27 Secrets to Reaching Your Goals

ways to reach your goal

Setting out to achieve goals is no doubt, noble. If you want to get out of debt, eat out of your fridge every day, work out, or just be nicer to others you absolutely can but goals will not complete themselves without work on your end. In order to be successful at reaching your goals, you must put forth the effort and keep finding ways to remain motivated in your quest.

Here are 27 ways to help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself…

1. Write down short-term goals

Short-term goals are the ones you want to achieve in the near future. It is important to identify and write down your short term goals on a piece of paper and keep the paper in an area visible to you daily. Short term goals may include completing a home renovation, finishing unfinished errands, or committing to weekly gym sessions.

2. Identify long-term goals

Long-term goals are those that may take longer to achieve such as owning a home, buying a new car, or booking that dream vacation. Long-term goals may take years to accomplish and may also be a collaboration of many short-term goals you need to get through to achieve the ultimate, long-term goal. Putting your goals in writing will help keep you on track to recognizing what you need to do to find success.

3. Define the ‘why’

For many people, simply stating goals is not enough motivation to stay committed. Along with writing down the goals, you should also write a note as to why you want to accomplish your goals. You want to lose 30 pounds. Why? To be healthier for your family, to have more energy, or to look better for yourself.

4. Break it all down

In order to work towards your goals in a reasonable manner, it will be necessary to break some of them down into smaller pieces so they will be easily achieved and much less overwhelming. Any goals that are more complex than just ‘eat more fresh vegetables each day’ should be analyzed and broken down into smaller increments.

5. Be realistic

Goals need to be realistic to be achievable. One cannot expect to become an instant millionaire. Rather they need to be realistic with their goal-setting. If you want to be well-to-do, set more realistic goals including working harder, asking for a raise, or going back to school for a higher degree and more financial stability.

6. Set timelines

Not every goal can be achieved on a set timeline but it can be highly motivational to establish for yourself a timeline on which you hope to find goal success. Want to quick smoking? Pick a date on the calendar and work towards a commitment to giving up cigarettes on that day.

7. Make a personal commitment

If you identify your goals as well as the ‘whys’ of what you aim to accomplish, it can be compelling enough for you to stick with it. When you list your long and short-term goals, be real with yourself as to why you want to achieve these goals for yourself and be your own cheerleader about getting through the rough patches on your journey. (If a goal of yours is to become debt-free make the commitment here: Get Out of Debt Pledge)

8. Create accountability

Being accountable to yourself can be a powerful motivator but for many people, it is not motivation enough. If you want to achieve your goals, make yourself accountable to other people. Not only will your friends and family hold you accountable, they can also offer the much-needed support to help you get over the hurdles. (Be accountable in the ATWS Community)

9. Engage a buddy

To find support in your various goals on a daily basis, it can be very helpful to enlist a buddy to help you reach your goals. You can ask your friends or family to join you on a daily run or to meet you at the gym. Not only are you now accountable to another person, you can find more enjoyment in the activities you need to do in order to achieve your goals when you have a buddy by your side.

10. Seek out a mentor

Some goals can be better accomplished by seeking out a mentor who is also committed to your vision. For instance, if you have set a goal to write a book, find a fellow writer to help keep you on track. If you have vowed to run your first marathon, find an experienced runner to help you train for the big event.

11. Highlight with visuals

A ‘vision board’ can be highly motivating. Create a vision board of your own by collecting photos, cutting out magazine pictures, clipping inspirational quotes and sticking them to a cork or poster board. Hang your vision board in a place you will be able to see it throughout the day. This will help serve as a constant reminder of the things you want to achieve and the visual outline can have a big impact on your motivation for each new day.

12. Set out inspirational reminders

In addition to the vision board, you can also put out other reminders of what you want to achieve. If your grandmother was your biggest inspiration, hang a few pictures of her around your house to keep you on task. If you have favorite motivational quotes, re-write them on index cards and tack them to the places you inhabit daily. (Some getting out of debt motivation for you:)

13. Journal daily

Journaling can be a powerful method of inspiration and motivation on a personal level. While many people may not be used to writing each day, especially in light of their reliance on electronics, putting pen to paper can help you keep things in perspective. Each night take at least five minutes to write down the highlights of your day as it pertains to your goals.

