A Tesla Cybertruck Police Cruiser Is Allegedly Coming Soon, and It Sounds Like Something Out of “Robocop”

Sometimes, life is stranger than fiction, even when that fiction is bizarre, satirical sci-fi from the 80s. The fiction in question is the 1987 movie RoboCop, in which a technology company uses cutting-edge technology to turn a police officer on his deathbed into the ultimate high-tech crime fighter for the police department. 

And then there's life right now where a technology company is allegedly using cutting-edge automotive technology to build police departments the ultimate police cruiser. 

No, this is not a leaked plot-line for a potential RoboCop sequel or spin-off, though Tesla does have robots, and their CEO would make for an entertaining movie villain. (Just saying.) 

In short, Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison (whose children Megan and David are some of Hollywood's most influential producers, so they could easily green-light this. Not that we're trying to pitch a movie idea to Hollywood billionaires in a car article…) has announced plans for a new police cruiser based on Tesla's Cybertruck.  

The All New RoboCop Edition Tesla

So, even though this plan involves Tesla's Cybertruck, it's Orcale’s project. Does it sound strange that a massive tech conglomerate like Oracle is getting involved in developing new toys for the police? Well, it's not. It's just business as usual for Oracle, actually. 

It turns out that the tech giant has been developing software and communications technology for the boys in blue for quite some time. 

Some of Oracle's previous developments for the force even include a vehicle that was essentially a 2022 Ford Explorer revamped with Oracle software and an Android tablet screen in the vehicle's dashboard. 

The Tesla Cybertruck police cruiser won't need that revamping, though. According to Ellison, all Oracle has to do is install their software in the Cybertruck's hardware. That's it. 

With Cybertrucks hitting the streets soon, these police cruisers aren't too far behind. (This just became a documentary; it's no longer speculative sci-fi.) 

During a speech at Oracle's CloudWorld 2023, Ellison said this is his “favorite car,” adding, “It's incredible.” It should be noted that he did not specifically mention a working prototype for this during his keynote address, though. It's all just theory at this point, but that can change very quickly.

There's More Questions Here Than Answers

Will the Tesla police cruiser be the same standard model as the Cybertruck, or will it come with different features? 

For example, will the regular Cybertruck available to the public and the police cruiser versions have the same driving range? Will the police cruiser be faster than the standard Cybertruck? What about coming with extra protection for its battery cells?

These are essential questions because police cruisers are not regular vehicles; their functions and requirements vastly differ from those of everyday cars. 

Ellison did not comment on what potential modifications this police cruiser might have; he only mentioned that it would be “very fast” and “very safe.”