50 Free Things For First Responders

2020 was the year of free things for first responders, healthcare providers, and front-line workers.  While 2020 is over (no one is complaining about that), you can still snag some great free deals.

Offers for freebies for first responders and healthcare providers have been prevalent during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  We have scoured the web to bring you a list of up-to-date freebies.  It's not just a bunch of discounts on this list.  These are legit opportunities for free items from companies wanting to show their appreciation.  Check them out because who knows how long they'll be available.

Free Things for First Responders Mega List!

Dave and Busters

dave and busters free play
Courtesy Unsplash

Dave and Busters offer $10 free gameplay cards for first responders looking to blow off some steam.  Patrons need to show a valid ID for the promo and must follow strict Covid-19 safety precautions. Drop-in for some fun!

Ten Percent Happier

ten percent better meditation app
Courtesy Unsplash

Life can be stressful even without the stress of a pandemic.  So, Ten Percent Happier offers free access to their meditation app to first responders, USPS employees, warehouse workers, teachers, grocery and food delivery workers.  They are using the honor system, so please, only apply if you are an essential worker. 


markus winkler Q6uqw Hjye8 unsplash
Courtesy Unsplash

Dynotag is offering a free “Mini Emergency SuperAlert ID” tag for your critical health information.  These are small contact information tags in the style of military dog tags. They have all your emergency contact information on them, editable and accessible via a QR code.  Your information isn't immediately visible since the code needs to be scanned for access.

AAA (Triple-A) Auto

aaa free roadside assistance
Courtesy Unsplash

AAA is offering free roadside assistance to first responders in many areas.  This promotion varies throughout the country as different regional offices run AAA.  You may want to contact your local AAA office to verify this offer's details in your area. 

Cub Cadet and Task Easy

Cub Cadet free lawn mowing
Courtesy Unsplash

Home maintenance is probably low on the list of must-do items with everything going on for first responders.  Cub Cadet wants to help by offering 2 free lawn mowing services.  That's one less thing to worry about when working a stressful job and balancing the rest of your responsibilities. 


pexels josh hild 4968510
Courtesy Pexels

Airbnb is partnering with hosts to offer free housing for first responders. Whether you need to self isolate to protect family or roommates or be closer to work, they can help.  This offer is not for those needing to isolate due to a Covid-19 diagnosis.


free masks from dhavni
Courtesy Unsplash

Dhavni is on a mission to give a free mask to as many people as possible, first responders included.  Their masks are 100% cotton and two layers. When PPE is low, first responders might want to have their own backups.


puracy offering free cleaning and santizing supplies
Courtesy Unsplash

Puracy helps various professionals and organizations make sure they have the products they need to stay clean and safe. They are providing Soap, hand sanitizers, and other personal care and cleaning products.  Make sure to specify what products your organization is in dire need of. 

Honeybee Giving

gift packs for first responders from honeybee giving
Courtesy Unsplash

Honeybee Giving lets anyone nominate a first responder or another front-line worker for a free special gift care package.  Honeybee asks for their stories and, if you allow, will promote your hero on their blog.

The Crayola Experience

crayola experience free admission
Courtesy Unsplash

The Crayola Experience offered free admission for first responders and discounted admission for their family members at all their locations.  First responders are free every day with their valid ID, and immediate family members are 25% off on Sundays. 


shutterstock 1719678613
Courtesy Shutterstock

First responders can get a $30 Costco shopping card when they sign up for a new Costco membership. New members must sign up online and not have had a Costco membership within the last 18 months.  This particular offer requires ID verification through SheerID.


ear savers from glowforge for mask comfort
Courtesy Unsplash

Ears can get really sore and irritated from constant mask use.  Those who are working, often more than full-time right now, need solutions to stay comfortable.  Glowforge connects 3d printer owners with people in need.   Owners then 3d print and ship Ear Savers for free.

The Shedd Aquarium

shedd aquarium offering free admission to first responders
Courtesy Unsplash

The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago is currently closed, but it regularly gives free admission to police and firefighter first responders.   Active duty military is also eligible for free admission. 

Ticket Club

pexels joe calomeni 718952
Courtesy Pexels

First responders can get a free membership to Ticket Club when they verify their ID, a $49 value for the first year.  If you buy tickets regularly, this could be great savings.

Brides Across America

brides across america helps first responder brides get free dresses
Courtesy Unsplash

Bride Across America has twice-annual events where first responder brides can apply to get a free wedding dress.  They donate over 2000 dresses through their partner locations and special events.  Many of their partners offer steep discounts and donated dresses for those who cannot make it to an event.

Wills for Heroes

wills for heroes will help first responders get a will for estate planning
Courtesy Unsplash

The Wills for Heroes program helps first responders complete their wills for estate planning.  Everyone should have basic estate planning, but sadly, 68% of Americans don't have a will.  Wills for Heroes helps with wills, living wills, and power of attorney documents so you can have your affairs in order.  

