Normal or Nightmare? The Top 10 Things That Scare People Silly

Are there any things society considers acceptable that you are bothered by immensely? You've got company.

Recently a Redditor asked, “What's something that's considered normal that creeps you out immediately?” Over 20,000 people weighed in to deliver this list.

1. Sold Identities

Broosevelt stated, “Every company creating an ecosystem requires my home address, credit card, and birthday to listen to music or use the software. So not a shred of my identity is unsold at this point.”

Another user shared, “I use a service called Privacy. It creates burner card numbers to use. You can set low unrealistic spending limits so if they try to use it, or it's stolen, it is denied upon use.”

2. Couches

Runningamuck admitted, “I think it's weird that most couches don't come with washable cushion covers. Of course, everyone finds that normal, but they would think it's weird if someone just slept on a bare mattress without ever putting a sheet on it. When in reality, it's precisely the same thing. I bought a couch with cushion covers you can take off and put in the washing machine for that reason.”

3. Baby Instagrams

Redditor fuma_puma answered, “People making Instagrams for their babies and making captions as if the baby were writing it.” User cloveyou agreed, “This bothers me so much. People don't realize every single picture of their baby they post is on the Internet forever.”

They continued, “Or they do know it and don't care. Not sure which is worse. Either way, when their child turns 18, their entire life has been documented online without consent. Can you imagine becoming an adult and realizing your whole life is online, and you have no say in it? No thanks.”

4. Parents Without Posting Boundaries

Minter_moonshared, “Oh man, I know a woman with an eight-year-old with all kinds of health problems. It's unfortunate, and he's been in and out of hospitals and surgeries since birth. But the worst part about it is his mother CONSTANTLY posts pictures of him in the hospital looking horrendously miserable.”

They elaborated, “She posts every surgery scar and tube he's got in him at the time. And even his ostomy bag that was filled with fecal matter. She posts pictures of him crying. Also, in every picture, he has no clothes except a diaper. It pisses me off so much. The poor kid has every vulnerable and traumatic moment of his life posted for everyone to see.”

5. Staff Bonding

One user said, “When employers reward us with an 8-hour staff retreat at work, where you are expected to share personal info all day, staff bonding.”

GothWitchOfBrooklyn shared, “My boss was getting bad reviews at my last job and tried to kick it into gear with these icebreaker-type things. For example, during the pandemic over Zoom, ‘Show everyone the last photo you took that's in your phone!'”

6. Pet Alerts

Redditor nautius_maximus1 said, “When you're chillin' with your cat or dog at night with no one else home. And they suddenly alert and look super-alarmed like they heard something.”

Several people agreed that this sentiment is a natural occurrence but creepy nonetheless.

7. Lookey Loos

Redditor tossthisoff6 responded, “When people come to your door and knock or ring the bell and then peer in the window.” Another user added, “Or when they skip the door entirely and knock on the window. It scares the heck out of the dog and me every time.”

Finally, CylonsInAPolicebox suggested, “Look at them, look at the door, look back at them, stand up, walk into another room, wait for them to go away.”

8. Fake Happiness at Work

One user expressed, “The constant fake happiness at work.” Several people admitted to being that person.

For example, Rock_Paper_Bees confessed, “I fake being happy/friendly, but it translates to a slight boost of happiness. ‘Yeah, I'd rather be doing anything else right now, but since I'm here, I'll smile at people because that feels nice.'”

9. Toxic Positivity

Hexo_Micron answered, “Influencers' toxic positivity on Instagram.” After people questioned what toxic positivity is, Burgundy_johnson answered.,”People on Instagram and FB post such (fake) positive overly happy lives and virtue signaling nonsense that it sets unrealistic and unhealthy expectations for the easily influenced.”

Badger2- added, “I hate that I filmed myself giving the poor kid at my school new shoes — version of this.”

10. Referring To Playful as Flirting

Mental_Investigator3 volunteered, “When people refer to their kids/babies as flirting when they are just being playful.”

User heavenupsidedownn shared, “This just happened to me a couple of days ago. A one-year-old was waving at me in a store, and his grandma called him a little flirt. He was just being friendly. HE'S A BABY!”

Honorable Mentions: Touching someone's belly button, people that expect hugs, lip kissing relatives, and guns open carried in public.

What do you think? Did Reddit get this list of societal norms that are creepy, right, or is something missing from this list? Check out these ten things Americans aren't ready to hear, according to non-Americans.

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