Live on Half of What You Earn

Abraham's Wallet was kind enough to allow me to share a part of my story of how I was able to afford a career change and take a 50% pay cut!

I encourage you to read the 13 tips to Live on Half of What You Earn.

My Background Story

One day I might write a book about my career change story, I'll continue to blog about it until then.

I didn't like my old job because the long hours and workplace stress weren't worth the higher paycheck. The only problem is that we went from making $80,000 a year to about $35,000. That's a huge drop, especially when you go from making more than the national household average to below the national average.

We actually took a steeper drop than that because I didn't work a steady job for 8 months as I learned new skills to do what I'm doing now, but that's a different story. But, I couldn't have taken an adult gap year if we hadn't followed the 13 tips mentioned in the article.

I still would be working that same old job today (maybe) and slowly etching an inscription into my tombstone.

Ok. Enough of the drama…head over to Abraham's Wallet and read my tips already.

Financial Advice for Men

Abraham's Wallet is a relatively new blog, but they already have some awesome content. It's a great blog for men seeking financial advice and life principles to read and follow. In addition to visiting Abraham's Wallet, please ask the men in your life (husband, brother, sons, coworkers) to not only read my post but to comb through the entire site.

I don't think they'll be disappointed.



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