5 Blockchain-based Gaming Dapps Leading the Charge

With technology companies increasingly targeting the metaverse, experts like Activate CEO Michael Wolf expect the gaming industry will play a key role in that transformation. One white-hot segment in the gaming industry is blockchain-based games, with traditional companies like Zynga jumping into the fray alongside blockchain-native startups.

Another example is video game programmer Peter Molyneux's UK-based company 22Cans, which alongside Gala Games plans to launch a blockchain-based game called Legacy. Gala describes it as “an innovative new game that pushes the boundaries of blockchain gaming, the first-ever blockchain business sim: Legacy.” The game is complete with Land NFTs and a new Ethereum-based cryptocurrency called LegacyCoin, all of which will let players earn during gameplay.

legacy game
Source: Gala Games

Legacy, which will make its debut in 2022, will be joining a growing group of blockchain-based gaming projects that are looking to bridge the gap between the traditional and decentralized worlds. Below is a list of some of the hottest blockchain-based gaming decentralized apps (Dapps) based on the number of users in the last 24-hour period, according to DappRadar. From farmers to aliens to creatures to real estate to pets, it's a real digital smorgasbord with the common denominator being the blockchain.

No. 5: Upland

Upland is a Monopoly-inspired EOS-based blockchain game that the Upland team describes as a “property trading metaverse.” It lets users buy, sell or trade virtual properties that are mapped to real-world addresses. Upland is what's known as a play-to-earn game built on a digital economy that rewards players with UPX coins (the native currency to the Upland project) and NFTs while they build and collect virtual properties or businesses. Gamers can create property NFTs to complete a collection or sell them on a marketplace. Upland has close to 58,000 users in the last 24 hours.

No. 4: Farmer's World

Farmer's World is a Dapp built on the WAX blockchain. It's a farming game that exists on WAX's NFT platform. Players use the available tools and resources like wood, food, and gold to purchase land and build farms while existing in a grower's ecosystem. The players are farmers, while tools like an axe, fishing rod, and stone axe can be purchased or created. Farmer's World has more than 63,000 users in the last 24 hours.

farmers world
Source: Farmer's World Twitter Account

No. 3: Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a wildly popular digital pet universe in which players can battle, collect, and earn crypto, trading fantasy creatures dubbed Axies. To play, users need a digital wallet from which they can purchase Axies. Gamers can sell or trade token-fueled game assets in exchange for cryptocurrency. Play-to-earn cryptocurrencies like Axie's have been among the best performing coins this year. The Axie (AXS) coin has soared from under $1 in early 2021 to over $100 at its peak, though it has since pulled back somewhat from that level. Axie Infinity has close to 100,000 users in the last 24 hours.

axie infinity
Source: Axie Infinity Media Kit

No. 2: Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is yet another play-to-earn metaverse play in which users play with NFTs. The idea is for players to stake the Trilium (TLM) token to planets to be eligible to “vote in future planetary elections” and “increase the planet's reward pool.” There are trade game cards taking the form of NFTs that players can use to strategize on the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Wax blockchains, which can then be used for “mining, fighting and missions,” according to the website.

Alien Worlds has different categories of NFTs including Land, which represent parcels of land on planets, Minions to fight, Weapons for battles, Avatars, which are a player's face in the metaverse, Missions, which are earned, and commemorative tokens, which have yet to be launched. The project has close to 3.6 million registered game players and NFT fans as of late October 2021. According to DappRadar, AlienWorld has nearly 250,000 users in the last 24 hours.

alien worlds
Source: Alien Worlds Twitter Account


No. 1: Splinterlands

Splinterlands is a play-to-earn collectible trading card game which take the form of NFTs and which users can play, trade and earn. The game is built on the Hive blockchain but is also compatible with a few other platforms, including Wax, Ethereum and Tron. Splinterlands is said to be a cross between Pokemon and World of Warcraft.

Users fight monsters in exchange for earning rewards. The battles in Splinterlands are known for being fast, taking only a few minutes to complete, with each one presenting a different situation. Players can earn on a daily basis across:

  • Tournaments
  • Ranked Play
  • Quests

Splinterlands has more than 302,000 users in the last 24 hours.

logo splinterlands characters beta 1200
Source: Splinterlands Press Kit

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