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Wealth of Geeks was founded in 2018 to help people reach their financial goals. However, it quickly evolved into a one-stop source for the latest updates in entertainment and gaming, exclusive interviews with your favorite celebrities, and a trusted source for pop culture news.

At Wealth of Geeks, you’ll learn about how to grow your wealth, and stay up-to-date on your favorite television show and movie franchise. We are all about having fun and helping you fulfill your financial plans. Whether you’re trying to pay down debt, save money for retirement, deal with an emergency, or save up some extra cash to enjoy your favorite comic convention — you’ve come to the right place!

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Interview Highlights

You Gotta Try Junk: Interview With  Michael Dinich, CEO of Wealth of Geeks

“In an insightful interview with Adam Mendler, Michael Dinich, CEO of Wealth of Geeks, shares his journey from a financial advisor to a successful entrepreneur. Michael highlights the challenges of maintaining work/life balance in a demanding industry and how a failed promise led him to the world of blogging. Embracing his geeky roots, he found a unique voice in a crowded space, combining personal finance with pop culture. Michael emphasizes his motto: “You gotta try junk,” encouraging calculated risks and embracing the work required for success.”
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Google for Publishers Wealth of Geeks

“Wealth of Geeks: A Fusion of Finance and Pop Culture” unveils the journey of Michael Dinich and his blog, Wealth of Geeks, from his career as a financial advisor to a blog with a unique blend of personal finance and pop culture. Launched in 2018, the blog has grown to reach over 1 million readers monthly, providing financial insights alongside entertainment content. Michael's unconventional approach, embracing both finance and geek culture, has proven successful, challenging the accepted convention of single-niche blogging.

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