27 Questions About the Last Jedi Plot Holes (Or Odd Plot Choices)

Here's a list of questions we had about the plot holes and failings of The Last Jedi:
  1. What happened to DJ? How did he know what Holodo's plan was? Did he hear Poe Dameron speak of it?
  2. Why has no one ever driven a hyperspace device into any ships before a la Holdo? Seems like this would have been thought of before… (Do you agree Admiral Akbar should have done it?)
  3. Why was Rose so stupid in letting Finn live which meant certain death for the others? Sure, she fell in love with him, but it all felt wrong and entirely selfish.
  4. Why did Holdo simply not tell Poe Dameron of her plan to get to Crait? It was a need-to-know situation!
  5. Why did they kill off Snoke before we learned anything about his character? That said, it was an awesome trick Kylo pulled over him.
  6. Why did General Hux not send Star Destroyers AHEAD of the Rebel Fleet to flank them? They could have easily zipped into hyperspace with a strong gist of where they would be.
  7. Why did Luke Skywalker want to kill Kylo Ren back when Luke was training him? It's simply out of character for Return of the Jedi Luke. Have a damn chat about it first with his mother at least?
  8. Where the heck are the Knights of Ren?
  9. What was Luke's third lesson to Rey?
  10. Why did Rian Johnson make Luke so snarky? (We actually kind of like this now, however…)
  11. How did Snoke and Palpatine never bump into each other? Or did they?
  12. Why did Yoda look so freakin' weird? (He was pretty cool though!)
  13. How the heck do bombs “drop” in space? Edit: With this power, apparently:
  14. What on Earth was the four-boobed beast that Luke milked doing in the movie? Green milk, eh?
  15. Why did Princess Leia make that joke about her hair with Luke? So out of place? No, it was probably a direct call back to when Han Solo mentioned Leia had changed her hair when they reunited in The Force Awakens.
  16. Why was there not a real lightsaber battle?
  17. What happened to the line “I've got a bad feeling about this”? Apparently, BB-8 says the famous line somewhere…
  18. Why does Luke actually die? At one point Kylo says to Rey that the exertion of their contact would kill her – was this some foreshadowing by Rian Johnson?
  19. Why did Captain Phasma have to go out so cheaply? They've made her the new Boba Fett. Well nobody saw her body, so she might not be dead…
  20. How can Kylo Ren stop laser blasts in mid-air with the Force but struggle so much with Snoke's Praetorian Guards?
  21. Do we really need a love triangle with Finn, Rey, and Rose? We did have a wee one in The Empire Strikes Back for a while (When Leia kissed Luke!).
  22. Why make it look like the Resistance are bad guys for buying X-Wings from weapons manufacturers? How the heck are they supposed to RESIST without guns and ships? There's no grey here, it's dark side versus light.
  23. Why did they not give the Holdo character role to Admiral Ackbar? It would have been a grand finale for the character.
  24. Is it ironic that Rose's sister did a better job than her? She at least succeeded in her mission.
  25. Rey going into the dark side of the Island made no damn sense, right? Oh, wait, are you telling us she is in charge of her own destiny, Rian?
  26. How did Kylo Ren not figure out that Luke was a projection on Crait? He had a brown beard for goodness sake. Oh and a lightsaber that he and Ren fought over an hour or so ago. He was clearly blinded by his rage, which is ironic because he had just been lecturing Rey to let the past go, and kill it if you have to. Oh, wait, maybe that's what he was doing.
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