8 Great Tips and Tricks for MultiVersus Season 1

multiversus tips and tricks season 1

Here are some useful tips and tricks for MultiVersus. Make sure you are prepared before you join the clash in the new platform-fighter.

MultiVersus increases the hype as it gets closer to Season 1. With new characters on the way, the platform-fighter will definitely expand its player base as well. If you are a new player getting ready to know the game, we have compiled a list of MultiVersus tips and tricks. Have a look at them below to familiarize yourself with the new Warner Bros. game.

MultiVersus Tips and Tricks

Player First Games' brilliant platform-fighter comes with a long list of fighters. While we all know them from various fictional worlds, these iconic heroes have distinct moves and playstyles.

multiversus tips

They may be your personal favorite, but getting a good grip on a certain character requires practice. With these MultiVersus tips and tricks, you will get the upper hand against your opponents.

1. Learn all about your character.

MutliVersus characters come in different classes. And they are Bruiser, Tank, Support, Assassin, and Mage. Before deciding on your main fighter, we suggest learning all about your character. If you are playing as Finn the Human or Harley Quinn, find out their strengths and weaknesses. Try to come up with combos as you also learn about their status effects and more.

2. You can do everything twice.

Keep in mind that there is a form of duality in MultiVersus. Every attack, dodge and move can be done twice in the game. You will notice that MultiVersus does not only allow you but also encourage you to go further with your moves. Double jumping, double dodging, and double attacking are some of the things you can do twice.

3. MultiVersus is mostly a team game.

multiversus tips and tricks

Know that this platform-fighter reaches its full potential when played with another player. The formula of 2v2 matches depends on character synchronization. Do not only focus on dealing damage to your opponents. Also consider the opportunities of helping your teammate by increasing their damage and armor, or boosting their attacks.

4. Aerial combat is important.

The victory in MultiVersus comes when you launch your enemies into the borders of the arena. For that, you and your team member need to burst out constant hits to stack damage. And one of the best ways to do that is to focus on aerial combat. Most fighters, especially Shaggy, are great at coming up with aerial attacks. Especially  That's why it is a really important aspect of the game that you should be aware of.

5. Experiment with characters.

There is no doubt that this is one of the best MultiVersus tips and tricks. The game comes with a great list of characters, including the most iconic heroes we know from our favorite shows. You can always experiment with them to see which one suits your playstyle. Go to the lab and choose one to see if you have a good grip on that fighter.

6. Complete the daily missions.

Keep an eye out for daily missions and challenges. They play an important factor in earning Gold and therefore, unlocking new characters. You can also unlock characters in MultiVersus with Gleamium, a premium in-game currency. But that would require you to pay real money. The gold you will be earning by completing missions and winning matches should be enough to get new characters at a steady pace.

7. Unlock characters with Gold.

Unless you really want to unlock a character as fast as possible, we suggest unlocking them slowly with Gold. MultiVersus is a great game that does not force you into buying Character Tokens and Founder Packs. It also allows you to earn Gold slowly and add new characters to your inventory.

8. Choose the right character for the team.

multiversus season 1 tips

As mentioned earlier, MultiVersus is a team game that allows fighters to shine especially when they are in the right duo. It is simply not another co-op fighting game where you randomly pick a character. Every hero in MultiVersus reaches their full potential when they are teamed up with the right character.


Well, we hope these MultiVersus tips and tricks help you out in the fast-paced fights of the game. Note that the balances between characters will change as new faces join the game. Updates also nerf or buff certain fighters, which will change how they play in the game as well.

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