8 Essential Products You Can Get On Amazon for Under $5

8 Essential Products  You Can Get On Amazon for Under $5

Household Essentials to Buy on Amazon

Sometimes it becomes a necessity to buy certain items. Whether you need to keep things up around the house or maintain your professional appearance, tiny expenses always find their way into your monthly bills; whether you budget for them or not. SO, I have come across some useful essential items that are under $5 so you can easily fit them into what you have planned to spend on essential items.

Some of these budget products aid in at home cooking or maintenance and preservation so that you spend less on replacing damaged goods. Take a peek at these 8 essential items that you can find cheap on Amazon and see if any of them match your needs! It should go without saying but you'll obviously want to use what you have on hand before purchasing anything new. 😉

Cheese Cloth $4.97

Cheese cloth is a kitchen essential that is used as a strainer. We use our cheese cloth regularly when we make Iced Coffee and when we need to strain seeds out of our son's smoothies. It's a versatile piece of material that is good to have on hand in various situations. The Cheesecloth here is only 4.97 and ships free with Prime!

6 Reusable Coffee Pods $4.95

These little coffee pods will save you money on your morning coffee that you make at home. The pre-made Keurig pods are expensive and aren't good for the environment. You can easily buy your favorite ground coffee and then add it to these reusable pod cup your price per cup goes down dramatically. This is pack of six pods, so you don't have to constantly wash them out either. They're only $4.95 and they ship free whether you have Prime, or not!

Funnel Set $4.89

This is so not glamorous but much of everyday life isn't. This is one of those things that I thought I could do without then when I finally got this funnel set I found it to be a game-changer. No more delicately balancing bottles on top of each other to get the last bits out and maximize my purchases. I constantly find myself using funnels and they just make my life easier. At just $4.89 this set ships free with Prime.

Pocket Screwdriver $3.99

Part of saving money is fixing what you already own rather than buying new just because it makes your life easier. You don't need to take pocket screwdriver with you, even though you can. This is handy to have around the kitchen, or anywhere you spend a lot of time, but don't keep a tool box available. It's the size of a pen and comes with 8 interchangeable bits. It's only $3.99 and ships free with Prime.

Bobby Pins $3.65

Bobby Pins are probably one of the most essential items to have on hand. They're great when you're growing out bangs, they help you add variety to your look (helping you resist the urge to buy new accessories out of boredom) AND they're super great if you decide to cut your own hair, you can easily hide any “mistakes.”

My bobby pins are always somehow mysteriously disappearing so I'm always needing to buy new ones. This 60 count pack is great to hold you for awhile and they are ship free automatically. No Prime needed.

Vegetable Peeler $2.99

Cooking at home is a basic of saving more money. Part of why eating out/getting take out is so appealing is because it's so easy. To make the switch from eating out to wanting to cook at home, you've got to do what you can to make your life easier. The answer: invest in a cheap vegetable peeler. The easier you can make cooking on yourself, the more often you are likely to do it. Vegetable Peelers are essential items every home cook should own. This one is under $3.00 and it ships free!

Week Planner $2.99

This week planner is great to use for Meal Planning. It keeps everyone on the same page and it's a great visual reminder. This one is $2.99 and ships free. It goes on the wall for all to see and breaks up your week by day.

Another option is this Printable Meal Plan Bundle for just $3.00

Mesh Intimates Laundry Bag $2.70

Finally, keep your “delicates” in great shape by washing them properly. The more you care for your clothes in the laundry process, the less often you will need to spend money replacing them. This is a very inexpensive item that ends up costing only $2.70 with shipping included!

What items do I need to include on the next list? Would love to hear what are “essentials” for you in your life! Tell me in the comments.