How Beat Cop, Paul Alex, Turned Side Hustle To A 7-Figure-Earning Business

When Paul Alex, a local beat cop who later became a police detective, decided he wanted a side hustle to help him raise passive income alongside his police salary, he had no clue how big it was going to get.

Today, Alex is the Founder and CEO of, a digital company that builds ATM Businesses nationwide.

According to Alex, the business employs 16 people and generates $6 million in profit annually. Alex is now active on social media platforms, leveraging them to promote his business, while also mentoring thousands of young entrepreneurs on how to succeed in business.

Alex is behind the largest ATM Business Facebook group, “ATM Business for Beginners,” a platform that has over 40,000 members. With the success he enjoys today as a millionaire entrepreneur, Paul Alex can afford to live expensively, buy properties in the choicest parts of the city, and travel the world first class.

It didn't happen by accident, even though Alex starting an ATM business wasn't something he had conceived of before he got into the police force. Indeed, in a recent chat, Alex says that it was a process of concerted learning and years of experience that brought him to where he is today.

As a young boy growing up in California, Alex had always shown business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit. He had a vision to be financially free and have extra money. For him, working 9-5 for the rest of his life wasn't something he dreamed of for himself.

So even when he became a police detective, working 9-5, his entrepreneurial ambition remained alive. That's why when the prospect of earning passive income while still keeping his police job presented itself in 2016, he didn't hesitate. He decisively snagged the opportunity.

“While working as a Detective in Law Enforcement for several years, I decided to start a side hustle to earn passive income through the Automated Teller Machines (ATMs),” he says. Then in 2020, Alex was introduced to digital marketing, which took his business to a new level.

“Since then,” Alex says, “I've helped an excess of 1000 aspiring entrepreneurs in the United States to create their (own) ATM businesses.”

Paul Alex believes in mentorship, in growing his business, and establishing his brand in the corporate world.

He now uses the cash flow from his business to expand his brand and build an online presence on social media platforms. Through his social media handles, Alex is giving back – helping thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs every day to launch their entrepreneurial dreams.

Speaking on his journey in business so far and the success he's achieved within a short time of launching, Alex points out one of the most important principles he learned was the power of a focused mental state. “It's all mindset,” he says. “As long as you don't give up and keep trying, you'll make it eventually.”

According to Paul Alex, he's always been a ‘go-getter' right from a young age; never someone to sit down and idle along. He worked a few small jobs and sold stuff out of his father's garage at one point. And when he became a police officer, it was never a question of whether he would start his own business; it just came down to when.

The time eventually came in 2016, and the journey has been incredible and immensely rewarding. Although he bought his first ATM years before, his digital business, never really took off until 2021. That began the formal launch of his business, unveiling

After some research, he went ahead and bought his first ATM with his savings. That was just the start of In 2021, incorporating the Internet allowed his full-fledged digital business to really take off.

Alex has put a lot of time and resources into building his side hustle in the last couple of years to a place of prestige. But even as he focuses on expanding his business frontiers and building ATMs across the U.S., Alex is also concerned about helping those coming behind him.

“I was a beginner when I first started the ATM business, so I'm going to help the beginners. I'm going to help somebody who wants to make some money from this so they can buy one,” Paul Alex explained.

From starting in 2016 with one ATM, Alex owns multiple ATMs across the city and is expanding his business to other states. But more importantly, he's mentoring hundreds of people in achieving their entrepreneurial goals.

Of course, with his newfound success as a millionaire entrepreneur, Paul Alex now lives the life he has wanted since he was a young boy. He travels the world in style, with the freedom to work anywhere, while helping aspiring entrepreneurs become successful through the ATM Business. And why not? As he puts it: if you work hard, you got to play hard.

“I bought tons of properties,” he reveals. “I live in one of the richest areas in the area. I could take care of my family, go on vacations, buy the extras, and pay my parents' bills.”

It's not all been smooth sailing. Alex says he's had to learn a few life lessons along with his business success. Amongst many, one of the critical lessons he's learned is having the right mindset, along with the value of discretion. There will always be naysayers; those who try to talk you down or stop your progress and those who will not be genuinely happy for you no matter what you do.

For instance, Alex says that when he tried to join the police force, some people around him tried to talk him out of it. They told him it was difficult to accept a mindset that reeked of negativity. And with experience, Alex says that mindset is very common, especially with entrepreneurship. The key is to go ahead once you're convinced of what you want, learn what you need to learn, push forward, and never give up.

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