A Wealthy Affiliate Review

A Wealthy Affiliate Review

Have you been looking for a Wealthy Affiliate review?  Look no further as that is the topic of discussion for today!

Company: Wealthy Affiliate

Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Price: Free for Basic “Starter” Access & $47 per month for Premium Membership or $359 for annual membership.

**You can have a 7-day full-access free trial membership.  If you still want premium membership after 7 days, the first month is $19 then $47 month or $359 annually after that ** 

Would I Use This Service?: Yes

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

If you are reading the Wealthy Affiliate review, then you are beginning your trek into the realm of internet affiliate marketing.  There are several different providers of this service on the internet.  I have personally used Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member, so I do have some inside experience with this company.

WA (Wealthy Affiliate) is a service that will host your websites using the WordPress Editor, provides video training & tutorials to help create your website, offers a keyword tool for SEO (search engine optimization) rankings, and provides a social media-esque community platform to assist with your questions and answers.

What WA is not, is a “Get Rich Quick” moneymaking method or a one-stop shop to sign up for affiliate links so you can begin making money.  They are very upfront with this message and will tell you it will take at least several months before you can begin making money.

WA will give you the tools to “Lead The Horse To The Water”, figuratively speaking, but you still need to do all the hard work.

To make the most of WA, I recommend Premium membership so you have access to all the training videos & the additional tutorials.

Watching the below video is an overview of WA from one of the company founders, Kyle.


Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For?

The better question is who can do internet marketing?  The answer is anybody.  For starters, you can be a stay-at-home parent, person looking to monetize a hobby or profession, or somebody looking pursue a career of self-employment.  The only two requirements are (1) the desire to help others through a website & blog and (2) a bit of patience.

The primary reason for me and my wife, was we were brand new to the internet blogging world.  We wanted a service that provided good training and we were also interested in the online community & the added benefit that Wealthy Affiliate would also host our websites.

What training does WA offer?

WA was co-founded by two people, Kyle and Carson.  Kyle is the “face” of the company and has created most of the  training videos.  There are two different training courses.  One is for creating an affiliate marketing website you can monetize.  The other training course is called the “Affiliate Bootcamp” that is WA's own affiliate program where they walk you through the process of creating a monetized website to promote WA.

The training courses cover every point of building your website.  There are five different training levels for each course and 10 lessons per course.

However, you will need to use the community tools and additional “how-to” training videos to understand how to use certain features to design your webpage as you want.

A Wealthy Affiliate Review


Above is a screenshot of the different training materials available on Wealthy Affiliate.

What Are The Two Different Types of Membership?

Starter Membership

If you are on the fence about affiliate marketing or want to see if Wealthy Affiliate is the best choice for you, this is the membership for your


  • Free 7-day trial of Premium Membership
  • Free web hosting for two websites using SiteRubix
    • (Your web address would be www.mysite.siterubix.com)
  • Access to initial training courses that includes training videos
  • 30 Free Searches using Keyword Tool for SEO Rankings


  • Limited access to all the training & tutorial videos
    • If you are serious about creating a successful site, these are are pretty important.
  • Only free hosting for Siterubix sites
    • If you own your own domain, (i.e. www.myownwebsite.com) you need to upgrade to Premium
    • You odds of ranking higher on the Search Engines is significantly better with your own domain name.
  • Limited amount of Keyword Searches
    • To have a higher search engine ranking, you need to use the right language in your postings to “stick out from the crowd.”
    • You will go through those 30 free searches quicker than you might imagine 🙁
Premium Membership

If you are serious about wanting to make affiliate marketing work, you need this option.  WA starts you with a 7-day trial membership, this is usually enough time to see if this platform is a possibility for you.  If you want more time, you can get the first month for $19 then $47 each month thereafter.  There is a price break for an annual subscription at $359 (that's $30 each month).


  • Unlimited hosting of websites, including your own domains.
    • Retains WordPress editor but also includes complimentary security & backup services.
  • Access to all training courses and additional videos
  • Unlimited Keyword Searches
    • Lists similar keywords, monthly searches, estimated page views
  • Higher commission rates if you “refer” others to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate


  • Keyword Tool is good but need to use the Jaaxy add-on service ($20/month & also created by WA founders) for a more thorough/easier to use search and ranking option.
  • ↓Below is a screenshot of the WA Keyword tool for “Best Football Team”↓
    A Wealthy Affiliate Review



  • A Wealthy Affiliate Review
    Above is a screenshot is a Jaaxy keyword search for “Best Football Team” *The WA keyword tool is pretty good, but requires some more legwork and guess work.


    For the visual learners, below is a chart that compares the Starter & Premium memberships.

wealthy affiliate membership grid

Is Wealthy Affiliate For You?

After reading this review, I hope this has helped you decide if WA is for you.  You can research WA some more and I believe you will find a lot of very favorable ratings.  Regarding negative reviews, remember to keep in mind that Affiliate Marketing takes time and success will not happen overnight.

WA isn't perfect, but nothing on this Earth is.  There are other good affiliate marketing websites out there (that give you the tools without the scam), and Wealthy Affiliate fits into this category.

My personal recommendation is to at least sign up for the FREE Starter membership and if you dedicate any time in the 7-day trial period, you will know if WA is a good fit for you.

If you are serious about starting an internet business with affiliate marketing, then upgrade to the “Premium” membership.

Thank you  for reading this review.  Please feel free to drop a comment about this review or any prior experience with internet marketing.   Or feel free to ask a question.

Are you ready to try Wealthy Affiliate today today?!  






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