5 Best Apps For Pokemon Card Prices

Trading card games have been rising in popularity for quite a while now. The most popular one out there would be the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Whether you are a gamer or a collectible enthusiast, you will have probably heard about how intense the Pokémon Trading Card scene can be. 

The Pokémon Trading Cards Game: The Basics

Here are 5 of the best Pokémon card price checker apps out there:

  • Pokécardex
  • Pokémon TCG Online
  • PokéTCG Scanner-Dragon Shield
  • PocketPrices-PockerMonsters
  • TCGplayer
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The Best Apps For Pokémon Card Prices

Have an extensive Pokémon card collection and can’t wait to find out if you are sitting on a treasure hoard? Here are the best Pokemon card value scanner apps on the market that will help you do just that:

1 – Pokécardex

An Android-only app, Pokécardex is hands down the most popular Pokemon scanner app in Europe. The app is free to download and use. It is an excellent tool for Pokemon card management. With over 15000 cards in its collection, it can help you check the value of your cards and keep your collection organized. 

2 – Dex – for Pokémon TCG

Dex – for Pokémon TCG is a free Pokémon card checker app that lets you check the prices of cards and find out what your collection is worth. Designed specifically for iOS, it enables you to sync your data using iCloud so you can track your collection on the go. It can track Japanese and English cards and organize them in specific custom folders.  

3 – PokéTCG Scanner-Dragon Shield

Available on Android and iOS, this scanner app was designed by Dragon Shield. It helps you manage your inventory while also keeping track of the prices of all your Pokémon cards. It has a handy card scanner that can easily track cards in all languages. The inventory option lets you create folders for your different cards and add custom images. There is also a feature that lets you track which cards are going up or down in value in real-time.

4 – PocketPrices-PockerMonsters

Another Pokémon price scanner app that’s available only on Android devices, this app collects pricing data from the Troll and Toad store and lists your cards accordingly. It can help manage your card inventory and track the total worth of your entire collection. Sadly, it does not come with a card scanner feature, making it slightly less cool than it could be. Still, it does work as a fairly great Pokémon card price checker app.

5 – TCGplayer

The TCGPlayer app is available on both Android and iOS devices. It isn’t solely a Pokémon scanner or price checker app, though. The app is designed to scan and manage Pokémon, Yugioh, and Magic the Gathering cards, making it rather versatile. The app comes integrated with TCGplayer.com, meaning you can check prices and sell your cards right from the app. 

One major con of this app that users tend to complain about is how often and easily it glitches. Aside from that, though, it comes with a host of cool features. It can track market pricing in real-time, and its card scanner works really well, even if the cards are hard to see inside their packaging or even upside down.

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  • Are Pokémon card scanners real or fake?

Pokémon card scanners are real. Some great Pokémon price checker websites and apps are available for iOS and Android devices.

  • Where can I get the best price for my Pokémon cards?

Some of the best places to sell Pokémon cards are eBay, Facebook Marketplace, TCGplayer, Troll and Toad, etc.

  • What is the No. 1 Pokémon card?

The rarest and most sought-after Pokémon card is the holographic Pikachu Illustrator card. There were 39 cards given away as part of a promotional event held in Japan in 1997 and 1998. So far, only 23 Pikachu Illustrator cards have PSA certification, and only one has a rating of PSA 10.

  • What is the price of 1 pack of Pokémon cards?

This varies depending on which pack of Pokémon cards you buy. The price of a Booster pack starts from $4 and goes up depending on the rarity of the box.

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