7 Money-Saving Items Everyone Should Own

Save money with these secret weapon items!

7 Money-Saving Items Everyone Should Own

So often money-saving items require some type of investment. It’s simpler in the short term to just buy cheap commonly replaced items over long term savings with a higher up-front cost. However, when you crunch the numbers, some things are worth making the leap.

Here are a few money-saving items everyone should own in order to cut down on their overall spending:

  1. Water Pitcher
  2. Herb Garden
  3. Rechargeable Batteries
  4. LED Bulbs
  5. Energy-Efficient Anything
  6. Smart Plugs
  7. Tote Bags

Keep reading to find out why these items made the list!…

Water Pitcher

If you drink as much water as you *should*, you probably have had your experiences with various types of water filters. By getting a water pitcher with filter, you can slash your water expenses significantly. Refilling a 5 Gallon jug is about 1/3 the cost of buying already bottled water in the store.

We use this refillable water pitcher, these off-brand water pitcher filters, and this is the best water bottle we’ve ever used! It actually keeps the water ice-cold for at least 24 hours! It’s the best water bottle by far! If you have one too I’m sure you know what I’m talking about! (I have –and love– the bright yellow one.)

Herb Garden

If you do a lot of cooking you know how pricey and time consuming it can be to run out to the store for some fresh herbs every time you decide to get fancy in the kitchen. Herbs are not cheap and you can’t keep them in storage for future use. If saving money is at least part of your inspiration to cook at home, then incorporating basic ingredients like fresh herbs doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. However, just because you are saving money doesn’t mean your culinary creations need to suffer. grow an herb garden of your own, for an inexpensive, constant supply of the herbs you use the most.

This Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit is a great one to start with! It comes with 18 herb varieties.

Rechargeable Batteries

There are two schools of thought. Spend less money on many cheap batteries you will replace a lot or spend more money on good rechargeable batteries. Eventually the cheap batteries will catch up to you and you will find yourself constantly having to replenish your stock. The best thing to do is invest just a little bit more on the outset for some rechargeable batteries that you can reuse time and again. Rechargeable batteries give you the freedom of reusing your current batteries, so you never have to look around for lost batteries, or have to spend more money on new ones.

We use and love these AA rechargeable batteries and we use this battery charger.

LED Bulbs

Another good investment that pays off in fewer replacements is LED bulbs. LED lights last longer and are much more energy-efficient. By using LED bulbs in your house, you can benefit from brighter light, and bulbs that need to be replaced less often. Not only does switching to LED bulbs add to the quality and reliability of the light, the energy-efficient technology saves you money in the long term.

Pro tip: As our traditional bulbs go out we swap them out with the LED bulbs. That way we’re not wasting bulbs that already work and we’re not taking on the expense of replacing them all at once. We get these soft white (AKA warm) LED bulbs for around the house. (The “daylight” bulbs can have a stark blue-ish hue to them.)

Energy-Efficient Anything

Appliances are either a big part of energy consumption or the solution to your energy spending. Kitchen and laundry appliances are a big deal, when you cut down on their energy use. Induction stoves, and other Energy Star appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, and washer dryer units are a terrific investment toward your future energy spending. upgrading to updated appliances will have a dramatic effect on your energy consumption and the high cost to maintain your energy use.

Smart Plugs

Smart Plugs are a great way to maximize the efficiency of power in your home. They regulate the output and are controllable from your device. Smart plugs are controlled wirelessly and electronically. You can also set a timer for when the outlet gets used. Smart plugs are a convenient solution to appliances that are always plugged into the wall and syphoning power.

We use these smart plugs and highly recommend them!

Tote Bags

You probably have a tone of these in a closet somewhere or in the trunk of your car. Don’t forget to use them. That collection of reusable bags can save you over time on the cost of buying paper or plastic bags. Plus, tote bags are sturdier and easier to carry most of the time. If you haven’t started using reusable tote bags for all of your shopping, those little savings add up and will help you feel good about helping the environment too!

Did we leave off any money-saving items you use and love? If so, tell us about them in the comments! If you like this post and found it helpful, we’d be so thankful if you shared it with your friends!

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