5 of your burning Garage Squad cast questions answered

5 of your burning Garage Squad cast questions answered

Garage Squad’s future may still be uncertain, but this does not mean that questions about the current and former cast members need to go unanswered.

Garage Squad is unlike any other car restoration shows on television. It focuses solely on helping owners with their forgotten “project cars”.

Although Garage Squad has been a hit for eight seasons, the show has been on a hiatus since 2021. This has left fans with many burning questions about the cast members who have appeared on the show.

About Garage Squad

Garage Squad is a car restoration show with a unique premise. Instead of waiting for owners to drop by their shop or driving around looking for classic cars to flip for a profit, the Garage Squad team actually takes their show on the road (literally) to travel to overwhelmed home mechanics across the United States.

Then the Garage Squad team and the owners get to work transforming their forgotten, neglected and stalled “project cars” into the fully restored (and driving) cars of their dreams. This is fully paid for by Garage Squad team, of course.

5 of your burning Garage Squad cast questions answered

This entirely unique premise has not only made Garage Squad a firm favorite among gearheads who can relate to the feeling of having a forgotten “project car” rusting away in the garage, shed or backyard.

But has also helped the show to stay on the air for eight seasons. But as all reality television fans will know, no matter how enticing a show’s premise is, it would likely not be successful without its beloved cast.

Whether they are bringing new life to an old 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona for the family of a Vietnam veteran, restoring an old '78 Chevy K20 for single mother, Courtney Grabowski, or helping Scott and Cameron Johnson get their 1972 Olds Cutlass up and running again after years of being neglected, the Garage Squad cast is often responsible for much more than simply getting engines running on the show.

Moreover, both the current and former Garage Squad cast members are responsible for making the show what it is today.

Unfortunately though, Garage Squad has been on an unexplained hiatus since the conclusion of the show’s eighth season in 2021.

This has left a lot of details, including some very burning questions about the show’s new and former cast members, completely unanswered.

Although there is really no telling if and when there will be a season nine of Garage Squad just yet, some clever sleuthing has revealed several cast details which longtime fans of the show may find particularly interesting, for now.

The 2023 cast of Garage Squad

The eighth season of Garage Squad officially wrapped in December, 2021.

And, since neither the show’s producers nor the MotorTrend executives have divulged any new information about the show since then, this season’s cast list is the last known official cast of the show.

Thus, the most recent cast list for Garage Squad is as follows:

Cast Role
Bruno Massel Co-host
Joe Zolper Lead Builder
Cy Kellog Mechanic
Ron Gregurich Mechanic
Jeff King Mechanic
Bogi Lateiner Co-host

1. What is Heather from Garage Squad up to now?

If you have been tuning in to watch Garage Squad from the very beginning, you will likely already know that the show has had quite a few different female co-hosts during its history.

Heather Storm was Garage Squad’s first female co-host, who departed from the show after five seasons in 2018.

When Heather’s split from Garage Squad was first announced, she explained that she left the show in order to broaden her horizons, and it really seems as though this is exactly what she has done since then.

Based on Heather’s Instagram posts, it is clear that she still enjoys travelling and off-roading, and that she still makes appearances at various car shows, such as the Mustang Enchantment Show, which she visited just last week.

2. Why did Cristy Lee leave Garage Squad?

The longtime car and bike enthusiast, Cristy Lee, was Garage Squad’s second female host, who took over for Heather Storm in 2019.

Unfortunately though, even though Cristy had become a fan-favorite Garage Squad cast member fairly quickly, she left the show about a year later, in 2020.

Cristy never really provided any clear reason for why she left the show. However, she did undergo a serious surgery in 2020, which lines up pretty well with her departure, so it is likely that she just needed some time to recover.

3. Is Bruno from Garage Squad married?

Bruno Massel is one of only a few Garage Squad cast members who has been part of the show since its first season. However, there are still many details about this longtime co-host’s personal life that have fans puzzled to this day.

Bruno is actually married in real life. Bruno’s wife, Dayna Purgatorio Massel, was his high-school sweetheart. After dating for many years, the couple decided to tie the knot in 2002.

4. What is Cy Kellogg from Garage Squad’s net worth?

Longtime Garage Squad fans will recognize Cy Kellogg as the bearded mechanic, who has been helping the owners on Garage Squad to understand the inner workings of the “project cars” since the beginning of the show.

Outside of the show, Cy does not share much about his personal life or his projects, which makes it fairly tricky to narrow down what his net worth could be.

But, since Garage Squad has been so successful over the years, it is estimated that Cy’s net worth is well over $500,000 by now.

5. Is Joe Zolper still on Garage Squad?

Season nine of Garage Squad still does not have an official cast list since the show has still not officially been renewed. However, it seems quite likely that the show’s lead builder, Joe Zolper, will return if the show does eventually come back.

Joe has been part of the show since its very beginning, and he still proudly displays his affiliation with Garage Squad on his Facebook page and his personal website.

This indicates that he will likely not have any reservations about joining the cast again if another season is announced.