Firehouse Subs

firemen in uniform get a free drink on duty at firehouse subs
Courtesy Unsplash

Firefighters in uniform receive a free drink at any Firehouse Subs location.   Many franchises also offer additional discounts and promotions that may not be listed online if you'd like to ask. 

1st Tix

1st tix helps hook up first responders with thousands of free event tickets
Courtesy Unsplash        

1st Tix gives a variety of free tickets to first responders across the country.  Their mission is to “reduce stress, strengthen family bonds, create positive memories, and encourage first responders to stay engaged with local communities and American life.” 

Dish Network

Dish network offers free stars and stripes package
Courtesy Unsplash

Dish offers the expanded Stars and Stripes Pack with upgraded networks free to first responders after ID verification.  The package includes channels like American Heroes Channel, Smithsonian Channel, STARZ Encore Westerns, and one free on-demand movie a month.  They also include DVR to their “hopper” to take your entertainment on the go. 


pexels cottonbro 5076511
Courtesy Pexels

Overstock.com has a free Club O Membership for first responders who register with ID.me. This membership provides free shipping and free returns.  Overstock.com says that club members typically earn $55 in rewards per year, and the program's standard cost is $19.95 per year.

Camp Cowboy

camp cowboy offers a 90 day equine peer support program
Courtesy Unsplash

Camp Cowboy in Texas offers a FREE 90-day Equine Assisted Growth and Peer Support Program to first responders and veterans.  The program aims to teach skills through horse training, translating to ongoing positive mental health and coping strategies. 



Marriot is offering free rooms in cities hard hit by the Covid-19
Courtesy Unsplash

Marriot offers free rooms in cities hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic via their Rooms for Responders program.  Marriot is working with partners to match front line responders traveling to provide care with rooms for the duration of their stays.


shutterstock 1073126444
Courtesy Shutterstock

First responders can get a free audiobook via Audiobooks.com through ID.me verification.   There are quite a few offers available for those who verify their ID with ID.me.  

Cumberland Farms

Cumberland Farms marts are offering free coffee
Courtesy Unsplash

Cumberland Farm's marts offer free coffee to first responders and healthcare workers in their stores. No uniform is required.  Just mention the free coffee promotion at check out.

First Net

FirstNet is offering 3 months of service free on their wireless network
Courtesy Unsplash

FirstNet is offering 3 months of free service on their wireless network with the purchase of a new device.  This is only available to current employees or active volunteers at qualifying organizations. 


thorntons offering free coffee or fountain drinks
Courtesy Unsplash

Thorntons is giving free coffees and fountain drinks to first responders with a valid ID. Grab your favorite pick-me-up beverage from their many convenient locations. 


massmutual offering 3-year term life insurance
Courtesy Unsplash

MassMutual is offering 3-year term life insurance policies to select first responders on an application basis.  This program is called HealthBridge and requires no labs or testing.  The process can be started with an online application.  There are some eligibility requirements, but it is even open to volunteer workers. 

BP Gas

get an additional 10 cents off gas at BP stations
Courtesy Unsplash

First responders can get an additional 10 cents off gas at BP stations when they verify their ID with ID.me. If you use BP's rewards app, you'll get an additional 5 cents off for a total savings of 15 cents per gallon.   


pexels andrew wilus 5611355
Courtesy Pexels

Zello push to talk solutions is 100% free to eligible first responder organizations.  They offer walkie-talkies for the digital age via Android and iOS apps with tons of functions.  Zello has secure private channels and location tracking for great team management. 

Sam's Club

mem e and f non perishable 03 012
Courtesy Sam's Club

Sam’s Club is still offering its Hero Hours program on Sundays from 8:00 am to 10:00 am, where first responders can shop without a membership.  No identification is currently required, and the program is running throughout the country. 

New York City

New York has a program to get free hotel rooms if needed to self isolate
Courtesy  Unsplash

New York City has developed the “isolation hotel program” to get free hotel rooms if needed to self-isolate if you can't do so at home.  If you share a room or bathroom, can't stay 6 feet away from others at home, or live with a vulnerable person, you can stay in a hotel room for free.  This program is also for those who have tested positive for Covid-19 or think they are positive based on symptoms.

Wawa Market

Responders can get free coffee at Wawa markets
Courtesy Unsplash

Wawa convenience stores and markets are offering free coffee to first responders and healthcare personnel.  No uniform is required. Just tell the clerk your profession.

Spin Scooters

30 minutes of free scooter ride time via Spin
Courtesy Unsplash

 For those in the Washington, D.C. area, you may be eligible for 30 minutes of free scooter ride time via Spin’s Everyday Heroes program.  Take a spin, get some fresh air and enjoy the sites of D.C. Don't worry. They provide a helmet for safe riding. 

