8 Traditions That Are Not Okay in 2023 And Should Be Eliminated Now

Nearly everyone has a tradition they live by, that guides their behavior and day to day to activities. Traditions can be beautiful and they can be harmful to yourself and to others. It all depends on the tradition you choose to honor.

Unfortunately, not everyone has self-guiding traditions as healthy as family devotion, volunteering, and gratitude.

A Redditor asked, “What ‘tradition’ is not okay?” And Redditors has replied with what they consider the most unacceptable traditions:

1. Hymen Testing

Hymen testing is shockingly enough a fairly common practice. It is to determine whether or not a female has lost her virginity. It is also called the “2-finger” or “vaginal examination”, and has often been termed a form of abuse.

2. Child Marriage

Child marriage involves a marriage where one or both of the couple are under 18 years of age. Under no circumstance should this be acceptable or legal, but sadly, it still is.

“It's unfortunately still legal in over half of the 50 states in the U.S. Mainly done by religious cults,” a Redditor wrote.

3. Circumcision

There are numerous benefits of circumcision, including decreased risk of urinary tract infection, decreased risk of penile cancer, and better hygiene. But despite its benefits, people have started to wonder if it's ethical. u/r4ndom_user_ said, “Honestly, unless the individual is mature enough to give consent, any type of cutting is problematic. Period.”

4. Bachelor/ette Parties

While not all bachelor/ette parties involve stripping and eroticism, a huge number of them do.

Infidelity is one of the worst things that can happen to any relationship. It can cause a strain on the relationship that even time may not be able to heal. And if you really love your partner, you should think twice before committing that one “final” act of pleasure, which isn't worth jeopardizing your love life for.

“People cheating on their spouse on their bachelor/ette party because it's their ‘last night of freedom'. If you think marriage is like a prison, don't get married,” a Redditor said.

“It's also just straight up not their last night of freedom anyway, unless they're getting married the second they met.

Most couples are together for months or years before marriage!” someone replied.

5. Cropping puppy’s ears and docking tails

Tail docking is a practice done to prevent rabies, injuries, to conform to breed standards, and for sanitary reasons. There is also the unproven theory that it makes dogs less aggressive. However, recently it is practiced for such insignificant reasons as “aesthetics”. General animal lovers expressed resentment for the tradition, and labelled it totally unnecessary, unless it is key to the dog's survival.

u/xchakrumx said, “Also docking tails was safer for herding dogs, so their tail wouldn’t get stepped on/ripped off by livestock. There’s reasons for these practices, but aesthetics should NOT be one of them.

6. Purity Balls

One Redditor believes they are the “original cringe”.

Someone asked, “What is a purity ball? Never heard of it before.”

And u/Key-Illustrator6504 explained, “It’s where Christian adolescent girls get dressed up like for prom and dance with (if she’s lucky) her daddy and promises to ‘save herself' for her husband It’s creepy.”

“It's so creepy and almost predatory,” u/Nrmlgirl777 said. Scratch out “almost”.

7. Animal Fighting

This is widely practiced majorly for entertainment/gambling purposes, and while it has become a kind of norm, it is now also considered a form of abuse.

u/acgasp shared, “I know in Mexico (or US areas with a big Mexican population), cock fighting is popular. I live in a major US city with a big Mexican/Hispanic population and there’s a story once or twice a year where fights are broken up.”

8. Rebirth

“I've never heard of this before. This sounds completely idiotic and if adopted parents want to do this, take the children back. Seems like a big red flag to me.”

A Redditor explained the term: “They wrap you in a blanket and your new parents sit on you until you break out and are ‘reborn'. Kids can die from suffocation, collapsed lungs, or just plain exhaustion.”

“I've heard of an incident of that happening to a little girl…she died from lack of oxygen,” someone else said.

Even though it doesn't make any logical sense that a person would do this to anyone, let alone a little child, it is still practiced, and is one of the awful traditions that must be stopped.

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