27 Jobs That Pay $20 An Hour Or More For Beginners (2022)

Learn how to earn $20/hour, even without a degree or experience! 

Does the prospect of having jobs making over $20 an hour tempt you?

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, there is most certainly a job that caters to your needs! Statistics show that most jobs can earn around $15 per hour on average

However, with the right mindset and motivation, you can look for better job opportunities that match your needs. Scroll further to the compiled list of jobs that pay 20 an hour which may be just what you are looking for!

Jobs That Could Earn You $20 An Hour Or More

1. Real Estate Agent

Have a friendly personality and flawless communication skills? 

Put these skills to work by helping sell properties. Being a real estate agent is a way to gain knowledge while working and a brilliant opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. It is estimated to earn you about $21 per hour on average.

2. Paralegal

Have an interest in law and excellent research skills? Then being a paralegal might just be the right job for you! A paralegal is expected to assist lawyers with their cases by calling in witnesses and doing extensive research on the assigned legal matters. 

Amongst other $20 hour paying jobs, this profession is estimated to pay you approximately $24 an hour.

3. App Developer/ Website developer

One of the most sought-after jobs making over $20 an hour for many, is a media developer. 

Being an app/website developer usually offers ease and plenty of control over your work. As long as the required skills and knowledge is attained, this job will be perfect for you! It is estimated to earn you about $6K per month on average.

4. Bookkeeper

A bookkeeper is expected to take charge and manage the accounting needs of a growing business. Keeping records of the ledgers, bank accounts, and revenues while working on financial statements and filing taxes are some of the duties of a bookkeeper, among others. 

This job is estimated to earn you an average of $21 hourly.

5. Makeup Artist

Have the skills to enhance the beauty of clients? Then this is your sign to grab your brush and do your magic getting brides or party-goers ready for their big events. 

It is a great way to earn cash while having fun in what you do! Moreover, one is expected to make $24 per hour.

6. Electrician

Like most high-end jobs $20 an hour or more, being an electrician requires specific qualifications. However, once these conditions are met, the benefits are worth it. The work involves maintaining or repairing cables and enabling safe access to electricity. 

Most electricians are paid around $25 per hour for their services.

7. Copywriter

The most essential part of advertising is copywriting. A copywriter is responsible for luring customers using persuasive writing. The main aim is to connect with the audience through words. 

Typically, copywriting can be one of the best online paying jobs that could earn you around $23 to $29 per hour.

8. HVAC Mechanic

A Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning technician is always in demand no matter the season. The work involves maintaining, installing, or repairing indoor air quality systems. The job could earn you up to $29 per hour on average.

Remote Jobs That Pay $20 An Hour With No Experience

Is feasibility and time flexibility your biggest concern? Then online jobs are just the thing you are looking for. Work anywhere, anytime, while earning just the same! 

There is plenty of $20 hour paying jobs that require no experience! Read further to find out more about easy online jobs from home!

9. Data Entry

Data entry jobs paying 20 an hour are considered one of the easy jobs that pay good. Entry of text into spreadsheets or MS Office applications is considerably easy. The only thing to keep in the notice is the typing speed. The job could earn you around $20 per hour on average.

10. Captioner/Subtitling

Ever noticed the text that pops up while watching your favorite movie? Those are called captions or subtitles. This text aids those with hearing impairments in watching shows/movies. Captioning could earn you around $23 per hour on average. 

11. Blogger

Blogging is like an online journal where you share knowledge on your topics of interest. You could start travel, food, fitness, or study blogs. The possibilities are endless, and you have total control over your work hours. In most cases, you could easily earn up to $20 per hour.

12. Proofreader

Easy online jobs are hard to come by, but still not entirely impossible! For example, proofreading is one of the greatest entry-level jobs that pay 20 an hour or more, depending on the work criteria. 

A proofreader is required to go through text or documents to offer any suggestions or find out errors. The job is expected to earn you around $27 on average.

13. Tutoring (Remote)

Tutoring is one of the best online jobs that pay well. All you need is knowledge of the particular area of interest, and you are good to go! You can earn up to $23 just by teaching!

Part-Time Jobs That Pay $20 An Hour

Side hustles that help you earn $20 an hour or more are an opportunity hard to pass up. Whether you are a student or a stay-at-home parent, earning as a side hustle is never a bad idea. Listed below are some of the most popular part-time jobs!

14. Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant involves working to help clients with administrative tasks. It may also require sending emails to clients and helping with social media management. 

A degree isn't a requirement. However, good communication skills are essential. You can earn around $21 per hour.

15. Graphic Designer

If you got a keen sense of design and know your way around the needed computer software, then graphic designing is the perfect example of part time jobs that pay 20 an hour! There is no better way to unleash your creativity while earning! It is said that this job can get you around $28 per hour

Becoming a virtual assistant is one of the best online jobs that can pay $20 per hour or more, even if you don’t have a degree.

