Accel World Season 2: Everything We Know

Those who watch Sword Art Online (SAO) should know this show. From the same author as SAO, Reki Kawahara, Accel World is a series that fans have longed for the sequel. The first season ended in 2012 with 24 episodes, and since that, we don't hear anything about the second season.

So, it is hopeless then? Let's find out!

Accel World Story

Accel World Season 2 1 1

Set in 2046, Accel World follows the story of an overweight and bullied boy named Haruyuki Arita, who often escapes to virtual reality games. His skill at games is marvellous, proven by the high scores that he got.

The skill brings attention to Kuroyukihime, the popular girl and the student council's vice president. She then introduces him to a secret program called Brain Burst. With the program, the users can accelerate their brain waves and make time feel stopped. To use it, the users need to play a fighting game to earn points for Brain Burst.

Kuroyukihime seeks help from Haruyuki to reach the top level and meet the creator of the program. To do that, both of them need to defeat six powerful faction leaders called “Six Kings of Pure Color”.

The anime adaptation is produced Sunrise (Tiger and Bunny, Code Geass), with Masakazu Obara as the director. The casts include Yuki Kaji (Attack on Titan), Sachika Misawa (OreSuki), Aki Toyosaki (K-ON), and Shintaro Asanuma (Seitokai Yakuindomo).

There is a Sequel to Accel World

You hear that right! Unfortunately, the sequel is in the form of OVA. It is called Accel World Ex, and it splits into two. The first episode was released in 2012, and the second one was in 2013. The worst part of it, the OVA is a bundle for Accel World video games.

There is also a movie called Accel World: Infinite∞Burst, which came in 2016. It has an original storyline, but most are just a recap from television series. Accel World Season 2 seems so far away.

Will there be a Accel World Season 2?

Sadly, we can only hope since there is no official announcement for Accel World Season 2 yet.

If we compare it to SAO, it is like day and night. It is a bit surprising because both of the titles come from the same author. Accel World also shares the same world as SAO; the only difference is the time setting. SAO already got multiple sequels and a movie that will be coming soon.

There is still hope, though. In 2014, Reki Kawahara once spoke that he is pushing the Accel World Season 2. But, unfortunately, Sunrise, the animation studio behind the series, was busy because of other projects. But, at least from that statement, we know that the author also wants a sequel to his work.

The sales of blu-ray are not so bad. The first season, which was released into eight disks, sold about 9,000 copies each. So it is one of a profitable series.

While it is not recently, the franchise got some video games titles and other spinoffs. In addition, next year will be the tenth anniversary of the anime. So, given more time, we might see Accel World Season 2.

Source Materials for Accel World Season 2

We love to say that there will be enough materials for Accel World Season 2. From the information we got, the first season of Accel World only covers four-volume of the light novel. Right now, Reki Kawahara published a total of 25 volumes, and its status is still ongoing.

Not only we can have Accel World Season 2, but we probably can see another season because there are so many contents to adapt to. This title really needs SAO's treatment because it is good series.