14. Establish a daily action checklist

After journaling your thoughts on your day each night, take five more minutes to create an action checklist for the following day. Make it in a checklist format. Each time you complete an action, take great pleasure in checking it off the list. Save your lists for future reference or inspiration.

15. Remain positive

A positive attitude is a critical part of successful goal achievement. Identify what makes you feel positive. Do your best to avoid the negative people and unnecessary drama in your daily life. Learn how to tune out the naysayers and remain committed to encouraging only the positive in your life. Positive thinking is a powerful way to live your life and make the changes necessary to find goal achievement success.

16. Celebrate the little things

You may have lost a pound on your journey toward losing 30 pounds so rather than say ‘it’s just a pound’, celebrate that pound loss for what it is – achievement. By celebrating the little milestones on the way towards accomplishing bigger goals, you are acknowledging your success which can help keep you on a positive track.

17. Learn to say ‘No!’

Many people are distracted from their goals because of outside influences. Those who are apt to say yes to everyone and everything may not be allocating enough ‘me time’ to focus on what they want to accomplish. They spend more time helping others live and better life, resulting in their own goals falling to the wayside. Learn your limitations and don’t be afraid to say no. You have to be committed to dedicating time towards your own goals and get used to the fact that it may require that you decline all other requests for your help. Learning to say no without guilt may be one of the first goals you should set for yourself.

18. Rely on your instincts

Trust your intuition when it comes to setting goals. In order to have realistic expectations and set reasonable goals, you need to rely on your instincts to get through the necessary processes. You will know instinctively what will work and what won’t. Be aware of what your heart is telling you and learn to listen to yourself. Meditation techniques can be learned and utilized to help you get in better touch with yourself.

19. Daydream

Daydreaming is a healthy practice as long as you understand there is a time and a place for it. During your down times or each night as you drift off to sleep, use your mind to develop your goals into reality. Creating a real-life visual of how things will be once you have achieved your goals as well as what will happen along your journey can be incredibly motivational and inspiring.

20. Be healthy

Getting healthy is one of the most common goals people will set for themselves but it is also an important part of the achievement process. If you eat poorly, have bad sleeping habits, or rely on alcohol or drugs, you may not have the energy or the focus necessary to accomplish your goals. Incorporate healthier habits into your goal-achievement strategies.

21. Stay active

Without enough exercise in your life, you can easily tire out on your commitment to your goals. Staying active will help you achieve better health, better focus, and a better overall outlook on life. Those that fail to be active in their life due to bad habits often can feel depressed or anxious. Even a daily walk can help keep you on track with your goals, giving you energy and the clear head you need to make better decisions.

22. Reinforce your confidence

Many people fail at achieving their goals because the lack the self-confidence necessary to keep moving forward. While trying to attain your specific goals, you will have to learn to step outside of your comfort zone and build the confidence you have in yourself. This can also be achieved by enlisting the support of your family, friends, or a professional mentor.

23. Be grateful

Gratitude is also essential to achieving your goals. If you are able to acknowledge the things you are already grateful for in your life, you can be better equipped to move forward with the other things you want and gain the perspective you need to set realistic goals. Holding on to an ungrateful attitude will likely result in the loss of motivation and commitment.

24. Re-evaluate goals often

Your list of initial goals must become a living, flexible thing. Take pride in marking off completed goals but leave plenty of room for your new goals and strategies.

25. Re-define your goals

You must regularly review your goal list and update it as necessary. As you progress and change, your goals will do the same. You will learn new ways to find success so you must keep writing down your strategies, your action plan, and your new long and short-term goals to renew your ongoing commitment to a better you.

26. Be unstoppable

If you have set reasonable, realistic goals for yourself and have committed yourself to these goals, let nothing stop you. Keep strategizing how you will achieve your goals and don’t let what others say or do get in your way.

27. Appreciate the big picture

As with maintaining a grateful attitude each day, it is important to also be able to appreciate the ‘big picture’. Appreciate your littlest achievements as they occur to stay motivated and learn to see how these little things add up in the grand scheme of things. By learning to appreciate yourself and what you can do when you put your mind to something, your confidence will soar and you will find your commitment to goal achievement is much less overwhelming.


How do you achieve your goals? I'd love to hear your tips!

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