91 Days Season 2: Latest Update and Everything We Must Know!

91 Days is one of the anime that covered crime, drama, and the dark thriller genre. No wonder fans want the next sequel of 91 Days or 91 Days Season 2. The unique story impressed fans all around the world and became an instant hit. Studio Shuka, the studio that produced 91 days of anime, exposed us to the cold and straightforward stories and events in the past. We were pulled back to the Prohibition era.

91 Days is an original anime series directed by Hiro Kaburagi and written by Taku Kishimoto. 91 Days gave as the dark theme in the world of revenge, gloom, and aura that captures you with its elements. After watching 91 Days, you will feel a cold winter night in the town of Lawless. We were served the adventure in the family of mafia, crime revenger, and murder. It’s quite rare to find this type of anime genre. So, we hope for the best decision 91 Days Season 2!

91 Days Season 1: Recap Time

91 Days Season 2
91 Days Season 2: Latest Update and Everything We Must Know! 4

91 Days was one of the anime that brought out the true stories in anime plotlines. 91 Days was happening in Lawless town, Illinois during Prohibition in 1932. This story of revenge revolved around a young boy named Angelo Lagusa also known as Lavilio. His peaceful life with his parents and younger brother is completely destroyed when the Vanetti mafia family decides to mercilessly slaughter each one of them. Angelo somehow manages to survive but loses everything that ever mattered to him. 

Angelo swears to seek revenge against the Vanetti Family. Seven years later, Angelo receives an anonymous letter from a friend of his father's, prompting him to return to Lawless and exact his revenge. Under the name of Avilio Bruno, he begins to infiltrate the Vanetti clan by slowly befriending Don's son, Nero. Poor Nero was manipulated by Angelo.

What comes next is the story of how Angelo plans, manipulates and strategizes to seek revenge. He wants to make sure his journey will be finished by slowly killing each and every person who was once involved in the killings of his family members. This story offers a much deeper story that portrays a darker side of the society where the law does not exist.

91 Days Season 2 Update!

91 Days’ first season was a craving anime. People are still in awe and want to bring back our Angelo and Nero into 91 Days Season 2. Fans that are waiting right now can only beg and wait for Studio Shuka to make the sequel of 91 Days Season 2. The chances are still pretty high though! 

The problem is, 91 Days is an original anime story that does not have to depend on any source material. 91 Days Season 2 was all dependent on the studio. The renewal series also only needs to rely on the performance of its first season. 91 Days Season 1 is already a successful commercial debut installment and has enough popularity to have a comeback.

We can only assume that 91 Days Season 2 was already on the Studio Shuka waiting list. However, the first season already completed the story plot. There are some rumors that the next season will probably cover one or two side character stories and bring back the same vibes into it. Or, Studio Shuka can make a flashback of the mafia family. There are many more open possibilities.

91 Days Season 2
91 Days Season 2: Latest Update and Everything We Must Know! 5

91 Days Release Date!

Fans might have to wait a little longer for the official renewal of 91 Days. Studio Shuka does not have any anime scheduled for 2021 yet. But it’s a possibility that the studio might pick up a much-awaited sequel. Maybe we can beg and ask continuously for 91 Days Season 2 for the green light of the installment. Our best guess is in 2022!