Ace Attorney Season 3: Will It Happen?

The beloved attorney already got two seasons of anime television series, but can we get Ace Attorney Season 3?

Manga and light novels are not the only source materials for anime production. Ace Attorney is an anime adaptation of a video game of the same name. Yes, you read that right. Video games' anime adaptation is not common these days, and this series is one example.

Ace Attorney was developed by Capcom and created by Shu Takumi, a writer and a director. Known as Gyakuten Saiban in Japan, the first game, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney was released in 2001 for Game Boy Advance. After that, five main series games, spin-offs, and several remasters have been released for various platforms.

The anime adaptation was then announced in 2015, during the presentation of the Tokyo Game Show. A-1 Pictures, which handled the animated cutscenes in the sixth game, took charge for the first season, with Shu Takumi serving as script supervisor. It aired from April to September 2016, listed with 24 episodes.

For the second season, Ace Attorney changed its studio production to CloverWorks. Shu Takumi and many of the original staff returned for the series. It aired from October 6, 2018, to March 30, 2019, listed with 23 episodes.

So, it's been two years since the last episode concluded, and we still don't have any update about Ace Attorney Season 3. Is it canceled? Here is everything we know about the series!

Will there be Ace Attorney Season 3?

Ace Attorney Season 3
Ace Attorney Season 3: Will It Happen? 2

We will likely get Ace Attorney Season 3. There are many reasons why we are so sure about it.

The first is, of course, the source material. The first season adapted the first two main games, while the second one focused on the third. There are still three main series games and some spin-offs that are not adapted yet. Therefore, there is plenty of content to be covered for Ace Attorney Season 3.

The second reason is the studio production. With two studios handling the series, Capcom could stick with CloverWorks or even go back to A-1 Pictures (Eromanga Sensei) to produce Ace Attorney Season 3. The possibility is infinite.

The last reason is the release of the new game recently. It is not really a new game because it is a collection of HD remaster, but you should not care about the details. With this release, it won't be surprising if Capcom makes another season of Ace Attorney, whether it is for boosting the game's sales or to please the fans of the series.

So, the hype for Ace Attorney Season 3 is real, ladies and gentlemen.

Ace Attorney Season 3 Release Date

Sadly, we don't have any official announcement about the release date of Ace Attorney Season 3. However, it is too soon to say that it is canceled, so keep your eyes open for the updates!

Besides the release date, fans also wonder about which game will be covered in the third season. For anime watchers only, we will share the details.

The fourth game of the main series has a different protagonist than the first three games. Phoenix Wright, the main character for the previous three games, makes his appearance as a supporting character in the fourth game.

The new game recently released is a spin-off game, which tells a story about Phoenix Wright's ancestor. So, if Capcom wants to boost the game's sales, they probably choose the game to be adapted into anime.

Whatever it is, we as fans will be pleased to get Ace Attorney Season 3.

Plot of Ace Attorney

The story follows Phoenix Wright (Ryuuichi Naruhodo in the Japanese version), a rookie defense lawyer under Mia Fey. After Mia is murdered, Phoenix befriended her sister, Maya Fey, a spirit medium in training. Together, they solve the murder of Mia and other cases under Phoenix's new office, Wright & Co. Law Offices. In other to do that, they must face several tough prosecutors, including Phoenix's childhood friend, Miles Edgeworth.