5 Simple Easy Steps to Start Blogging In an Hour

Here I am challenging everyone who claims that starting a new blog online is tough

Or it is very technical and not for him/her

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start blogging

In this post I am going to show you 5 simple easy steps to start blogging in an hour

Even without asking for any help only by reading and following exactly the steps listed below but before I start, I would like to tell you the following

Why you should start blogging now

There are so many reason on top of my head to start blogging now

I am not trying to convince you, it is all up to you to see it the way I do

Blogging helps other visitors looking for information

Yes even if you are not getting enough traffic from search engines

Having the fact that you are actively engaged on social media sites may lead users to visit your website and read your blog

Blogging can help you make extra cash

Please listen to my advice, if you are just starting your blog right now and the only purpose of blogging is to make money then be patient

Yes be very patient some bloggers say it can take up to 6 months to a year

I don't want to comment on this as I really don't know your dedication and how actively you work on your blog but again yes some bloggers make really good money from blogging

Blogging helps to organize your thoughts and still learn more

Yes this is true, for example while I am writing any post

I go and search the internet to look for other bloggers' opinions and I get really great ideas on my topic

Always try to make your content inside your post looks like an epic

So I really learn new things every time I come with a new idea to write about

Blogging makes you a good researcher and better writer

Yes to write better you have to read more and more and the only way available to you

If you are in front of computer with internet is to read about what others had to say about your topic

You can come with a compiled version of all ideas or even come with better ideas based on laying down other bloggers' thoughts and writing your opinion about all of them

Blogging opens a lot of opportunities for you like self promotion

While blogging some visitors go to the About page (the most visited page in all blogs, you should create one)

And read more about you, who knows you may get an email from someone who really wants to work with you or gives you an idea of something you have never though of

Blogging helps you to stay in touch with visitors

Blogging allows visitors on your website to leave a comment (if you allow commenting)

This will help you to reply back to them or modify your content based on their advice but also blogging allows you to capture email addresses from visitors on your blog and stay in touch with them

Blogging builds rapport and increase engagement

Blogging gets connected with the automated social media tools like Buffer

So you can get your existing and new posts to go to all social media sites which means more traffic for you and increasing your engagement by getting users to share your blogging contents to their contacts

Blogging can be your hobby if you don't have one

I myself don't have hobby to waste my free time

The only thing I enjoy is to work on my blog and I think a lot of people like me

Blogging helps to grow your business or your brand

If you are working on a company website

Starting a blog with useful contents about your product or service can really help to grow your business and increase awareness of your brand

Blogging helps you to stand out and establish authority

Blogging done with quality content, personal touch, exposure (social media sites), building email list, focusing on relevant topics and not broad range of niches

All together and with consistency can help you to stand out and establish authority in your topics or niche

Why blogging is important for you

Blogging helps you to educate your customers and users by enticing them with great contents about how you can solve their problems

And provide answers for their concerns and by doing that you establish a mutual trust between both of you and so you have a high chance of increasing your sales

Also blogging will increase your traffic and by adding more contents to your blog

Then SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will definitely increase where you can use the extra traffic to your blog to put internal links taking your customers to your products/services and that will lead again to more sale

Few assumptions to know before you start blogging

  • I assume you are familiar on how to use the internet including signing up in websites
  • Checking your emails and doing basic searches on search engines like Google and Bing
  • I assume that you know that blogging takes lot of time and effort before you start seeing significant impact on your traffic coming to your site especially if you are planning to make money from your blog
  • Of course you know that blogging is not free and there is a cost to get started but it is affordable
  • You know that blogging platforms are so many and I use here WordPress as my blogging platforms
  • I assume that you should expect to learn very basic HTML, basic SEO, using Social media and basic things on how to use WordPress (yes I am using WordPress as blogging platform)
  • Also be aware of copyright issues as you are not allowed to copy contents from other websites into your blog
  • I assume that you have already decided which niche you want to pursue as I am not discussing here how to choose your niche

Now the 5 Simple Easy Steps to Start Blogging In an Hour

Step # 1: Choose your domain name


Although choosing domain name does not have any action to take

But it is essential to be listed as a step because it is part of your blogging overall success

Make sure to choose a domain name that reflects your brand, avoid abbreviations as much as possible

Make it memorable and make sure of your words spelling

Think about your blog purpose and try to come with a domain name to convey this

Finally if you are still confused

I suggest you go with a domain name similar to all blogging

You already follow and come with either variations of extensions e.g. if the domain name you like is .COM

Then look for .NET or .ORG or try to add/change an extra word in the domain name e.g. ParentalTips.com is taken , I found that MyParentalTips.com is available (of course at the time of writing this post

Step # 2: Buy web hosting


Yes you have to buy your own web hosting

I am using Siteground and you can save with this 3.95$ offer by registering for a StartUp plan

Which comes with hosting one website plus one free domain

Step # 3: Install WordPress


This is the easiest step in all of them

You just click on a button and everything will be done for you, I also described how to install WordPress on your web hosting in details under another post

Step # 4: Choose your theme


I always hear an expression that says “you don't marry your theme”

But at least choosing the right one will save you time later when switching between themes

As when you switch to a new theme

All your widgets contents will be lost

It is something to keep in mind before you switch to a new theme

Just copy the contents of all your widgets to a notepad (don't say I did not tell you so)

I recommend using a theme like this one where you can get the benefit of full width screen

Some themes are really narrow and cause your visitors to scroll down a lot for long posts

But when using the amazing Elementor plugin you can really have stunning design

And good looking posts for your visitors to read

I recommend to read later my post about choosing suitable theme for your WordPress site

Step # 5: Install essential plugins


There are very essential plugins to install before you start writing your first post

I already had a previous post on actions to take on your WordPress after installation

I really hope that my 5 simple easy steps to start blogging in an hour is not overwhelming

And don't get stressed by sticking to the minutes which I listed above

I am kind of person who really dislike writing unpractical to do things or any thing that is really intimidating

The one hour or even less is really possible till step 3 and you will have a WordPress site ready for you

In fact when I started this post it was 45 minutes for the first 3 steps

But I said to myself let me make it really a complete steps to have a ready made blogging site

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