16. Freelance Writer

The best way to earn as a student or at-home parent is through freelancing. Freelance writing is one of the easiest ways to make money while working at your own pace. Moreover, it is opted for by many beginners as it is one of the most convenient jobs that pay $20 an hour no experience.

Get yourself a client by signing up for the many available freelance platforms. On average, you can earn around $32 an hour as a freelance writer.

17. Social Media Manager

Having an interest in keeping up with the latest trends is a must for a social media manager. It is also necessary to be good at conversing with people. It is one of the most trending part time jobs that pay 20 an hour in this generation. In general, you can make about $21 per hour.

18. Transcriptionist

Transcription is one of the most popular jobs $20 an hour or more, depending on how experienced you are. The work involves converting voice to text and require little to no expertise when starting. Remember, easy jobs that pay good are hard to come across. 

You can expect to earn an average of $28 per hour!

No Degree? No Worries!/ How To Earn $20/Hour Without A Degree?

Looking for jobs starting at $20.00 an hour or more but got no degree? Entry level jobs that pay 20 an hour with no bachelor’s certificate may seem complicated! Yet, it is not unattainable! Look through the list we have for you!

19. Retail Manager

Being a retail manager may seem like a job in desperate circumstances. Regardless, it sure does have its perks. This includes bonuses and commissions along with your salary; best of all, no degree is required. You can earn about $20 per hour on average.

20. Driver

Looking for part time jobs that pay 20 an hour and have flexible timings? Why not be a driver? You could work as a freelancer or sign up for apps such as Uber or Careem. It is a great way to earn some cash on the side. Generally, a driver is estimated to reach about $20 per hour.

21. Dog Walking

A pet lover and want to earn some cash? Then why not ask your neighbors to walk their dogs or sign up with a dog walking company? It is a great way to let loose while earning a side hustle. Statistics show that dog walking costs about $34 or more per hour.

22. Police Officer

We have the perfect job for you with your quick wit and passion for public service. 

We’re talking about being a police officer. You need no degree; rather, physical fitness is the main requirement. The work involves patrolling and keeping citizens safe. You can earn an estimated $29 per hour on average.

23. Plumber

One of the most unexpected jobs making over $20 an hour without any degree, is plumbing! 

As a plumber, you are required to help design, install, and maintain plumbing fixtures that may include pipes, etc. It is estimated plumbers can earn around $26 per hour.

24. Car Mechanic

Adept at working with your hands and having an interest in cars? If yes, being a car mechanic is a great option. Get involved with fixing, maintaining, and replacing parts in vehicles. An average car mechanic can earn up to $21 per hour.

25. Carpenter

Being a carpenter is a craft that needs no certifications but the right skills. However, if you are interested, you could always pick up and hone these skills. A carpenter builds and repairs wooden frameworks or furniture. 

Similarly to other jobs making over $20 an hour, you can earn up to $23 an hour typically through carpentry.

26. Tester

Testing is a job that has a variety of options. For example, you could test out products such as makeup and food or test new games or websites. Testers help by reviewing products and then giving feedback to companies. 

Generally, you could earn about $33 per hour working as a tester.

27. Video Editor

If you are a fan of the creative process of movie or video making, why not be a part of it? As a video editor, you have technical and creative control over the outcome of a video or clip. Generally, it is expected to earn you around $29 an hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I make $20 an hour?

There are plenty of job opportunities to earn $20 per hour. Many of these include working at the convenience of your own home and choosing your preferred working hours. 

Look into the skills you have and work on them. You don't necessarily need a degree; instead, pick your options wisely and use time effectively.

Q2. What is the highest-paying hourly job?

Anesthesiologists are paid the highest hourly wage. Shockingly, they can earn about $102 per hour on average. This is because their sensitive job requires the utmost care and perfection; thus, they receive high wages.

Q3. Are there any jobs for teenagers with $20 per hour? 

Yes, you will be surprised to see the number of jobs that require no certifications and thus are perfect for teenagers. Entry-level jobs that pay 20 an hour are quite easy to find online.

Freelancing jobs are a great choice as they offer flexible hours and good wages. The best online paying jobs can be found on freelancing sites such as UpWork or Fiverr.

Q4. Is $20 per hour a good wage?

According to statistics, the minimum hourly pay of a person is estimated to be around $7. Therefore in that perspective, $20 per hour is pretty good pay.

Q5. How much is $20 an hour annually?

On average, a person works 8 hours a day. Earning $20 per hour would make it $800 weekly if one works 5 days a week. That would bring the wage to a total of $3,467 per month. 

This would give us a whooping total of $41,920 annually if you worked for 5 days every week for the 12 months. Of course, you could earn more if additional hours or days are invested into working.


This fast-paced world waits for no one, and the competition is undeniable. Nevertheless, knowing your skills and using them to your utmost advantage is always the key to success. You have endless opportunities to find jobs starting at $20.00 an hour. 

You just need to know where to look for them! Hopefully, the list we compiled helps you find just what you are seeking. So, what are you waiting for? 

Take the opportunity to work jobs that pay 20 an hour or more even if you have no prior experience!