99% Of People Have Already Checked off These 14 Things. Are You Part of The Elite 1%?

A recent online discussion asks for things the majority of people have done. We're talking about having a slice of pizza or using social media.

1. Ordered Delivery

delivery man handing parcel over to another man
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For most people, the convenience of delivery counteracts the fees. For others, waiting for extraneous amounts of time for lukewarm food doesn't appeal to them. Individuals who have never ordered delivery claim they don't live where it makes sense to deliver, or the service fees add up to another meal.

2. Drank Soda

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One person wrote that they've never guzzled a carbonated drink. Not because their parents restricted it but because they never felt the urge to indulge in the fizzy beverage.

3. Worn Nike Products

woman wearing Nike sneakers and leggings laying on the ground
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Nike holds the spot as the #1 shoe brand in the world, but even with a popular status, the swoosh doesn't reach everyone. Someone expresses they've never worn, owned, or tried on a Nike product. A few others chime in, stating they also remain Nike-free.

4. Joined TikTok

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TikTok is the most downloaded app of all time, even though users claim it sinks you into a black hole and you spend countless hours scrolling mind-numbing content. However, through strong will and resistance to societal pressure, few manage to live a prosperous life without the video app.

5. Watched Game of Thrones

game of thrones
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IMDb credits Game of Thrones as the most-watched television series of all time, yet, several people express that the show doesn't pique interest due to subject matter and gory content.

6. Drank Alcohol

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Chances are that you've had a sip of alcohol at one point in your life. Whether it's at a party, family gathering, or church.

7. Eaten Meat

man eating plate of meat
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One internet user articulates that since they grew up following a pescetarian diet, they never craved meat. They share, “I get grossed out by the sight of any egg thing ever.”

8. Eaten McDonald's

mcdonalds MSN
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Big Macs, Fries, McFlurries? Not for these individuals. Someone writes, “I haven't been to a McDonald's or even eaten their food even though I lived over 30 years in North America.”

9. Had a Birthday Party

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In school, if you announce you're having a birthday party to the class, everyone gets an invitation to prevent kids from feeling left out and to welcome all students. Sadly, someone confesses each year passes without a birthday celebration.

10. Chewed Gum

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Chewing gum flavors encompass spearmint, watermelon, cinnamon, orange, and gingerbread; nevertheless, the chewing confectionery revolts a few people.

11. Bought a Lottery Ticket

lottery ticket
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Many people haven't taken a chance at winning the big bucks by playing the lottery in their lifetimes. One person said, “I've played multiple times. For a while people kept buying them for me for birthdays.”

12. Played a Pokémon Game

pokemon game playing
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The “Pokémon Go!” era in 2016 didn't hit everyone the same. People across the globe have never played any of the Pokémon games from “Pokémon Diamon and Pearl” to the classic card trading game.

13. Been on a Plane

flying on a plane
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Traveling through the skies is normal for some, but for others, getting into a plane and flying over Earth is something they haven't done, and maybe they never will.

14. Broken a Bone

broken arm bone
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The pain of breaking a bone is something people remember, but one person expressed they've avoided the pain and still have all of their bones intact.

Source: Reddit.