Responder Strong

responder strong helps address mental health needs
Courtesy Unsplash

Responder Strong offers support to address first responders' mental health needs. It offers various free, private tools to address a spectrum of mental health needs. If they are having financial challenges, they can provide emotional support for this major stressor. 

BJ's Wholesale

BOPIC Fresh Rollout
Courtesy BJ's

BJ’s Wholesale is still offering Appreciation Hour every Sunday from 8:00-9:00 am, where first responders can shop without a membership.  They are also offering a 4-month free membership to healthcare workers and first responders.  To get the free membership, individuals must present identification.

Print For The Cure

free PPE for organizations through Print For The Cure
Courtesy Unsplash

Frontline workers in need can request free PPE for their organization through Print For The Cure.  The form allows the requestor to specify which items are in need.  Donors register through the website, and Print For The Cure helps connect those in need with the donations. 


3 month subscription to Sittercity Premium
Courtesy Unsplash

Sittercity offers a free 3-month subscription to Sittercity Premium, which helps connect families with reputable child care, pet care, and senior care services.  Through the subscription, users can see detailed profiles of care providers, have secure one-to-one messaging, and schedule interviews.  Background check options are offered, but for a fee.


pexels kim stiver 842876
Courtesy Pexels

FITCRUNCH lets you nominate a healthcare worker for a care package.  These care packages come with protein snack bars, a hand sanitizer, and an “uplifting note.”  You can address them to their home or their workplace.  So it's possible to nominate someone who made an impact in your life, even if you don't have a home address.


pepsi self checkout two
Courtesy Walmart

You can nominate an essential worker for a free Snickers bar at Walmart.  This program is variable depending on what's in stock.  So make sure you check back regularly. When available, the essential worker receives an e-gift card through text message to redeem at Walmart. Feel free to nominate yourself!

Coaches 4 Good

Coaches4Good free coaching session
Courtesy Unsplash

Coaches4Good helps pair eligible frontline health workers with a 30-minute free coaching session to help them navigate life and work.  Professional coaches are not mental health professionals, but they can offer valuable feedback and insight to those struggling or needing direction.

Blue Jeans by Verizon

BlueJeans by Verizon offering free video conferencing for 90 days
Courtesy Unsplash

Free video conferencing software is available via BlueJeans by Verizon for 90 days to frontline workers and military members.  The service offers video chat through desktop, mobile app, or browser.  They have no time limits on calls and high-quality HD streams.  No credit card is required to access the promotion, which ends at 90 days.


Reloveution provides free one hour mental health support session
Courtesy Unsplash

Reloveution is offering a 1-hour free mental health professional support session for first responders and their families.  The company is linking users to professionals for support.  If they recommend more intensive mental health support or you end up starting a new medication, as a result, organize dosing with free medication calendar sheets.


caltopo offering free basic backcountry app account
Courtesy Unsplash

CalTopo gives a free basic account and discounts on other accounts to first responders for their backcountry map app and software.  To qualify for the discount, they must be actively employed or a volunteer team member.  Functions are limited at the free account level, but discounts are available for upgraded products.


jetblue tailfins blueberries
Courtesy JetBlue

Select first responders traveling for coronavirus relief efforts can get a free flight through JetBlue and the American Red Cross.  Patrons will need to specify which organization they are associated with for verification and must give at least 2-3 business days for the team to reply.


pexels lina kivaka 1741231
Courtesy Pexels

First responders and front-line workers can get a Care.com free month of membership to help connect with childcare, elder care, and pet care.  Care.com can also connect furloughed workers with families looking to hire for these services. 

First Descents

First Descents connects responders with outdoor adventures
Courtesy Unsplash

First responders in need of some respite and outdoor adventures can apply for a free experience at the First Descents Hero Recharge program.  This program was developed in partnership with the Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood Foundation.  The program provides experiences like kayaking or rock climbing, including food, lodging, and gear for the events. 


Responderrel8 app offers free peer support and chat
Courtesy Unsplash

First responders who would like peer support and a place to chat anonymously can download the Responderrel8 app.  The app is free to download and use, thanks to donations.  Available 24/7, it can be beneficial for those in rural areas without traditional peer support networks.

Horses 4 Heroes

horses 4 heroes offers operation free ride
Courtesy Unsplash

Operation Free Ride connects first responders with a history of PTSD with horse stables at various locations.  Horses 4 Heroes has over 300 partner facilities in the USA and Canada.


lexipol offers free courses, continuing education
Courtesy Unsplash

Lexipol offers free access to their coronavirus learning center. The learning center provides free courses for first responders, including various certifications and continuing education credits.  They offer training at the individual and organizational levels.

Companions for Heroes

companions for heroes covers adoption and basic dog training fees
Courtesy Unsplash

First responders may be eligible for the Companions for Heroes program, which covers adoption costs and AKC dog training.  They also help to find service dogs for those with PTSD.  Once you've brought your new family member home, make a plan for your pet's ongoing medical care

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