6 Stories of Everyday Ukrainian Bloggers

“We're still alive.”

This is the text Lisa, a Ukrainian mom blogger, received a few days ago from a friend in a city under siege in southern Ukraine.

Her Instagram feed documents the stark reality of living in Ukraine, checking in daily with friends and family in other parts of the country. Across the world, people have united in support of Ukraine. Many are booking Airbnbs to quickly get money to local hosts with no intention of staying. Others have donated crypto directly to the Ukrainian government, with reports they have raised more than $54 million as of this writing.

The lives of average, everyday bloggers in Ukraine have been upended. Here are a few of their stories and how you can lend your support as they fight for the survival of their country and peaceful way of life.

The Moments at Home

Lisa, a wife and mom of eight, moved from the U.S. to Ukraine, where her family now lives and works. She started her blog, The Moments at Home, to help other moms “find support as you build your intentional family culture, manage your home, and do fun things with your kids.”

With a focus on homeschooling, kids' activities, and raising a family on a budget, she wants to support moms across the world who share the joys and struggles of parenthood.

A few weeks ago, she was writing posts to prepare for family activity ideas for St. Patrick's Day. Now, she is working with an organization to shelter and feed hundreds of Ukrainians as they make their way to the border to escape increasing violence.

If you want to support their work in Ukraine, 100% of sales of The Moments at Home homeschooling products will fund relief efforts.

Valentina's Corner

Valentina is a mother of seven and started her blog, Valentina's Corner, to “focus heavily on comfort food and recipes that bring the family around the table, where laughter is heard, bellies are full, and everyone leaves the table with cherished memories.”

Now, instead of producing more recipes to share with her followers, she is worrying and praying about her family back home in Ukraine. On her Instagram page, she shares a heartbreaking story of her cousin going into work only to be taken and has not been heard from since.

Valentina's aunt and three cousins waited too long to leave, and as they are in one of the most dangerous zones, they cannot flee. Her cousin's wife just had a baby, and her stress level is so high that she is not producing any milk to nurse. There are no stores open to buy formula. These stories are just an example of the devastation happening in Ukraine.

Valentina's husband is on the board of trustees with Solid Foundation Generation, which has teamed with local churches in Poland with their efforts to aid Ukrainian refugees.

Valya's Taste of Home

Valya is a self-taught food blogger at Valya's Taste of Home, where she shares delicious family-proven recipes with the world.

At the age of 14, Valya immigrated from Ukraine to the United States with her parents and siblings. Following her mother's passing shortly after she married, she was encouraged to start a blog by her sister.

Valya writes about delicious and clean homemade meals inspired by her Ukrainian upbringing with insights from her childhood. With the success of her first blog, she started a second blog focused on farming, home organization, and gluten-free, keto, vegetarian recipes at The Farm Girl Blog.


Natalya started Momsdish to tap into her mom superpowers in the kitchen. As a wife and mother of two, she focuses on simple and healthy recipes that anyone can cook. She's grown her blog into a community on Instagram @momsdish.

Vera Fedorchuk is a friend of Natalya at Momsdish. Vera has an Instagram page that serves as her personal blog where she shares her life as an everyday mom and wife in Ukraine.

World of Garden Plants

Igor Viznyy, a Ukrainian native, started his blog, World of Garden Plants, in 2020. What began as a hobby of growing plants has turned into a blog helping others worldwide learn how to grow and care for their own garden.

Until recently, photos of many plants and trees in the natural beauty of the Ukrainian landscape filled his Facebook feed. When the war started, he began using the platform to spread the word to his followers and fight disinformation posted elsewhere.

Ukrainian Etsy Shops

Many bloggers and other small business owners in Ukraine make a living selling products on Etsy. One example is Olha, who paints original watercolors and sells them through her Etsy shop ArtMiCorazon.

In a recent update to her storefront, she posted that “unfortunately, war has come to my country. Therefore, in my store, I can only offer you digital downloads of my artwork.” People worldwide are showing their support for Olha, along with many other Ukrainian business owners, by purchasing Ukraine-themed digital products through Etsy.

For its part, Etsy CEO Josh Silverman announced that they would be canceling fees for Ukraine-based sellers. He said, “We… know that many sellers are facing tremendous financial hardship as a result of the turmoil. To alleviate some of the burdens, we are canceling the current balances owed to Etsy by all sellers in Ukraine.”

Support for Ukrainian Bloggers

Bloggers and other small business owners in Ukraine have shown remarkable resilience in the face of war and are finding ways to help their fellow citizens amid the crisis. The internet has opened many doors to share news outside of sometimes restricted traditional channels.

Innovative Ukrainians are taking advantage of these avenues to fight disinformation being propagated in some world areas by state-owned media outlets and sharing their stories.

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