5 Ways to Fight Grocery Inflation

Groceries are at an all-time high. However, even with the constant uptick in food prices, there are ways to keep costs down and quality up. Here is what the internet had to say about navigating an expensive grocery trip. 

1. Cooking Ahead of the Time

“Cooking ahead of time. When I'm not hungry, even if after I've eaten, I cook something for later. When you're hungry, you get tunnel vision, and it's harder to control impulses,” user winterbird added the top comment. 

A like-minded individual replied, “Same here. Even if it's something like making a bunch of sandwiches ahead of time and stashing them in the fridge. So much easier, faster, and cheaper to just grab one and plate it with some chips or baby carrots than to put $50 of stuff I don't need into the Uber eats cart.”

2. Eliminate Unwanted Product

A few users agreed they’ll fill up their virtual carts, and before checking out, they will remove anything they don’t need or anything that doesn’t fit into their budget. 

4myolive said, “I do Aldi pick up. Something I do that keeps me on budget is paring down my order after I add on everything I want/need. It's good to go over the order before placing it. I end up eliminating a lot. Of course, you can use the same method and go in the store and “fill” your order yourself. It's helped me with impulse purchasing, which has saved me money.”

Sillybelcher replied, “I do the same. Throw in everything I'm thinking of, then go back and pluck stuff off: nope, I know I'll never get around to making this dish; nah, I've already got some in the cupboard; hmm, maybe this will go on sale next week.”

3. Make a List

If it’s not on a list, it doesn’t exist. Making a list hones in needed groceries and curbs the non-essentials. 

“Always make a list. The tighter the budget, the more needs to be excluded for higher priorities. Without planning in advance, we're more likely to buy things we should have excluded, and then not fit higher priorities within budget,” Sseae shared. 

4. Use Your Freezer

If you live alone or you tend to overbuy items, you can meal prep for a week and throw your leftovers in the freezer. Freezing meats, vegetables, and fruit prolongs their shelf life and allows you to repurpose meals. 

5. Coupons are Your Friends

Grocery stores always have some form of coupon. Whether in an online flyer, a physical booklet, or an in-store promotion, you can find cheaper ingredients if you take the time to look for a discount. This way, you can save more money on higher quality food, all while remaining in budget. 

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