Aaron Wagner: Turning a Dream Into Reality Doesn’t Take Much – Just a Bit of Courage and Dedication

Success doesn’t just happen overnight, and turning your dream into reality is easier said than done.

Even though achieving greatness takes immense dedication, hard work, and some good old-fashioned elbow grease, there are numerous proofs – millions of entrepreneurs and businesses – around us that show nothing is impossible.

An Inspiring Business Mogul

One such example is Aaron Wagner, founder of WAGS Capital.

Aaron Wagner is an inspiring business mogul who has been the example of a fast track for individuals to gain financial freedom by investing in the real estate market. This serial entrepreneur is championing a new wave of investing in what he calls the “Experience Economy”.

His innovative approach to diversifying investments in financial opportunities by purchasing and developing real Estate has shown massive results. As Wagner explains, while it’s always easier for regular people to give up and put their dream somewhere on a back shelf, one thing that every successful person has in common is that they never gave up on their dream.

Fast Track to Success

Further, in today’s world, many resources can help you navigate and break down each step needed to bring your vision to fruition and even fast-track your way to success.

And Wagner would know. He experienced it firsthand. Twenty years ago, he was at the starting line with only a dream in his pocket.

As a young man, the Canadian-born entrepreneur dreamed of becoming a professional athlete. He believed that playing sports was his ticket out of a life working in the oil fields that employed many others in his community.

American Football

However, instead of choosing a stereotypical local sport like hockey or even basketball, Wagner fell in love with American football.

“Nobody in my town really played football, and no one knew how to get a US college football scholarship,” he says. “But I wanted it badly, so I picked up a phone and cold-called universities and coaches until I got through to Washington State’s Coach Doba.”

His Destiny

With just $33 to his name, Wagner packed up his things and rode his moto across the border to his destiny. However, upon his arrival, he learned that the scholarship and housing he was promised wouldn’t start for another month.

Going back home was not an option as practices had already started. So Wagner decided to sleep in the team locker room every night until he got a place to live.

And from there, Wagner went on to become the world’s best American football player ever. That would be the happy ending you'd expect. But this is no fairytale. His struggles didn’t stop there – a $380 scholarship allowance can get you only so far.

But then Wagner got a brilliant idea.

“I saw a run-down 5-bedroom home for sale. I thought I could buy it, renovate it, and then rent it out to pay the mortgage. But I had no means of buying it,” he says. “My parents were broke and on welfare, but my friend’s dad was wealthy. So I pitched him an idea. He would co-sign and put up the down payment. I’ll fix it, and we’ll split the profit after selling it.”

Juggling Everything

The man agreed, and for the rest of that year, Wagner studyied and trained by day and renovated the house by night. As he points out, it wasn’t easy to juggle everything, but a rent-free place making him $1,000 in profit each month was worth it.

“We finally sold the place at the end of my junior year for around $120,000 profit, and I got half of the cut,” says Wagner. “I then used the money to buy and flip another two condos, and that’s how WAGS Capital started.”

Building His Portfolio

Property after property, Aaron Wagner started building his portfolio. Today, his business has participated in well over $2 Billion in various real estate transactions, projects, and developments. Plus, WAGS has over $1 billion in real estate projects currently under development.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Wagner also founded one of the fastest-growing hospitality companies in the United States. They’ve gone from zero to more than 100 opened restaurants and 1600 employees over the past four years.

Proof of Hard Work and Dedication

Wagner has come a long way from $33 and an immigrant dream. His personal net worth now exceeds $200 million – proof that anything can be achieved if you put enough hard work and dedication into making your dream come true.

Axia Partners

Now with the same level of dedication, his mission is to help other people invest in the real estate market and achieve financial freedom. He selflessly shares his invaluable knowledge and experience, creating a vehicle for others to win with him, through the recently launched Axia Partners, a real estate fund.

By offering guidance and proprietary deals when it comes to real estate investing, coupled with the experience of the best team he could assemble, Wagner has made it easier than ever before to be a passive investor in the real estate market.

He provides his hundreds of Partners with viable strategies, tailored to their individual needs and goals, while putting them in front of recession-resilient assets and simultaneously providing what he terms “Experiential Investing.”

Looking to the Future

Ultimately, Wagner’s long-term goal is simple: to help empower his partners to achieve their desired financial future by leveraging the Experience Economy through effective real estate investing strategies.

“While the path to your goal may sometimes feel daunting and impossible, there is always a solution for everything,” he enthuses. “With so many resources and knowledge readily at your disposal, you can find almost any solution to any problem you may face. You just need a bit of courage and dedication to make that move. You have to be willing to do ‘Whatever it Takes'!

“With each step, your dream will be closer to reality.”

This article was produced and syndicated by Wealth of Geeks.