8 Mile: Why is it a good movie?

Is 8 Mile on Paramount Plus?

8 Mile is a cult-classic film that received favourable reviews earning a 7.1 out of 10 score on IMDb when it was released.

In recent years we have seen how films that previously received not-so favourable reviews become cult-classic films which have won audiences. Films like Glitter and the Halle Berry-fronted Cat Woman have since received their flowers.

However, there are films of this nature that were immediate cult-classics following their release. One such film is 2002’s 8 Mile, which featured Marshall “Eminem” Mathers in the title role of Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith Jr.

Following its release, this film received favourable reviews for the most part, as it earned a 7.1 out 10 rating on IMDb.

Was 8 Mile a true story?

The premise of the Curtis Hanson-directed film, 8 Mile, is shared as, “A young rapper, struggling with every aspect of his life, wants to make it big but his friends and foes make this odyssey of rap harder than it may seem.”

The film was reportedly loosely based on the life and times of its protagonist, Eminem. However, as the narrative did take liberties, it was important to assert that it was inspired by Slim Shady’s rise to fame and global acclaim.

8 Mile: Why is it a good movie?

8 Mile is touted as a rag-to-riches film. Directed by Curtis Hanson, the film is touted firstly for the way it used the life and times of real-life rapper, Eminem to inspire the narrative, while taking liberties in terms of the characterisation and plot devices in the story.

Therefore, the film does not end by showcasing how B-Rabbit found national success and acclaim, instead it ends following his final big rap battle scene with the leader of Free World, Papa Doc.

The film manages to strike a chord with viewers as by the end of it, though we might not see B-Rabbit as rich and successful, we do see the rapper find his voice.

The rest of the rapper’s life thereafter is left to the viewer's imagination. This was likely not difficult to do as fans already have Eminem’s actual career as inspiration to imagine what B-Rabbit’s future would have ended up looking like.

This is arguably what makes the film so good – the fact that as viewers we are watching a film about an artist finding their voice, a universal story, just like the coming of age narratives.

Therefore, you likely need to be a fan of Eminem or the rap genre to get enveloped by the narrative. The stance the film takes makes it such a universal story rated 7.1 out of 10 on IMDb, and it has a total of 75 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

8 Mile made Oscar history

Not only was 8 Miles a hit at the box office, but it also managed to receive a nod from Oscars following its release and the subsequent soundtrack which accompanied the film.

The title single of the soundtrack titled Lose Yourself was not only nominated as Best Music, Original Score in 2003, but the song also won the trophy.

After the win, the song made history as the first rap song to achieve this feat. Eminem reportedly did not believe he would win the trophy as he did not even attend the ceremony to receive his trophy.

8 Mile was supposed to have a sequel

In light of the film’s success, it was reported that 8 Mile was supposed to have released a sequel. The sequel was reportedly meant to be directed by Kurt Sutter, who had already created the premise of the film.

The premise reportedly would have been about a father who was a boxer, who lost custody of his daughter and the journey he takes to get it all back.

Eminem was supposed to return as the protagonist of the film, but the sequel did not work out as planned, as Eminem did not return and the film later became Jake Gyllenhaal’s 2015 film, Southpaw.

Eminem wrote Lose Yourself in between scenes

Certainly, Eminem affirmed his musical genius in 8 Mile. This is as he was initially meant to mime his raps in the film, but after hearing the other rappers freestyle, he also started freestyling instead of miming his pre-recorded raps.

Moreover, it was believed that he also wrote the song that went on to become the soundtrack of the movie in between shooting scenes of the film.

While it is not confirmed that he wrote Lose Yourself during this time, what we do know is that the rapper surprised his collaborators as he wrote the hook of the song in 30 seconds.