify Your Support System

There may be some people in your life that stall your personal growth and make your fears seem even bigger than they really are. Surround yourself with positive, supportive people that you can rely on when fears becoming overwhelming.

17. Find a Friend

If you have intentions of facing your fears, it can be helpful to find a friend that has the same fears as you or that can be your rock when you need someone. Having a buddy to help you work through the small steps plan you have for facing your fears can help you find success. Being accountable to another person often serves as a great motivator.

18. Practice

Practice makes perfect so don’t be afraid to go through a few trial runs before facing up to your fears. If you fear public speaking, take some time to practice in front of a mirror. If you are afraid of confronting a family member, practice the conversation aloud to yourself.

19. Get Educated

There may be some actual science behind your fears so take some time to read up on the subject. Learn what fears are all about and read how other people dealt with their own fears successfully. Knowledge is power so the more you can understand about your own fears and the fears others harbor, the more you can grow from the information.

20. Visualize Success

There has long been belief that visualization is a powerful technique for finding success. You should incorporate some time into each day to visualize your success at overcoming fears. Picture yourself petting a snake, skydiving, or jumping in the ocean.

21. Reward Small Steps Forward

Overcoming a long-held fear will not happen overnight so keep your expectations at the right level and congratulate yourself along the way. Each time you achieve another small step, be the first one to say “Great Job!”. You can even keep the motivation strong by promising yourself a physical reward whenever you achieve different milestones on your journey.

22. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Make a commitment to doing something outside your comfort zone once every day. Order something new at the restaurant. Drive a different route to work. Do things that our out of your ordinary day. You can empower yourself to have experiences outside your zone of comfort which can go a long way to helping your overcome your fears.

23. Face Fear Head-On

Not everyone can just jump in and face their fears head on but it is an option to consider. When you make up your mind to overcome your fear, it can be highly rewarding to just do it. Take the risk without planning and see what happens. In many cases, people will look back and wonder what they were so afraid of in the first place. Facing fears head-on is not the method for everyone but it can bring great rewards.

24. Be Accepting of Yourself

If, after many earnest attempts at overcoming fears, you are still afraid be willing to accept yourself for who you are. Remember that many people have fears of all shapes and sizes and they are for all intents and purposes a part of what makes you YOU. Be happy with what you are and what you have every day and find a way to be at peace with what you did accomplish and learn throughout the process.

25. Force Yourself to Do It

Sometimes the anticipation of something is far worse than actually doing the thing that is worrying you. Pony up and force yourself to do what scares you the most. You'll find that you feel empowered by “just going for it” and it'll be a lot easier to make the leap next time you're in the situation.


How do you conquer your fears and do the things that scare you? What fears have you overcome?

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