A Grumpy Review of the Truce at Bukura

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A Review of the Truce at Bukara Star Wars Novel

After my really enjoying read of the novelisation of Revenge of the Sith I thought I might expand my Star Wars reading repertoire.

I headed to the Salvation Army Store down the road and managed to find The Truce at Bakura and Tales of the Bounty Hunters and The Last Command, the last in the Thrawn Trilogy. They cost me 9 of my New Zealand dollars, a bargain for sure.

I chose to read Bakura first as it seemed an interesting idea to learn what happened the day after the events of Jedi.

I guess I'll have to find the other Zahn book too…

Here's my review which is basically notes I thought to make as I read it. I'm coming into this blind, I'd never heard of the book before I picked it from the shelf.

A Review of the Novel, the Truce at Bukara, a Star Wars Novel

The book starts basically the day after Luke killed Vader, Vader killed the Emperor and Lando blew up the Death Star completely oblivious to the murderous rampage the Skywalker family was in.

I'm 20 pages in an Luke has rescued Wedge from some bomb that makes no sense, Leia and Han are getting in on in an Ewok Hutt and Luke is suffering from sickness after being fried by the Emperor's force lightning.

And suddenly the Rebel alliance NEEDS to hold onto Endor for strategic purposes and then NEEDS to defend some never before heard of planet called Burkan that's controlled by the Empire from some never before heard of alien race that has just suddenly decided to attack and steal the brain energy of its inhabitants so it can power robots.

Oh, I just remembered that Obi Wan conveniently called Luke on the Force Phone and casually explained to him some major plot points.

This has not started well. I am looking out for a traitor so that gives me hope. I bet it's C3PO, he's always been a smug fellow.

I'm 60 pages in and Han and Leia and Chewie went to some ice plant and got attacked by robots and came back to the battle that Luke was suddenly commanding.

Gosh knows why Ackbar put him in charge of everything, just because he's the hero of the day?

And Luke has won some space battle but all he seemed to care about was saving Wedge's life (AGAIN) when his X wing squads were dying all over the place. I question his motives.

I am so bored with this.  Who decided this could be canon? I will try some more on the bus when I next go to work 

I'm now at page 90 and I think I want to stop reading this novel.

Leia is meeting the Prime Minister and the Imperial Boss of the planet. Much discussion has centered around Luke's white pants.

References have been made to Death Stars and Jedi mind tricks.

I think I am still hung up that the fall of the Emperor happened only a week or so ago and the MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE in the universe right now are pissing about on Bukara. I would have thought working out the state of the world in terms of the status of the Empire would be more important.

Luke just randomly demonstrated his lightsabre for the Commander of the Imperial Fleet. Before that he used the Force to make Han shake hands with a dude who was kidding Leia's hand as part of a gentlemanly greeting.

Also Luke has a crush on someone.

This is starting to realllllly bore us. Let's get to the chorus!

So now Leia is panicking as she gets out of her transport to have dinner at the Prime Minister’s residence. Is it the Prime Minister’s house? I can’t keep up but Leia seems to flinch at everything that moves because she now has daddy issues due to Luke’s daddy issues. This is not Princess Leia, this is Leia light.
This story is going nowhere but there is a chance a prisoner of the enslaving alien race will betray his enslavers. That could be interesting. 

So, yeah Vader just turned up as a Force Ghost. I mean Anakin Skywalker appeared so he could apologise and ask forgiveness for all that he did such as blowing up Alderaan and killing the Organa family, Leia's family. Naturally Leia didn't take too kindly to all of it. Then she went off for breakfast with the Prime Minister and had toast.

Things are all go now! Luke, a Jedi Knight who a week ago managed to kill Darth Vader, one of the most able sword fighters of all time was able to be knocked out by smelly alien race that had tails.

Han has rescued Leia but it's a trap and the girl Luke thinks he might be in love with has also been poisoned with the heart eating worms and now the old girl that Luke used the Force on is now alive and kicking and running the rebellion from her keyboard.

I'm just reading to find out how this thing ends. Let's see how much I can get through on the bus tonight!

Well well well! My opinions haven't changed! The climax was nothing special. Everyone got rescued, no one of importance died and Luke kissed a girl.

On reflection the author took every Star Wars film element and simply rehashed it into a novel format.

C3PO interjecting – check.
Heroic R2 moment where he interfaces with the mainframe – check.
Han Solo flights the Falcon heroically  – check.
Leia gets to play a stuck up diplomat – check.
Chewbacca continues as the growling side kick  – check.
Luke struggles with his mental health – get the check.

Indeed, as I was reading this on the bus yesterday the lady next me interrupted me to ask if that was a novel of Star Wars or Star Wars novel as she remembered the movies from years ago!

She asked me how it was and I said it was rubbish. She then told her daughter loves Star Wars so I told her there was another coming next year and she smiled and said something about how her grand children might like it.

Am I old?


Next up is a serious of short stories about the Bounty Hunters found in Empire. After the hunk of junk this was, I'll be happy if at least one of the stories reads as good as a nerf herder's piss tastes.

Oh, and when I finally get to the Thrawn Novels and they aren't as good as every one says, well…..

Heck, I'm not even going to edit this post. Out it goes into the wild.

OH! One more thing! Ben Kenobi is featured on the cover of the book. He's in it once as some lame thing I think I mentioned above.


Update: I decided to look for some reviews of the book. A lot of illiterate Star Wars fans love this novel but

I endorse Philips's review:

“I'll confess I didn't read the whole of it, only the first quarter or so. I stopped because it was rather dull and plodding, requiring a lot of effort to keep going. I can only assume the book starts to get interesting later on, though that would be a rather paltry reward for the rather dull first 80 pages of the book.”

We say well done staying in school Philip and if you're ever in New Zealand come to my house for a BBQ.

Check out the prices on Amazon if you must

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